‘Orange Lilly’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Pratik And Lilly?

Orange Lily is symbolic of energy and vigor, but on the other end, it is also known to be a poisonous flower. The story brings out a mysterious plot where Pratik’s mistress, Lilly, suddenly goes missing from his farmhouse. Whether Lilly is real or just a projection of Pratik’s fragmented mind will be discovered in the film Orange Lilly. The film, currently streaming on JioCinema, has been directed under the able guidance of Samir Vanjari. Will Pratik be able to find Lilly? What were his real motives? Did Pratik’s disturbed mind make up an imaginary character called Lilly, or was she real? Let’s find the answers to the questions raised.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens Between Pratik And Lilly?

Pratik and Lilly were seen to be engaged in an extramarital affair and had been meaning to spend some time together at Pratik’s farmhouse. Lilly forced Pratik to announce his relationship with her to the world and divorce his wife. He had been assuring her with fake promises of marriage for the past three years. They quarrelled and fought on their way to the farmhouse, and even after reaching the farmhouse, she threatened him that she would tell his wife all about them if he did not. Later, Pratik assured her that he would soon divorce his wife and proposed to her with a ring for marriage. Lilly was quite elated and then enjoyed her dinner together with Pratik. Later, when they are just about to get intimate, a neighbor pops in and ruins their moment. Lilly had heard Pratik telling the neighbor that he came all alone to his farmhouse for a client’s meeting. She is seen fighting with Pratik for not letting others know about her presence in his life. She also told him that she had followed all his instructions and had even stayed off the social media platforms. After a nasty fight, Lilly and Prateek separated their rooms for the night. The next day, when Pratk woke up, he did not find Lilly anywhere and started searching for her frantically. He then thought that she must have left for her house without informing him, as they had a huge fight the night before.


What Does Pratik Do To Find Lilly?

Pratik later noticed that Lilly had left her purse right there at his house. He then went around asking his neighbors if they had seen someone coming out of his farmhouse, but they all denied having seen anyone. Meanwhile, a ruckus was caused when someone told him that they had seen a body floating in the sea. Later, when the body is dragged ashore by some men, Pratik is relieved to see that it is just a mannequin, as he was previously worried that it could have been Lilly’s body. He then sees a mentally disturbed neighbor, Nanu, playing with one of Lilly’s sandals and thinks that he was behind her disappearance. Pratik beat him up and asked him what he had done to Lilly. Masushi then came to Nanu’s rescue and told him that she thought that Shilpakar Mama was behind the disappearance. She told him that many years ago, his wife had also gone missing, and he definitely had something to do with all the disappearances! Later, when he goes to Mama’s house, he sees him acting in a very strange manner, dressed up as a woman. He was talking to the mannequins at his house and was saying irrelevant things about how much he liked dressing up as a woman. His behavior made Pratik think that Mama was the one who had caused Lilly’s disappearance, and he immediately called the police. When the police came, they interrogated Mama, and he suddenly started acting crazy, and the police realized that he could not be at fault because of the mental trauma he was in after his wife had left him.

Was Lilly Just A Fragment Of Pratik’s Mind?

They interrogated Pratik about Lilly’s disappearance, and he told them that he needed their guidance in finding her. When they asked him to show the CCTV camera footage, he told them that the camera had not been working for the past five days. The police also ask him to show them Lilly’s picture, to which he tells them that he did not have any of her pictures and that she was not present on any social media platforms. When the police were about to leave the place, thinking that Lilly had left Pratik’s house on her own will, he showed them her bag. They found a letter from it that read that she was leaving Pratik as he was not into her anymore. Just when Pratik tries to tell the police that she has gone missing as the handwriting in the letter is different, his wife Megha arrives. She told the police that Pratik had schizophrenia and that his mind had just made up Lilly’s existence. She thought that he was cured after taking the medications for the past six months, but currently, the symptoms have started popping up again.


What Were Pratik’s Real Motives?

The police left, thinking that Pratik was not in his right senses, and Megha gave him his daily dose of medications. Pratik’s evil intent came to the forefront when he secretly threw out the medications that Megha had given him. A monologue that goes on in his mind reveals his inner truth. He is seen thinking to himself how he had managed to get rid of Lilly after poisoning and burying her in his farmhouse. He had planned to let go of Lilly, as she had been threatening him all along that she would let others know about their relationship. He had been building up on this plan to murder Lilly for the past six months, and then he falsely got himself diagnosed with schizophrenia so that his wife would not come to know of his affair with Lilly. It is ironic that later, when he revealed his relationship with Lilly to Megha, she did not believe him and thought that Lilly was just a fragment of his mind. Even while confessing his truths, he had been behaving irrationally, making others believe in his mental ailment. Despite being in the police force, his wife had fallen victim to Pratik’s vicious plan and had no idea about his crime. She had been so easily fooled by a person whom she thought she knew very well.

Final Thoughts

Pratik had thought of Lilly as a mere commodity that he could use and discard anytime that he wanted. He thought that Lilly was as beautiful as an orange lily but was equally poisonous and could harm his reputation in the long run, making him take the step. The steps that he had taken were very calculative, so he could get away with his crime without any fingers being pointed at him. The film Orange Lilly has an interesting plot and no scope for ambiguity. The 1-hour, 30-minute film has been a very engaging murder mystery. I would definitely recommend the film as a one-time watch, as the plot is captivating. The twists and turns set the film apart from other murder mystery thrillers.


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