Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Episode 3 Recap, Ending & Anime Differences, Explained: Who Was Klahadore?

Previously, in Netflix’s One Piece Episode 2, Luffy and his crew were captured by the clown pirate Captain Buggy, who sought the Grand Line map Luffy had swallowed. Meanwhile, Koby decided to join the Marines despite having a friendship with the pirates. Luffy’s hat held sentimental value as a gift from Red-Haired Shanks, who lost his arm protecting Luffy. It turned out that Buggy also had a Devil Fruit, known as the Chop Chop Fruit, which allowed him to split his body into parts to avoid getting hurt. However, Luffy ultimately defeated Buggy by trapping his body parts and retrieving the Grand Line Map. In the third episode of the series, we met a new member of Luffy’s pirate crew, and while the crew found themselves in a dangerous situation, facing a treacherous pirate captain, they would have to fight.

Spoilers Ahead

What Task Did Garp Assign To Koby?

In One Piece Episode 3, we witnessed Koby’s determination to secure his place in the Marines. Having worked on Alvida’s ship for many years, he had a great understanding of the sea and the ship’s operations. When all marines were tasked with securing the ship’s rigging, Koby not only fastened it securely but also assisted Helmeppo. However, Helmeppo became jealous of Koby’s skills and asked him if he was showing off. Nevertheless, Garp stepped in to stop their argument and commended Koby’s abilities. Garp had already placed his trust in Koby and intended to use his skills to track down the Straw Hat pirates and retrieve the map. He brought Koby to his office and played a game of Go with him. While playing, Garp advised him to remain composed and avoid overthinking in order to win. In the midst of their game, Helmeppo arrived with news that they had located the Straw Hat pirate in Syrup Village. To Koby’s surprise, Garp appointed him as the leader of their group and instructed him to bring Luffy in.

How Did Luffy Find A Ship?

While Luffy and his crew were on their journey, they found their ship, the one Nami had previously stolen, was not functioning properly. This situation left them in dire need of another ship. To acquire a new vessel, the pirate crew arrived in Syrup Village, where Zoro spotted a wanted poster featuring Captain Buggy.

As they explored their surroundings, Luffy and his crew unexpectedly found themselves in a shipyard, where they found a colossal ship adorned with a sheep’s head at the bow. Luffy was immediately drawn to the ship’s allure and wanted to purchase it. However, a village boy named Usopp came out of the ship, explaining that the ship belonged to Kaya, a young woman from the village.

Luffy was determined to acquire this particular ship, so Usopp offered his assistance, suggesting he could escort them to Kaya’s mansion to negotiate the deal. Usopp was confident due to his childhood friendship with Kaya, believing she wouldn’t refuse his request. Leading the pirate crew to Kaya’s mansion, Usopp introduced them to her. Although Kaya’s appearance was concerning, with her pallid skin and hair, she was overjoyed to see Usopp. However, the moment Zoro laid eyes on Kaya’s butler, Klahadore, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, as Klahadore’s face seemed very familiar to him.

Who Was Arlong?

Captain Buggy successfully retrieved his body parts from the box. However, during the process of fixing himself up, he was captured by Arlong, the pirate captain of the Fish Man crew. Arlong, who was also interested in Luffy and obtaining the Grand Line map, had captured Buggy in order to extract information from him. In a surprising turn, Buggy proposed to collaborate with Arlong in order to assist him in tracking down Luffy.

Who Was Klahadore? How Did Merry Die?

Klahadore wasn’t who he appeared to be; in reality, he was one of the most dreaded pirates, known as Kuro, the leader of the Black Cat Pirates. There were reports of his death at the hands of Vice Admiral Garp, but he had actually survived. Assuming the identity of Kaya’s butler, Klahadore, he began serving Kaya following her parents’ passing. However, beneath this facade, Kuro had a sinister agenda. He started poisoning Kaya slowly with tainted tea, intending to end her life gradually. Kaya fell seriously ill due to the poison, but Kuro explained it away as an illness possibly caused by the shock of her parents’ deaths.

Unlike Kuro, who had taken on the persona of Klahadore, Kaya had a loyal friend named Merry, who had always been involved in the family’s shipyard business and remained devoted to them. Kuro’s ultimate plan was to eliminate Kaya and seize her wealth after her death. As the pirate crew arrived at Kaya’s mansion during dinner, Kuro’s two accomplices, Sham and Buchi, prepared a spiked soup for Kaya, though she didn’t have it entirely. Meanwhile, at the dinner table, Usopp asked Luffy to discuss his desire to purchase the ship. Luffy, introducing himself as an aspiring pirate king, straightforwardly requested that Kaya sell him the ship. He won Kaya over by promising her that he would protect the ship as if it were their home. Impressed by Luffy’s words, Kaya asked Merry to sell the ship to him. However, after the dinner was over and Kuro had a private moment with Merry, he revealed his knife-like hands and ruthlessly killed him by stabbing him to death.

Meanwhile, Nami found an opportunity to pilfer valuable items within the house but accidentally entered Kaya’s room. Surprisingly, instead of causing a commotion, Kaya confided in Nami, expressing her intention to donate all these valuable items to charity. She believed there was no point in showing off expensive possessions when she couldn’t share them with anyone. This conversation led to a friendship blossoming between Nami and Kaya, and they spent some quality time chatting. On the other hand, Luffy made a grave error. While searching for food in the kitchen, he stumbled upon a bowl of soup that had been poisoned and devoured the soup all at once.

What Happened To Usopp?

Usopp was the son of a pirate named Yasopp, who served as a crew member aboard Shanks’ ship. After Yasopp departed for the sea, Usopp’s mother fell ill, leaving the young boy without the presence of his parents. Since childhood, Usopp held a firm belief that pirates would one day visit their village, which would give him the opportunity to finally meet his father. However, whenever he would shout that pirates were coming, nobody in the village believed him, as there were no actual pirates. Tragically, Usopp lost his mother as well, leaving him utterly alone.

Meanwhile, inside Kaya’s mansion, Usopp and Zoro entered a wine cellar. There, Usopp found the lifeless body of Merry. Zoro realized that his initial doubts were right and confronted Kuro. However, Kuro possessed knife-like fingers and the ability to vanish whenever Zoro attempted to capture him. Zoro recognized Kuro and attempted to attack, but Kuro managed to knock him out. However, Usopp, witnessing this, managed to escape the cellar through a window. Returning to his village, Usopp tried to warn everyone that pirates had indeed infiltrated the village. Yet, once again, nobody trusted his claims. Heartbroken, Usopp broke down in the middle of the street, deeply worried for Kaya’s safety. Fortunately, Koby and Helmeppo arrived and assured Usopp of their trust. Meanwhile, Zoro lost consciousness, and Kuro instructed his accomplices to dispose of both Zoro and Merry’s bodies in a well, leaving no evidence behind. In the next episode, we anticipate Zoro regaining consciousness and returning to the mansion to confront Kuro. We’re also concerned about whether Luffy survived the poison. 

What Are The Differences From The Anime?

In the live-action adaptation of One Piece, there are several significant changes to the storyline compared to the anime and manga series. Usopp’s introduction in this adaptation takes a unique approach, having his Jolly Roger prominently displayed on his head. The adaptation showed Kaya’s illness was a result of Klahadore’s gradual poisoning rather than her grief after her parents’ passing. 

Furthermore, the adaptation trims down the members of the Black Cat Pirates and shows only Buchi and Sham as part of Captain Kuro’s team. Notably, Merry’s fate is altered in this version, as he meets a tragic end, whereas in the manga and anime, he was only wounded. Additionally, the arrival of Koby and Helmeppo on the Gecko island takes place differently from the original manga storyline. These changes appear to be made to add a more dramatic impact to the series, which can enhance the storytelling for viewers.

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