‘Oshi No Ko’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Aqua Fulfill Ai’s Vision Of Him Becoming An Actor?

Oshi No Ko tricked us with the appearance of a slice-of-life anime only to turn into a full-blown thriller. The best part is that fans of either genre will enjoy it, and if you like them both, you have an even better advantage. In Oshi No Ko episode 2, we saw the return of a grown-up, Kana Arima, ready to befriend Aqua and learn all his acting ways. Will she be able to break Aqua’s hard shell? We may find out slowly. Ruby finally has the chance to become an idol, thanks to Miyako’s presence of mind and Aqua’s concern for his sister. Now, both kids are signed under Ichigo Production, maybe en route to becoming superstars like their mother.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3?

Kana shows her interest in Aqua immediately, without a hint of hesitation. After meeting at the school, Kana wants to know everything Aqua has been up to all these years after his amazing performance way back when. Kana is surprised to hear that Aqua is not an actor anymore, but she still wants to spend some time with him and learn some quality tips and tricks. She offers her own home or a karaoke spot to sit and talk because she’s still famous and will be caught by fans if she sits in public spaces like cafes. Aqua, who begins to worry he’s being stalked, understands her dilemma and takes her to the director’s home. The director remembers the genius child actress Kana but wonders what she’s doing now. It’s like an arrow piercing her heart because she has been acting on and off. She is reminded of the rough patch she had when she didn’t get any work and almost retired, even though she was working tirelessly towards becoming a legendary actor. She asks Aqua why he’s visiting the director when he’s not acting anymore, and Aqua tells her how he learned everything from the director but then chooses to become his assistant. Kana wants to see Aqua’s acting again, but he’s not willing to show her the old videos because he’s “talentless.” Kana can’t understand why Aqua would say that, but the director tells her the only way to convince him is by asking him to show her live. Aqua refuses all her pleas until she suggests he play a role in her new drama.


Aqua is still completely uninterested in acting, even though it is one of his favorite mangas that has been adapted until Kana mentions the name of the producer of the show. Mesaya Kaburagi was an acquaintance of Ai before she had her babies. Aqua knows this because he spent four years trying to figure out the password to her old phone. Once he entered it, he found many names of important people in the entertainment industry, one of whom was Mesaya Kaburagi. Aqua wonders if this man is his father and the true killer behind Ai’s death. Ruby and Miyako are pretty excited to see Aqua act, but only Aqua knows his own ulterior motive. Ruby doesn’t seem to be dwelling on her previous life anymore; she is happy that Aqua remembers what their mom said about him becoming an actor. Ruby and Miyako decide to watch a little bit of the series and realize that it is actually pretty terrible. Along with completely changing the plot of the manga and creating their own cheesy dialogues, the acting is bad too. Even from the child “genius” Kana. Aqua wonders why so, but he doesn’t really care as long as he can get some DNA from Mesaya Kaburagi. Aqua is quick to tell Kana what his sister thinks of the show with no qualms, and Kana explains to him why the show is the way it is. The agency is trying to push top models and attract female audiences so their models get famous, and that is why nobody is really bothered by the acting. For critics not to find the show an utter waste of time and so they could look half decent, the main character was an actual actor, Kana. Kana is dampening her skills for the role so that the other person’s skills don’t look half as bad next to hers. Aqua sees the sincerity in her words and enjoys the show a little better after knowing the truth. It’s never on the actors, the scriptwriter, or the directors but the higher-ups. She manages to secure Aqua’s role in the show rather easily because he has a great face, and the actor who was previously playing that role created a ruckus and quit. Ironically, getting through with connections was what Kana was against when she first met Aqua, but now she’s doing the same.

‘Oshi No Ko’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Does Aqua Get What He Needs?

It’s raining outside, and there’s a small drip on the set. Aqua and Kana are okay with this, but the main lead happens to have an attitude problem, just like Aqua did in her early days. She is still confident and knows her worth, but she also knows how much work goes into making these shows and movies. Aqua introduces himself to everyone, including his target, and settles into his role as the evil stalker (this show has a way of being self-aware in a painful manner). The show budget is really low, and shooting time is also limited, so everybody needs to be as quick as they can to make it work. Kana is still impressed by Aqua’s acting skills, even though he himself thinks that anyone can do what he’s doing. She sees that he uses techniques and puts work into the acting, even if it isn’t refined, and that’s a big deal for her. Aqua admits he thought he was a great actor as a child but soon came to the realization that it was because his brain age did not match his body age that he was such a star. Kana is just happy to have someone struggling like herself by her side.


On his mission to get the producer’s DNA, Aqua also overhears him talking about how convenient it is to have a person like Kana, whose popularity and ability to convince anybody are skills he’s in need of. His only issue with her is that she cares about her acting skills. He’s clearly a pervert who preys on young girls like Kana and perhaps Ai in Aqua’s eyes. Aqua cryptically recalls how Kana thought she was being acknowledged for her acting skills for this role, but it was only about her “brand.” Oshi No Ko Episode 3 ends with Aqua picking up cigarettes smoked by Mesaya for DNA testing and choosing to “have fun” for the rest of his time on set. This is clearly a big chance for Ai’s dreams to come true. It’s possible that, after all, Aqua will find peace and do something for himself after all this is over!

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