Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Episode 6 Recap, & Ending Explained: How Did Arlong Get The Map?

Previously in One Piece Episode 5, the Straw Hat crew found some solace at Baratie, an ocean restaurant. There, they encountered Sanji, a talented chef with impressive combat skills. Meanwhile, Vice Admiral Garp sought Dracule Mihawk’s help to capture Luffy. After a meal, Luffy offered Sanji a spot on his crew, as they were in need of a cook in their quest for the One Piece. Meanwhile, Zoro challenged the greatest swordsman, Mihawk, to a duel, but it resulted in a grave injury. Though Zoro didn’t succumb to his injuries, he lost consciousness and was in need of proper treatment. In the sixth episode of One Piece, a shocking revelation about Nami’s ties to another crew brought chaos to the storyline.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Didn’t Sanji Want To Leave Baratie?

After Zoro sustained a major chest injury, he was on the brink of giving up. However, Luffy, determined to protect his crew members, refused to let anyone die. With no other recourse, Luffy and the rest of the crew brought Zoro to Baratie. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, when Zeff tried to persuade Sanji to leave Baratie, Luffy and his crew burst in, seeking assistance in saving Zoro’s life. They wanted to find a doctor, but it would take them two days to find one. Upon Sanji’s request, Zeff had to step in and tend to the wounded swordsman. He peeled off some fish skin and thoroughly cleaned and stitched Zoro’s wound to apply the fish skin to it. The fish skin helped in the healing of Zoro’s injury.


After Zoro’s first aid treatment was completed, Luffy and Sanji spent some time near him, observing him. Afterward, Sanji shared his backstory, which was quite emotional and explained why he was reluctant to leave Baratie. Almost nine years ago, young Sanji had been an apprentice cook on a ship named Orbit, which was raided by pirate captain Zeff. However, a heavy storm struck their ship, causing it to overturn, which resulted in the loss of everyone on board except for Zeff and Sanji.

Back on the Orbit, when Zeff grabbed the young Sanji, he shared his aspiration to conquer the All Blue, a similar interest to the one that Zeff had pursued all his life. Zeff had already gone on several adventures to find All Blue and realized it was real. So, while being stranded on a deserted rock island with only the young boy, Zeff decided to let Sanji live and gave him a bag full of food, keeping only some stolen treasure for himself. However, Sanji misunderstood Zeff’s sacrifice, thinking he had given him a smaller sack of food while keeping the larger one for himself.


After a few days passed, when Sanji ran out of food, he approached Zeff, clutching a knife in his hand. As he cut open the sack, only jewels and precious items spilled out. Sanji couldn’t fathom how a man could survive without food for so long. While pondering this, he noticed Zeff’s missing leg and realized that Zeff had cut it off and eaten it to survive. Overwhelmed by shock and emotion, Sanji asked Zeff why he had made such a sacrifice. Zeff, referring to the boy as ‘little eggplant,’ explained that they both shared the same goal. Although he was unable to achieve the dream of finding and conquering All Blue himself, Zeff hoped that Sanji would fulfill that dream one day. As a grown-up, Sanji recounted this story, and Luffy finally understood why Baratie and Zeff held such importance for Sanji.

Meanwhile, after Mihawk declined to capture Luffy and Koby overheard the conversation between him and Garp, he suggested to Garp that they temporarily halt their pursuit of the pirate group. However, Garp was not willing to give up so easily. He gathered his crew and decided to search for Luffy on their own instead of relying on their allies.


Who Was Nami Working For? Did Arlong Obtain The Map?

In One Piece episode 6, it was revealed that Nami was actually working for the Fish-Man crew led by Arlong. While Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji were taking care of Zoro, Arlong and his crew barged into Baratie, causing a huge commotion. They terrorized the customers and threatened Zeff’s life, all in pursuit of Luffy and his precious map. Luffy eventually confronted Arlong and asked him how they had managed to locate him.

Arlong revealed Buggy’s head and revealed that Buggy’s sliced ear had been hidden within Luffy’s straw hat all along, eavesdropping on their conversations. Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji attempted to take on the immensely powerful Arlong, but when Arlong was able to capture Luffy and was about to take him out, Nami, clutching the map, informed Arlong that their mission had been successful. Nami prevented Arlong from killing Luffy and suggested that throwing him into the sea would be a better option. Nami’s sudden transformation and betrayal left everyone in shock, but Luffy couldn’t bring himself to believe that she was truly evil. Before continuing his adventure, Luffy vowed to reunite with Nami and bring her back to his crew.


Did Zoro Survive? Who Was The New Crew Member?

After Nami’s betrayal and departure with Arlong’s fish-man crew, Luffy came to Zoro and expressed his deep sadness, not wanting to lose another crew member. Fortunately, Zoro regained consciousness and managed to survive the attack. Although he still had some weaknesses, he was in a better state than before. He conveyed his gratitude to Luffy and accepted him as his best friend and the captain of their ship. Zoro also made a heartfelt promise to Luffy, vowing to stand by his side and protect him in every aspect of their journey. Usopp and Sanji welcomed Zoro’s recovery with joy, but playful bickering between Sanji and Zoro continued as always. As the crew prepared to board the ship, Sanji wanted to join not only as a fighter but also as the crew’s cook. He bid a heartfelt farewell to his father figure, Zeff, thanking him for raising him to be a good man and for being there for him since his childhood. Zeff, in turn, bid farewell to his adoptive son, and with these emotions, the Going Merry set sail once more on its continuing journey.

However, when Zoro asked about their plan to locate their missing crewmate, Nami, Luffy revealed a surprising twist. It turned out that when Arlong left with Nami and the Grand Line map, he mistakenly left Buggy’s head behind. Luffy retrieved Buggy’s head, and it appeared that Buggy, who had once been a formidable enemy of the Straw Hats, would now be assisting them in finding their teammate Nami.


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