Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Episode 5 Recap, Ending & Anime Differences, Explained: Who Is Dracule Mihawk?

Previously, in One Piece Episode 4, Luffy and his crew managed to save Kaya from the treacherous scheme of Kuro and his pirates. Kaya decided to pursue a new career in medicine, while Usopp, who aspired to become a pirate and embark on new adventures, joined Luffy’s crew. They set sail on the “Going Merry” but encountered the Marines once more. Vice Admiral Garp was revealed to be Luffy’s own grandfather, who was in pursuit of Luffy. In the fifth episode of One Piece, we saw the pirate crew led by Luffy finally find someplace to satiate their appetite after a long and hectic night. As they headed to relish a meal at Baratie, formidable enemies awaited their arrival.


Spoilers Ahead

What’s Baratie? 

Baratie was an extravagant ocean restaurant run by a man named Zeff, renowned for its top-quality seafood. As the crew of the Going Merry sailed the seas, hunger struck Luffy and his team. However, their plans were thwarted by the sudden attack of Marine forces led by Garp. During this encounter, we got a glimpse into Luffy’s past, revealing his grandfather’s strict desire for him to become a Marine, while Luffy had dreamed of becoming a pirate since childhood. Despite the tension and questions from his crewmates about this family connection, Luffy chose not to explain the strained relationship with his grandfather and focused on evading the Marines. Using his Gum Gum abilities, Luffy inflated his stomach to deflect a bombshell back at the Marine ship and escaped in the midst of the commotion. As they continued their escape, a delicious smell wafted into Luffy’s nose, filling his mouth with water. The crew stumbled upon a restaurant named Baratie, which would finally satisfy their hunger.


Who Was Sanji? Did He Join Luffy’s Crew?

Upon their arrival at Baratie, Luffy, proudly proclaiming himself as the future Pirate King, brushed off the need to book a table, but it was Nami who ended up paying for their seating. Meanwhile, inside the restaurant’s kitchen, we met the chefs, Zeff and Sanji. While Zeff had a particular style of cooking, Sanji aimed to bring creativity to his food presentation. Unfortunately, his artistic approach was met with disapproval from Zeff and the other cooks in the restaurant. Nevertheless, Sanji didn’t let criticism get to him and continued to serve the customers. Things took an interesting turn when Sanji intervened in a fight that had broken out between two customers. Luffy, seeing Sanji’s impressive fighting skills, was genuinely impressed by him.

Why Did Garp Communicate With Dracule Mihawk?

Meanwhile, Vice-Admiral Garp, who had just lost track of Luffy, sought the assistance of one of the formidable Seven Warlords of the Sea, Dracule Mihawk, who had an alliance with him. While Garp secretly communicated with Mihawk inside his office, Koby, from the outside, eavesdropped on their conversation. Garp requested Mihawk’s help in capturing the Straw Hat pirate, Luffy. In the midst of their conversation, Mihawk, who was in the midst of a battle with his adversary, Don Krieg, effortlessly defeated him and assured Garp that he would bring Luffy to them.


On the other hand, after having a huge meal at Baratie, when it came time to pay, Luffy claimed his destiny as the future Pirate King and left his signature on the bill instead of making payment. He promised them to return and pay for the food after he discovered the One Piece treasure. Sanji wasn’t convinced and complained about it to Zeff, who then put Luffy to work cleaning a mountain of dishes as payment. While Luffy accepted his role as the ‘chore boy,’ he couldn’t resist tasting Sanji’s delicious food. After tasting the unique dish, he praised Sanji for his amazing cooking skills. Luffy even approached Sanji with an offer to join his crew, recognizing the need for a skilled cook on their way to the Grand Line. Meanwhile, a hungry pirate rushed into the kitchen, seeking help from Sanji, even though he couldn’t pay. In a gesture of kindness, Sanji swiftly prepared food for the starving pirate. As Luffy introduced himself as the future Pirate King and the one who would uncover the One Piece, the pirate revealed that he, too, had been searching for the treasure but had lost his entire crew in the treacherous Grand Line. This revelation intimidated Luffy, but it didn’t deter him from pursuing his dream.

Nami, who wanted to know Luffy’s connection to his grandfather Garp, found it hard to trust him. Consequently, she made the decision to leave the restaurant on her own. She approached a man to arrange passage out and packed her bag, which contained the Grand Line map. However, as she prepared to depart, something held her back, causing her to contemplate her decision.


Did Zoro Die?

While at the restaurant, Zoro and Nami were having a conversation, attempting to learn more about each other’s backgrounds, when Usopp stumbled upon Dracule Mihawk in the bar. Usopp brought Mihawk to meet the rest of the crew, and Zoro recognized Mihawk as the greatest swordsman in the world. This recognition stirred Zoro’s memories of his promise to Kuina. He had vowed to become the greatest swordsman ever, so he boldly challenged Mihawk to a duel with the goal of claiming that title for himself. Mihawk, who was not taking Zoro too seriously, accepted the duel as he was confident enough that Zoro’s defeat was inevitable.

The following day, the duel took place, with Zoro ready to face Mihawk with his swords. However, Mihawk surprised Zoro by using a tiny sword, underestimating his opponent. As the battle began, Mihawk managed to wound Zoro, but Zoro refused to give up. Pulling out his three swords, Zoro faced Mihawk, who then unveiled his giant sword capable of cutting Zoro to pieces. Zoro made a valiant attempt to attack Mihawk, but sadly, his swords were shattered, and he found himself on the verge of surrendering himself. Consequently, Mihawk delivered a huge blow to his chest, leaving him gravely wounded and seemingly on the brink of death.

At this moment, Mihawk, known as a fearsome pirate, showed a surprising aspect of his character. He recognized Luffy’s genuine kindness and deep emotional connection with his crewmates. This realization led Mihawk to understand that Luffy had true determination in his pursuit and immense respect for his crew. Mihawk returned to Garp and surprised him with the news that he had decided to spare the young boy, Luffy, and allow him to pursue his dreams. Mihawk believed that Garp should also grant his grandson the freedom to chase his dreams. This heartfelt conversation was once again overheard by Koby, who was startled to know that Garp was Luffy’s grandfather.

Meanwhile, Zoro, severely injured after his duel with Mihawk, had given up hope of survival. However, Luffy was determined not to let his friend die so easily. Before departing, Mihawk had remarked that it was too soon for Zoro to meet his end, and he would wait for Zoro to return and continue their battle. Even though Mihawk was a ferocious swordsman, he was a man of principle with an admirable sense of sportsmanship.


What Are The Differences From The Anime?

The One Piece live-action version takes a different approach, omitting the conflict with Don Krieg and his crew entirely. Instead, Vice Admiral Garp orders Dracule Mihawk to deal with Luffy, and Mihawk eliminates the adversary, Don Krieg. They also introduced a character named Gin, who, in the original story, became friends with the Straw Hats but whose role is different in the adaptation. Indeed, while the One Piece live-action adaptation made some changes to the original story, it still managed to captivate the audience with its engaging and alluring storyline. As the show continues, it holds the promise of keeping viewers hooked and eager to see what unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

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