‘One Piece’ Episode 4 Recap, Ending & Anime Differences, Explained: Who Was Kuina?

Previously, in One Piece Episode 3, Garp acknowledged Koby’s skills and trustworthiness and assigned him the task of leading a group to capture Luffy. Meanwhile, Luffy’s crew sought a new ship in Syrup Village and met the shipowner, Kaya. However, Kaya’s butler, Klahadore, was revealed to be the most dreaded pirate, Kuro, and was harboring sinister plans. Merry, Kaya’s loyal friend, tragically lost his life to Kuro. Usopp, while trying to gather village people to fight against Kuro, found allies in Koby and Helmeppo. Zoro confronted Kuro, but Kuro beat him unconscious and threw his body into the well along with his swords. One Piece Episode 4 finally sheds light on how Luffy managed to defeat Kuro and rescue Kaya from being killed at Kuro’s hands.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Zoro Come Out Of The Well? Who Was Kuina?

After Zoro was thrown into the well, Sham and Buchi made the mistake of tossing their swords in too, trying to erase any trace of him. Eventually, Zoro woke up in the dark depths of the well, where escaping seemed nearly impossible. While struggling to reach the well’s opening, memories of his dear friend Kuina flooded back. When Zoro and Kuina were children, they practiced swordsmanship together. Kuina always bested him in their matches, showcasing her incredible skills. Zoro was both envious and inspired by her talent, wanting to become a great swordsman like her. He challenged Kuina to a duel one day, even though she consistently defeated him. Kuina, despite her own remarkable abilities, assured Zoro that he would rise to become a legendary swordsman. She told Zoro that while girls may beat boys, a grown woman could never beat a grown man at swordsmanship because men are usually more powerful than women. Zoro disagreed with the misconception that gender could determine skills, believing that with dedication and practice, anyone could excel.


Ignoring any differences, Zoro asked Kuina to train and pursue greatness in swordsmanship together, and Kuina made a promise, too. However, tragedy struck the day after, shattering both of their dreams. Zoro’s master delivered the devastating news that Kuina had tragically lost her life in an accident, which left Zoro heartbroken. He not only mourned the loss of his friend but also the unfulfilled dream of Kuina becoming the greatest swordswoman. Determined to honor Kuina’s memory, Zoro vowed to become the greatest swordsman ever. His practice and determination transformed him into a formidable swordsman. As Zoro faced the darkness in the well, he drew strength from within and, with great mental resolve, managed to escape with his three swords, which held more significance to him than anything else.

Did The Barines Believe In Usopp?

While Usopp escorted Koby and Helmeppo to Kaya’s mansion, Kuro, posing as Klahadore the butler, opened the door. Helmeppo and Koby had a conversation with Kuro and found it hard to believe that he could be a pirate. Usopp had informed them that Klahadore was actually Kuro, but Helmeppo struggled to accept this since he believed Kuro had been executed. Though Koby felt uneasy about Klahadore, it was still unbelievable to him that this refined and sophisticated butler might be a pirate.


However, when Usopp exposed Luffy’s presence in the mansion, Helmeppo and Koby insisted on capturing him. Klahadore and his associates found Luffy unconscious in the kitchen after consuming an entire bowl of the poisoned soup. They handed Luffy over to Koby and Helmeppo. Usopp couldn’t stand by and let the pirate potentially harm Kaya, so he slipped away and entered Kaya’s room. Nami had already said goodnight to Kaya and gone to the kitchen, leaving Kaya alone in her room. She was startled to see Usopp enter, but he quickly explained everything to her.

How Did Luffy Save Kaya?

When Nami entered the kitchen, she discreetly hid herself in a cabinet and overheard Sham and Buchi discussing the poisoned soup. To her shock, she witnessed Kuro reveal his true identity. It didn’t take long for her to piece together the entire situation. Without hesitation, she emerged from her hiding spot and used a pan to strike Sham. She then rushed towards Kaya’s room to warn her.


Meanwhile, Kaya was engaged in conversation with Usopp, who was fervently trying to convince her that Klahadore was not her friend but rather a threat looming over her shoulder, seeking her wealth. She was initially hesitant to believe this, but her doubts were confirmed when Nami entered the room and shared what she had witnessed in the kitchen. Nami urged Kaya to think about when she started feeling unwell and connected it to the blue-colored tea she had been consuming. Kaya began to realize that, despite being under Klahadore’s care after her parents’ deaths, her health had deteriorated the more she drank that tea. It finally dawned on her that she had placed her trust in the wrong people, who intended to harm her. Finally realizing Kuro was nothing but a threat to her life, she agreed to flee with Usopp and Nami in order to escape Kuro’s treacherous schemes.

As Luffy regained consciousness, he promptly vomited the poisoned soup he had consumed. He showed his immediate concern by returning to Kaya’s mansion to rescue her. However, Helmeppo obstructed his path. Thankfully, Zoro arrived just in time and delivered a punch to temporarily get rid of Helmeppo. Koby, who had been tasked with capturing Luffy for the Marines, initially blocked their path. However, Luffy convinced him that an innocent person like Kaya was in grave danger. Therefore, trusting Luffy’s words, Koby allowed him to go and save Kaya.

Zoro and Luffy made their way to Kaya’s mansion, where Zoro skillfully defeated Sham and Buchi with his exceptional swordsmanship. Inside the mansion, Luffy spotted Kuro, who was searching for Kaya. After a heated confrontation, during which Kuro repeatedly eluded Luffy with his incredible speed, Luffy finally realized how to defeat him. He began to concentrate on hearing Kuro’s footsteps and finally managed to capture him. Seizing the opportunity, Luffy used his Gum Gum abilities to hurl Kuro out of a window. Luffy eventually rescued Kaya and ensured her safety.

Did The Marines Catch Luffy? Who Was Luffy’s Grandpa?

After successfully saving Kaya, she thanked Luffy and his crew. She mentioned that she was done with her family’s wealth and the shipyard. She decided to study medicine instead. Usopp wanted to stay behind to care for Kaya, but she encouraged him to join Luffy’s crew and start a new adventure. Before they parted ways, Usopp and Kaya shared a kiss and said their goodbyes to each other. This kiss and the budding romance between Usopp and Kaya were creative liberties that the Netflix show took to make the scene more engaging.


Luffy decided to name his newly acquired ship in honor of Kaya’s loyal financial advisor, Merry. When they set sail on the Going Merry for their new journey, they once again encountered the Marines. As Koby was unable to capture Luffy, Vice-Admiral Garp became active in his pursuit of the pirates on the sea.

As Luffy and his crew spotted the Marines, Luffy used a telescope and saw Garp among them, who turned out to be Luffy’s own grandfather. It was revealed that Monkey D. Luffy, the aspiring pirate king, was the grandson of Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. Though in the original manga, this revelation surfaced much later, the adaptation revealed it at the end of One Piece episode 4. However, Garp had never wanted his grandson to become a pirate, so it’s likely that he was chasing Luffy not only to retrieve the map but also to guide his grandson back onto what he believed was the right path.


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