‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Big John Find The El Dorado Gold?

In the penultimate episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3, the Kildare Country became aware of Ward’s secret, but Rafe managed to save him on time. He helped his father get on the plane, and John B decided to join him. Ward assured him that he wouldn’t be causing them trouble anymore. Meanwhile, JJ saved Kiara from the wilderness camp, and the duo confessed their love for each other. He manipulated Mike for the El Dorado expedition, and they headed toward their final trip to save Big John and find the gold.


The last episode of “Outer Banks” Season 3 was one of the most anticipated of the series. John B and the others made it to Tres Locas, and they now had to find Jose, who would help them reach El Dorado. They had started looking for Jose at various bars when Big John tried to escape Carlos’ mansion. He managed to pick the window lock, but Carlos’ men stopped him from leaving. Luckily, John B heard his father’s voice and went to save him. Sarah and John B came up with the plan of lighting some fireworks and sending them right through Carlos’ windows.

Spoilers Ahead 


Did Big John And Others Reach El Dorado’s Location?

JJ and Kiara got to know that while some people believed that El Dorado didn’t exist, many of them knew that the people who tried to find the place never came back alive. Carlos had been planning to leave Big John in the jungle to die, but Sarah and John B sent some fireworks into his house. Big John realized that his son was back, and now, he was ready to fight the goons again! He managed to escape before the goons hurt John B and his friends.

Amidst all this chaos, Pope and Cleo met Kiara and JJ. Big John was happy to have the glyphs because they could help them crack the code easily. John B and Big John found Jose, but he’d already been paid, and that’s when they realized that Ward had been following them. He paid Jose to take them to El Dorado, and he had been waiting for the others to arrive. Big John did not appreciate this, but they didn’t have any choice but to leave because Carlos had already arrived at the port.


Even though Big John hated this plan, he had to know that Ward had played a very important role in saving him and John B. They reached El Tesoro, and Big John still wanted to remove Sarah and Ward from the plan. Ward claimed that he didn’t need the gold, but Sarah was still skeptical about her father’s intentions. At the same time, JJ and the others had left El Tesoro. Mike didn’t join them, but he trusted JJ with the money.

According to the myth, those who wanted the gold would be tested by the Jaguar God, and over decades, the Jaguar God had never found a man wise enough to let through. For some reason, Ward’s intentions did not look healthy; he had been planning something behind Sarah’s back. But, the next morning, Ward decided to stay back and allowed Sarah to travel with Big John and John B. John B had already reached the spot, but JJ and the others were left behind. They noticed that Carlos and his men had been rushing toward El Dorado’s location. Meanwhile, John B did not appreciate his father’s crankiness due to his obsession with the gold. 


Did Big John Find The Gold?

The following night, John B and Big John made it to the entrance and placed the Gnomon on the stone of Solana. They just had to wait for the full moon to hit the right spot. As soon as the moonlight hit the idol, they began to mark all the glyphs in the right order. The Gnomon was testing their patience, but Big John couldn’t reveal the details because Sarah was there. Before they could crack the code, Carlos and his men arrived. Ward wanted his daughter to be safe, so he’d shown the way to Carlos and helped him arrive at El Dorado. Big John tried to trick Carlos again, but this time, he wouldn’t listen to him and revealed the secret of all the missing people. The Guajiro King beheaded his workers on the stone because they could have revealed the secret location to outsiders. So, Big John knew that Carlos would kill him this time. John B begged his father to reveal the truth, but Sarah distracted one of the workers, and Ward shot him in the chest before he killed Sarah. This helped Big John and John B escape in a different direction. Ward tried to take Sarah along with him, but Sarah aimed a gun at her father; he believed that she would never shoot, but he was wrong. Ward saw the wrath in her eyes because he had betrayed her once again.

Ward had no choice but to leave. Carlos was no longer interested in him. He wanted to kill John B, his father and Sarah. Meanwhile, JJ and the others had reached El Tesoro in the morning but found Carlos’ men in the area. So, JJ and Kiara distracted them using fireworks; Carlos’ men believed that they had been attacked, so they decided to leave the spot. Back at El Dorado, Big John was shot in the abdomen and was bleeding profusely. But Big John refused to step down since this had been his dream for a long time. A dream to provide his son with a happy and secure life. Suddenly, Sarah heard eerie noises in the distance, and they decided to follow her. They spotted an opening and found a handprint on one of the walls. Big John stayed back and let John B and Sarah go ahead since he was injured. They grabbed their waterproof flares and carefully headed towards the opening.


What Happened To Big John And Ward? 

Unfortunately, Carlos had found Big John and the cave. Sarah understood that they needed to pass the test to enter the secret city of El Dorado. So, Sarah knew that they needed to view the cave in the dark. Suddenly, the cave began to light up, and a secret door opened. The journey was too difficult to follow, and with each level, the tests were only getting harder. Apart from this, Big John tried to hide from Carlos in the cave since he was trying to kill him. But destiny was always on John B’s side. Sarah and John B found the gold, and it was proven that John B and Sarah were both worthy of having it. The Jaguar God had helped them pass the test. John B came back with some gold but noticed that Carlos was trying to kill his father. So he gave the gold to Carlos, who decided to kill John B. Big John lit a stick of dynamite, so Carlos started asking Big John to join him. But Big John chose to save his son, and Carlos was killed by the dynamite. Things were not solved yet, as Ward was waiting outside the cave to kill Big John and John B.

Ward couldn’t believe that Big John had found peace and love again whereas he had lost everything. Luckily, JJ and the others arrived at the right time, and they attacked Ward from behind. Sarah walked toward her father and took the gun away from him. As soon as things were about to turn around, one of Carlos’ goons aimed his gun at Big John. So, John B had no choice but to put his gun down. The goon tried to kill and shoot Sarah, but Ward chose to protect her by sacrificing his life. Ward rushed toward the goon and jumped off the cliff. The following day, they made their way out of the jungle, but Big John’s health was getting worse over time. Anyway, the legend was true, as many people had sacrificed their lives for gold. Both John B and Sarah had to lose their loved ones for it as well. But Big John fulfilled his biggest wish and found the treasure with the help of his son.


Eighteen months later, the world began to respect John B and his friends for cracking the 500-year-old mystery of El Dorado. Everything was back to normal, but the adventures hadn’t come to an end. A random stranger approached them with a manuscript that dated back to 1718. He told them about a shipwreck as the manuscript contained information about Captain Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard. The Pogues were all set to embark on a new adventure, and this time things would get messier, it seemed. But the Pogues were way stronger than they used to be before. Even though John B and Sarah had each lost a person from their life, they knew that their sacrifice would never be deemed unworthy. At the end of “Outer Banks” Season 3, Ward managed to set things straight while Big John proved that his love for his son was above everything else.

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