‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Carlos Singh Kidnap Kiara And Rafe? 

The finale of “Outer Banks” season 2 showed Big John’s return, and it turned out that he was alive and well. He had wanted to help his son before exploring the treasure that Denmark Tanny had left for his family. Another twist from the final episode would be Ward Cameron’s survival. Despite putting his whole family at stake, Ward wanted to fake his death to get Sarah back. But the father that Sarah had once loved was long gone, and the person who now stood in front of her was a greedy old man whose heart lay with the gold bars rather than his daughter.


Episode 1 of “Outer Banks” season 3 is reminiscent of the past two seasons. The way John B and his friends had fought their way up despite the classist community that they had lived in. John B’s conflict with Ward had been a tough and tiring one, but John B was not a naive young teen anymore. This whole ordeal changed his perspective toward life, and now his wishes lay right next to his father’s, to acquire the Royal Merchant gold. At this point, John B had lived through the worst experiences of his life, and he knew that life could take any turn anytime. John B and his friends had created their little space called “Poguelandia.” They spent their time on a vacant island, and none of them felt the need to go back to their hometown. The Pogues had everything that they had wanted, and Sarah was part of their clan too.

Spoilers Ahead 


Did John B And His Friends Leave The Island?

Pope didn’t care about his long-lost scholarship anymore; he just wanted to make sure that his family’s treasure was safe, and that was his main reason for staying on the island. It was clear that Cleo was interested in his studious life since Pope’s parents had provided him with everything that he had ever wanted. Now, Pope had to leave it all behind to save his family’s ancestral heirloom. All the haste and running had been too traumatizing for Sarah; she expected Ward to arrive at any moment, but John B always managed to calm her down. The Pogues were happy together since they didn’t have to follow the pathetic rules or stay in hiding anymore.

Finally, they had their get-together to enjoy themselves without fear of anyone attacking them. The next morning, Pope spotted an airplane, which could be their only way to escape the island. Kiara and JJ were not happy about leaving, but they had no other choice. The pilot called himself Jimmy Portis and JJ and John B were quick enough to notice that something was wrong. John B managed to distract him, and JJ went through his documents and found a picture of the Coastal Venture ship. Sarah thought that Portis worked for Ward and that he had been looking for John B all this time.


John B and his friends had to stay put since they were high up in the sky already. Portis noticed JJ going through his belongings, and the two got into a scuffle. Amidst this, he forgot to handle the plane, and they plummeted straight into the water, causing the plane to drown. Luckily, they managed to crawl their way out, and none of them were hurt except for Portis. The moment they crawled out of the plane, Kiara dragged Portis outside the water and a few men began following her on their quad bikes. While the others were hiding in the water, the men kidnapped Kiara and took her with them. The unknown men took her to a mansion, and Kiara had no idea what was going on.

Who Is Carlos Singh?

The story introduces a new character, Carlos Singh aka Kingfish, his interests lied in finding, El Dorado- The city of gold. Carlos had connections everywhere and this led him to Rafe since he had the Cross of Santo Domingo. But, Carlos had different intentions, he wanted to claim possession of Denmark Tanny’s diary that carried the information of El Dorado. He fabricated his identity as Michel Arnaud and approached Rafe for a business deal believing he had Tanny’s diary. Rafe took a hasty decision and accepted the deal. All this time, John B. and his friends were in the same place, and Kiara was currently in Carlos’ mansion. Rose knew the consequences of Rafe’s poor decision-making and wanted him to lie low until Ward woke up from a coma. Many people believed that Ward was dead, and Rafe’s carelessness could cause more problems for his father.


Meanwhile, John B’s father had been keeping an eye on his son, and he arrived in Barbados to save him. Big John knew the risks of contacting his son after making the world believe that he had already died. So, Big John wanted to keep it that way. In exchange for the shroud, Big John wanted Carla Limbrey to find John B. JJ found an address in Portis’ belongings and decided to visit the place. They managed to enter the house from the back and spotted a painting of the burning San Jose ship. Portis had some kind of connection with Carlos, and now Carlos had kidnapped Kiara to complete his motive.

They figured that the address belonged to Portis, and John B and his friends had to leave as soon as possible because Portis was back home, but they attacked him together and found the address for Vauxhall. John B and his friends stole some clothes and his money and left for Vauxhall immediately. One of his men spotted the kids from a distance and informed the boss. They had no idea that the entire Greenland that they had stepped into was called the Vauxhall. 


What Is The El Dorado Mystery? Did John B And The Others Save Kiara?

In reality, El Dorado is a mystical place rumored to be adorned in gold. With passing years, the concept around El Dorado began changing as some people used this term to address a king who dressed up in gold, while others used this term for a place. As per the series, Carlos Singh had been searching for the long-lost gold of El Dorado. For 500 years, his ancestors had been looking for a way to find it, and Denmark Tanny’s diary might be the only way to get there. Carlos kidnaps Kiara to get the diary while he tricks Rafe into getting the golden cross. Carlos was ready to leave them in exchange for Denmark’s diary because Denmark had been the only person who knew about the cross, and now Rafe had it. So, Carlos did not trust any one of them and wanted them to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, John B and his friends had managed to climb their way in, but they couldn’t trick the security, and the guard dogs chased them out. On the other hand, Portis was murdered by Carlos, and this time, Kiara was sure that Carlos would not spare them without the diary. Despite all their efforts, John B and his friends couldn’t find the right ways to rescue Kiara, and they went on making bad decisions that put them in huge trouble.


Judging by Carlos’ tactics, he is a malevolent character in the series, and he would go to any lengths to get what he wanted. Rafe and Kiara’s lives didn’t matter anymore, and as he mentioned, many people had lost their lives seeking the treasure, and now Carlos would perpetuate this cycle. He would be willing to lay down hundreds of lives to get the gold, and this episode showed the depths of his greed. John B and his friend’s lives were instantly changed the moment they discovered Big John’s compass. John B had believed that this gold would fulfill all his wishes at once, but little did he know that the whole world was ready to hunt him down for what Big John had found.

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