‘Ooru Peru Bhairavakona’ Ending Explained & Summary: What Happens To Basava, John, And Geetha?

Vi Anand’s 2024 fantasy horror film, Ooru Peru Bhairavakona, takes audiences to Bhairavakona, where we come across three individuals: Basava, John, and Geetha, who uncover the hidden secrets of the mysterious village. As per the legend, anyone who enters the village once is destined to remain trapped within its mystical boundaries. So the question here is: Will Basava, John, and Geetha be able to find a way out, or will they remain prisoners of this mysterious realm forever? Let’s explore the events of Ooru Peru Bhairavakona and explain its ending to find out the answers that we yearn for.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Bhumi? 

Basava is an auto driver who often acts as a stuntman in the movies to earn extra money. One day, as he was driving his auto, a girl named Bhumi got in his ride in a hasty manner, eager to retrieve a bag stolen from her by two bikers. Something very important was in that bag, prompting Bhumi to urge Basava to chase after them as fast as he could. For Basava, Bhumi was love at first sight, making it his personal mission to recover the bag. So he drove the auto, breaking all traffic laws, and pursued the riders. Finally, when they stopped at an old house, he ran after them to retrieve the bag. But Basava was stunned when he opened the bag and found human remains inside. This shocking revelation left him trembling. Meanwhile, Bhumi grabbed the bag from him and fled. Basava couldn’t understand why she had a bag full of bones, but he returned home. The next day, powerful people took advantage of Basava’s situation, instructing him to hide a girl they had kidnapped in the car trunk. Basava was shocked to find out that the girl was none other than Bhumi. He took her home and questioned her about why she was kidnapped, why people were after her, and why she was carrying a bag full of bones.


Initially, Bhumi couldn’t trust Basava, fearing he might be working with those powerful people. However, she eventually opened up and revealed the truth. She explained that she hailed from a village named Panchagudem, a beautiful place surrounded by greenery, where she and the villagers cherished their connection to the land. They believed they had no right to own the land, as they considered themselves children of the village and the earth. However, some powerful individuals discovered that the villagers were not officially registered to stay there, lacking any registered homes, schools, or hospitals. As a result, one day, they set fire to the village, forcing the inhabitants to flee. The villagers, vulnerable to their dominance, relocated to the city, where they struggled to survive on the streets, with their children forced into child labor. Despite seeking legal help, they found no relief until Bhumi stumbled upon the bones of Jangaiah Dora, the village head at the brink of a river by the village. She hoped to conduct a DNA test to prove his ownership of the land, thereby reclaiming their homeland. Thus, she came to the city carrying the bag of bones, only to be kidnapped by the same powerful individuals who had taken their village. Moved by Bhumi’s plight, Basava promised to assist her in reclaiming their land, deeply touched by her story.

Why Did Basava Go To Bhairavakona? 

When Bhumi attempted to flee Basava’s home, unable to trust him, she was stopped by the powerful people who claimed ownership of her land. They had discovered that Bhumi’s DNA test results showed the land actually belonged to them, leading to further torment for Bhumi. However, displaying her strength, Bhumi retaliated by thrusting darts of scorpion venom into the belly of the leader, killing him. Witnessing this, his men pursued Bhumi, intent on attacking her. In a dramatic turn of events, Basava intervened, wielding a sickle to fight off the attackers. But little did he know, Bhumi was standing behind him, and as he turned with the sickle, he accidentally slit Bhumi’s throat, resulting in her death. This tragedy haunted Basava daily.


Determined to make amends, Basava made a plan to offer the powerful people three crore rupees in exchange for Bhumi’s land, hoping it would alleviate his never-ending guilt. However, realizing he didn’t have that kind of money, he decided to steal jewelry worth three crores from a village where a girl named Katyayini was getting married. Knowing the villagers would attack him, Basava drenched himself in kerosene and burned the outer layer of his clothes to get away with the bag of jewelry. With his friend John waiting outside, Basava made his escape in a car. Along the way, they saw a girl named Geetha lying on the road with an injured head. Moved by compassion, they decided to take her along. However, their plans were complicated when the police, alerted by the smell of kerosene, began to pursue them. In a desperate attempt to evade capture, Basava led them deep into the forest, where they stumbled upon a path illuminated by fireflies. Seizing the opportunity to mislead the police, they followed this path, unaware that it led to the mysterious village of Bhairavakona. Seeking refuge for the night and to tend to Geetha’s injuries, they decided to stay in Bhairavakona until the police were gone. 

What Secret Was Found Out About Bhairavakona? 

As soon as Basava, John, and Geetha entered Bhairavakona village, they heard a threatening voice that warned them: If they stepped inside, then they wouldn’t be able to leave it ever. Moments later, they witnessed a strange sight and saw some people draped in mystical attire, donning eerie masks, and reciting ancient chants. Some of them seemed to be suffering, tormented by unseen forces. Their quest for the jewelry bag took them to Rajappa’s fortress. There, they witnessed something truly unnerving. The villagers, seemingly fearless, could inflict mortal wounds upon themselves, only to heal instantly. It was as if they were ghosts, lingering in a realm between life and death. Amidst such chaos, Basava, John, and Geetha stumbled upon a revelation that stated: Rajappa, the supposed owner of the jewelry, was long deceased, and he’d made the jewelry for his daughter. Despite the eerie encounters, they valiantly fought off the mysterious entities, choosing to flee without the bag of jewels to save themselves.


In the midst of this surreal ordeal, Basava encountered Peddamma, a mysterious figure who seemed to know his inner turmoil. She urged him to let go of his guilt about losing Bhumi to regain his sanity. As the first light of dawn pierced the darkness, the ghostly creatures faded away, allowing them to escape. Seeking refuge in a nearby temple, they uncovered the true tale of Bhairavakona. Legend has it that vengeful spirits who are denied peaceful deaths are trapped in the village due to unresolved anger and revenge. According to Garuda Puranam, during the reign of Sri Krishnadevarayalu, the village gate opened during Shukla Paksham and disappeared after Krishna Paksham. Those attempting to escape the village faced torment by the demonic bird, while Peddamma, the village head, wielded a magic wand to pacify the souls, erasing their anger and granting them peace. 

Did Basava, John, and Geetha Get The Bag Of Jewelry? 

Basava, John, and Geetha discovered that Katyayini, the bride from whom Basava stole the jewelry, was Rajappa’s daughter. Rajappa, once a dacoit, had made these jewelries for his daughter. However, his servant, Murali, driven by greed, reported Rajappa to the police, hoping to claim the jewels for himself. In a fit of rage, Rajappa confronted Murali, leading to a tragic accident where Rajappa fell from a balcony and met his demise by landing headfirst into a searing hot pot of gold. Upon Rajappa’s death, Murali realized his mistake and took Katyayini under his wing, raising her as his own daughter. Basava made a plan to go back to Bhairavakona once more, this time with Geetha posing as Katyayini to take the jewelry. Since Rajappa had died when Katyayini was young, Basava hoped he wouldn’t recognize her as a grown woman. Upon their return to the village, Rajappa was overjoyed to see Geetha, whom he believed to be his long-lost daughter. However, his joy turned to rage when he noticed Geetha did not have the almond-shaped birthmark on her ankle when he was putting a gold anklet on her. Enraged, Rajappa prepared to attack them along with his ghostly associates. However, in a surprising turn of events, Rajappa realized that Katyayini was content and believed Murali to be her father. Overwhelmed with relief and happiness, Rajappa forgot his vengeful intentions, allowing them to take the bag of jewelry. 

At the end of the movie, a startling revelation unfolds. Bhumi, believing Basava had killed her out of vengeance in cahoots with the powerful people, discovered the truth with Peddamma’s guidance. In a heart-wrenching twist, Bhumi learns that Basava’s actions were driven by sacrifice and love, not malice. Witnessing his unwavering determination to retrieve the jewelry to help her people, Bhumi is overwhelmed with relief and understanding. Bhumi had been lurking around Bhairavakona, filled with thoughts of revenge against Basava. But when she saw his love for her and her people, she let go of her anger and broke free from the village’s hold on her. In a triumphant conclusion, Basava fulfills his promise by reclaiming the land of Panchagudem and restoring justice for Bhumi and her people. Their struggles and sacrifices were not in vain, proving that fighting against the ghosts and every challenge that came their way was worth it in the end. 

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