‘Outer Banks’ Character: Carlos Singh, Explained: Why Did He Seek The El Dorado Gold? Is Carlos Dead Or Alive? 

“Outer Banks” is popular for its antagonists, as they help build the intense moments of the series. Carlos is an extremely dangerous and ruthless man who seems to be narcissistic at times. However, his actions are motivated by his ancestral history. Carlos plans to take revenge on the swindlers who betrayed his ancestors and used them as slaves. Securing all of El Dorado’s gold will not only make him rich but also return his family’s missing inheritance. Uncovering this 500-year-old secret is his big dream, and he will do anything to make it happen. Carlos’ journey begins with Big John. He rescues him from an uninhabited island while Big John is on the brink of death. Miraculously, Carlos enters his life, but this savior turns out to be Big John’s biggest nightmare. Carlos takes him to his mansion in Barbados and holds him captive for several days. Carlos wants to understand the ancient secrets of El Dorado because the Jaguar god protects the land of this golden city. To enter this mystical world, you must carry the Gnomon with you to decipher the different codes it carries. With the help of these codes, you’ll be able to pass the test, which will determine whether you are worthy enough to stay alive.


Carlos believes that he is worthy of getting the gold, but to understand the Gnomon signs, one must have a good command of the Kalinago language. When Carlos learns about the sixteen-year-olds from Kildare, he decides to rescue them from Poguelandia. He hires a man named Jimmy Portis to capture them. The Pogues don’t hesitate to travel with Portis because they want to escape from the island as soon as possible. By the time they realize Portis’ intentions, it’s already too late. While the others manage to escape from his clutches, Carlos’ guards capture Kiara. Carlos sets a trap for Kiara and demands Denmark’s diary with all the information about El Dorado.  To make things easier, Carlos also sets a trap for Rafe. Kiara trusts Rafe as he guarantees to keep her safe and Carlos’ goons are moving around the mansion. In the end, Kiara and Rafe manage to escape. As for Big John’s case, Carlos is very intelligent and decides to lie low until the right time comes. Big John carries the Gnomon everywhere and waits until he finds the other piece of the statue. Carlos has made no effort to find the statue, and several things in the series seem doubtful. Although Big John knows that Carlos will come after him, he decides to stay in his house without taking any precautions. 

After finding the statue, Carlos and his guards take it and kill Big John’s friend, Professor Sowell. Carlos makes a big mistake because Sowell could have easily translated the inscriptions on the statue. So Big John promises to translate the language, and Carlos falls for it. Although he is a smart man, this scene makes him look like a naive thug. He ends up giving Big John a week. This buys the teens enough time to come up with an escape plan and save Big John. Carlos is blinded by revenge and would do anything to get the gold for fulfilling his family’s legacy. He believes that Denmark’s diary is the only way to get the gold, but in reality, Denmark has left the translation key in a letter to his daughter Clarice. Pope opens the letter and gets all the information about El Dorado, and Carlos follows their every move to make sure he does not miss a single key. Although he manages to kill Sowell, Carlos tries to attack another companion of Big John, Neville. He knows the right way to find El Dorado, and fortunately, John B and JJ save him from Carlos’ guards.


Things are getting more and more difficult for Big John because he knows that Carlos is a maniac when it comes to finding the treasure. Carlos has dedicated his entire life to finding gold, and over the years, he has made various connections around the world that make him very influential and powerful. Carlos patiently waits for Big John to crack the code and eavesdrops on their conversations and riddles to solve the Gnomon test. However, he tries to kill Sarah and John B, but Ward manages to fend him off in time. They escape and hide in the jungle while Carlos desperately searches for them. Big John is already wounded by a gunshot, and the final scenes are absurd. In the vast jungle, Carlos finds them by tracking Big John’s blood stains on the trees and finds the cave, which is quite unexplainable and implausible. Big John tries to hide from him, but Carlos waits patiently until John B arrives with the gold. The finale of this series is quite ambiguous, as Carlos’ death is still unconfirmed. Big John uses dynamite to kill him, but there is no certainty whether he is dead or not. Carlos has built his business and wealth on the graves of many innocent people. Even though the end of the third season shows that he is dead, there is a good chance that he will come back to haunt the Pogues.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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