‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Big John Ring The Church Bell?

The first episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3 revealed a new character, Carlos Singh. He had been seeking John B and his friends to find the long-lost treasure, El Dorado, and Carlos knew that Denmark’s diary was the only way to find it. With the help of Jimmy Portis, Carlos managed to trick the teens and got them on Barbados. Even though John B managed to escape the clutches of his guards, Kiara fell right into his hands, and now she had to get him the diary to ensure a safe escape. Carlos wanted to finish the 500-year-old quest in search of the gold, and John B and his friends had been the right bait to get what he wanted.


The second episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3 begins with a chase and runs where John B and the others are trying their best to figure out a way to rescue Kiara while the entire place is filled with officers patrolling to make sure she doesn’t escape. They had no choice but to live in a dilapidated five-star hotel. Cleo knew that Carlos’ guards wouldn’t be searching anywhere around the hotel, and John B and his friends had to stay there until they came up with the right strategy to save Kiara. Carlos was a mad man, and his homicidal streaks had certainly scared Rafe. He wanted Kiara to stay low. Rafe wanted Kiara to trust him since he was the only one around who could help her. But Kiara’s adrenaline went on rising until she finally decided to have a conversation with Carlos about Denmark’s diary.

Spoilers Ahead 


Did Carlos Find John B And His Friends? 

Big John was worried about his son since the whole city was covered with Carlos’ cops searching for John B and his friends. At the same time, JJ made a series of irrational decisions that could cause huge trouble for Kiara and John B. The best option would be for Big John to reunite with his son since he would be able to negotiate with Carlos to release Kiara. Big John had been in this game for a very long time, and having him as a guardian would be essential for John B and his friends. Meanwhile, Carla used her connections at the police station to make sure John B was sent back to them. Even though the city had many officers patrolling around the area, Big John realized that his son had been hiding pretty well, but he didn’t want John B to land in some kind of trouble. Meanwhile, JJ had the most absurd idea to kidnap Carlos; he had failed to realize that everyone followed Carlos’ commands, and there was no way that he would step out to meet them alone. While John B, JJ, and Cleo wanted to go with JJ’s plan, Pope and Sarah had been the only ones who made actual sense. They wanted to think this through and make a proper plan which might keep them alive. 

Eventually, Kiara gave in and confessed that she knew about Denmark’s diary, and Carlos was delighted to hear this news. Kiara wanted to negotiate with Carlos and begged him to leave her alone, but Carlos was a businessman with malicious thoughts inside his mind. It was pretty clear that he had built this empire by consigning many innocents to the grave. Before Kiara could make amends with Carlos, he received a text message from Portis’ phone, which JJ had stolen. John B and JJ didn’t know about Portis’ death, and Carlos immediately recognized that John B and his friends had been trying to fool him. Just like Sarah and Pope had predicted, JJ and John B had dragged themselves into a lot of trouble because Carlos would do anything to get that diary. But JJ did not lose hope; he knew that they could easily trap Carlos and his men and turn everything around. 


Why Did Big John Ring The Church Bell? Did Kiara And Rafe Escape?

Carlos had sent a whole squad to hunt the teens down and it was kinda bizarre to know that Carlos had been fooling John B and his friends while they believed their roles to be the opposite. Even though they had managed to take his men down, John B and JJ tried to negotiate the guards’ lives in exchange for Kiara. Despite all their experiences, the teens had failed to understand that Carlos wouldn’t be falling for that anymore because his guards’ lives didn’t matter to him. No matter what they did, Carlos had already used his tactics and surrounded the whole hotel with his men. John B and his friends had to face another showdown with the guards, where they had to play chase and run while Carlos’ men followed them with their shotguns. Amidst all that chaos, John B had realized that the church bell had been ringing for a while. But he shrugged it off, believing that Big John had passed away. At the same time, Kiara and Rafe decide to work together to escape Carlos’ mansion. They managed to trap the guard by faking a fight between them and took his phone and gun. Luckily, Rafe and Kiara had managed to hide one of their trucks which took them right outside the mansion. 

John B and his friends hid inside a horse stable, and even after so much trouble, JJ was still making absurd plans that could get them killed. Moreover, it turned out Big John had been ringing the church bells to bring John B home. When he was a little kid, Big John would always ring a bell to get him back home. Big John believed that this might work again, and he continued to ring the bell until John B noticed. Meanwhile, Rafe and Kiara had safely escaped Carlos’ mansion and now they just had to escape Barbados. But Kiara tricked Rafe into believing him and took away his boat to find John B and the others. In the end, Kiara found them, and they got ready to leave the port. But John B decided to check the church one last time because somewhere in his heart, John B believed that it might be his father. In the final scenes, JJ and the others had no choice but to leave the port without John B because Carlos’ men had nabbed them, while John B sat quietly outside the church praying. 


John B and Big John’s reunion had been one of the most anticipated events in this series. Fans had been speculating since “Outer Banks” Season 2 had ended. It would be mesmerizing to have the father and son duo back on screen fighting the bad guys because John B’s father was still alive. If things worked out well in the end, the duo could live together without any worries, but for that to happen, John B must fight his enemies and win. 

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