‘Oshi No Ko’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Ruby Get To Be An Idol Like Her Mother Ai?

The first episode of “Oshi No Ko” was a gripping prelude to what will happen when twin children Aqua and Ruby of popular idol Ai of B Komachi become older. Initially, it seems as if Ai is our lead character, a beautiful, adored, and celebrated singer with a need for a family to fulfill her empty life as an orphan who was left behind by her mother. Ai had babies at the young age of 16, secretly, before returning to the stage and living a double life. To the world, the children were the children of her manager and his wife, but behind closed doors, they called her mama. But there is one more little secret that even Ai didn’t know of. The kids both remember their past lives and could even talk as babies. Their maturity was shocking to many, but a director was convinced he could make a great actor of the young boy who only wanted what was best for Ai. Soon, Aqua was able to get an opportunity for his mother in the guise of a prodigy acting gig. Just when everything seemed to be looking up for the little family and the agency, a stalker of Ai managed to kill the young mother in front of her son Aqua because he felt betrayed by his idol, who had children. Now ten years later, Aqua is determined to find the stalker who will lead him to his father while also protecting his oblivious sister.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 2?

After Ai was killed by the stalker, the manager Ichigo and his wife Miyako wanted to adopt the children, as Miyako treated them as their own. Unfortunately, Ichigo lost touch with the family after the incident, even leaving the agency in Miyako’s hands. Ai’s death was a big black mark on the agency. The group “B Komachi” had to disband in two years without their star idol, leaving Ichigo production with no idol groups. Ten years later, Ruby is determined to become an idol. Will she be able to? The episode begins with Ruby giving auditions and easily passing through the first few rounds of auditions. She has friends at school but has hidden two secrets from them. 1. That her mother is the idol Ai, and 2. That she remembers her past life. Ruby is worried about her brother Aqua, who never really recovered after the death of their mother. Ironically, the two had known each other in their past lives, but they haven’t found that out yet. Ruby wonders why Ichigo Production doesn’t manage another idol group, but Miyako says it’s too difficult. Finally, Ruby gets a call from the auditions that she had waited two years to join, but her application is rejected at the last moment. Miyako comforts Ruby, saying that the idol world is dictated by connections and she can try again another time. In truth, something else—or rather, someone else—is stopping her from becoming an idol.


Aqua’s Rage And Over-Protectiveness

As an older twin, Aqua is not just protective of his sister but treats her like she’s much younger than him. When in reality, they’re both the same age, in past life maturity levels, Aqua is much older. Aqua has grown up to have great grades in school and has become the pupil of the director. He has only one aim in life, and that is to avenge the death of his mother, Ai, or his past life’s idol Ai, and in turn, himself (because the same stalker had pushed him off a cliff). Aqua is working hard under the tutelage of director Taishi Gotanda. Taishi wants Aqua to become an actor, but Aqua is only interested in acting so that he can find his way through the entertainment industry and reach his father, his ultimate enemy. If he’s an actor, it would be easy for him to get there faster and get the DNA he required for testing. Of course, Taishi doesn’t know this and just wants his “mature baby” to use his talents well.

So when Ruby manages to pass through most of the audition levels, Aqua makes a fake call to her, telling her that she hasn’t passed. He is thorough with his plans for stopping her, but ultimately there is one thing he missed out on scouting. Just as Ichigo had scouted Ai all those years ago, a young man hands Ruby his card for an underground idol group.


‘Oshi No Ko’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – How Will Aqua Stop Ruby Now?

Aqua’s great plan after finding out that Ruby is being scouted is to find flaws in the company that has scouted her. He manages to find one of the girls who is managed by that company and brings her to Ichigo Production under the false pretense of scouting her. The young girl is clear about everything that is going on in the underground idol group and how they barely make any money to survive. Aqua decides he will expose the company and tells Miyako the same. Miyako doesn’t like the idea of a young kid like Aqua hiring detectives, or rather; she finds it unbelievable. Finally, when Ruby is ready to join the company and check out her contract, Miyako stops her from leaving. Even though she knows Aqua’s worries for Ruby because of the experience he had with their mother, she can’t stop her daughter from being happy. She gets Ruby to sign a contract with Ichigo Production, and Ruby is set to be an idol. Both kids apply to a special entertainment school where the entertainment course can be attended only by kids who are employed by a company. Ruby is all set, and Aqua is too smart to join their general course, making it easy to be by her side. There they meet fellow young actress Kana, who might have plans for Aqua soon.

In the end, director Taishi gives Aqua some advice as a middle-aged man who never gave up on his dreams. He motivates Aqua to continue trying to be an actor, use all his resources until he can’t anymore, and then give up. In a rare moment of emotion, Aqua is about to say something to Taishi with the memory of his mom holding him in her last moments and wondering if her son would be an actor someday, but Taishi’s mother interrupts the conversation, leaving “mature baby’s” words unfinished. “Oshi No Ko” is determined to break our hearts and comment on the lives of those in the entertainment industry. As Aqua gets closer to his goal of being an actor, maybe he will let go of the notion that avenging his mother is the only reason for him to live and actually enjoy acting.


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