‘One Friday Night’ (2023) Ending, Explained & Film Summary: Is Ram Dead?

So, the lesson of One Friday Night is that you should not bring your mistress to your farmhouse only to then fall off the balcony. I’m kidding. The movie doesn’t have a lesson at all. It is just a simplistic story about a husband who is cheating on his wife and plans a weekend getaway with his mistress. Things go awry when he falls from the balcony, and the mistress is forced to call the wife to come to save his life. The writers are to blame for the scenario. Starring Raveena Tandon, Milind Soman, and Vidhi Chitalia in the prominent roles, One Friday Night poses as a sensuous thriller in the beginning but soon devolves into a dialogue-heavy soap opera, where the moral lessons about infidelity are stretched to murderous proportions.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens in ‘One Friday Night’?

Ram Verma is a wealthy businessman. His wife, Lata, is a well-known gynecologist. Together, they may seem like a power couple, but the reality is that all the wealth and status couldn’t make Ram happy. The couple was childless, and Ram didn’t feel complete with Lata. This might not be a reason enough for you to start an affair, but it was for Ram to cheat on Lata. Poor Lata was busy advising couples who came to her for abortions, and while she was overwhelmed with work, Ram had started an affair with twenty-two-year-old Nirosha. He spent his weekends away with Nirosha, while Lata thought that he was on his business trip. One Friday Night begins by showing us one such weekend where Nirosha breaks the news of her pregnancy to Ram, and Lata finally gets to know about the affair.


Who Is Govind? Why Did Ram Send Govind Away?

Ram had planned a special weekend at his farmhouse in Karjat. He had told Lata that he was going on a business trip to Nagpur. The monsoons were raging in Maharashtra, and yet Ram planned to take Nirosha to his secluded farmhouse in the hills. How bad could it be? If they didn’t falter in their plan, they would arrive at the villa, have a fun weekend, part ways, and Ram would arrive back at his place where Lata would be waiting for him. Govind was the villa’s caretaker, and only he knew about Ram and Nirosha’s weekend plans. Govind must have been extremely loyal to Ram, as he didn’t tell Lata about his affair.

Ram arrived at the farmhouse, and Govind began setting up the dinner. Nirosha was fully aware that Ram was married to Lata, and her place in his life was going to be limited to these weekend getaways. She had plans to change all that. She broke the news of her pregnancy to him, and Ram was ecstatic to hear that. He didn’t really seem to care about his future with Lata, but when Nirosha started to pester him to come clean with Lata immediately to prove to Nirosha that he was serious about starting a life with her, Ram tried to deflect the matter. Fortunately, before Nirosha started to create a ruckus in the house by breaking the cutlery, Ram had sent Govind to bring his favorite desserts to celebrate the news of Nirosha’s pregnancy. Govind resisted going out because of the heavy rains, but Ram made him leave.


Why Did Nirosha Call Lata?

Ram was a little apprehensive about breaking the news about his affair to Lata. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to stay with her or that Nirosha was just a casual affair that he didn’t want to break his marriage for. It was because he just thought it wasn’t the right time. Ram and Nirosha had come to the farmhouse to spend some quality time together. He didn’t want to ruin the mood by dealing with serious life decisions at that point in time. When he saw Nirosha upset because her mother needed money, he offered every cent that was available to him in his safe at the farmhouse. Nirosha was not yet fully convinced that Ram was serious about the relationship, so she ran up to the balcony to get away from him. Ram tried to cuddle her, and Nirosha playfully pushed him away. Ram lost his balance and fell off the balcony. The fall injured him badly as he lay out in the rain, bleeding to imminent death.

Nirosha turned around and got the shock of a lifetime. She couldn’t believe that Ram had fallen. The farmhouse was on a secluded hill surrounded by forests. There was no one to help Nirosha. She tried calling for an ambulance, but the network was down. Govind was unreachable, and her mother didn’t pick up the call. She couldn’t figure out who else to reach, and ultimately she dialed Lata’s number from Ram’s phone. Lata was deep in her sleep, but the call made her wake up. When she fully realized the gravity of the event, she set aside the fact that Ram’s mistress was calling her and that he had lied to her about his business trip. She first made Nirosha administer the necessary first aid and then decided to go to the farmhouse herself to look into the matter.


‘One Friday Night’ Ending Explained: How Did Nirosha End Up In Jail?

Lata arrived at the farmhouse, and she was in such a hurry that she even left her cell phone back at her place. Nirosha and Lata managed to get Ram inside, and it looked like he was going to pull through. Lata had not really had the time to confront Nirosha, but after the dust had settled, she decided to show Nirosha her place. When Nirosha told her about the affair, and that Ram had planned to divorce Lata, Lata grew furious and started to teach the nymph about the difference between love and lust. According to Lata, Ram couldn’t really fulfill his fantasies with her, which is why he hooked up with the naive Nirosha. Soon, he would leave her for some other attractive young girl, and Nirosha would then understand the real difference between love and lust.

Nirosha had a great counter to Lata’s rant. She told her that she was pregnant, and Ram was ecstatic to hear about it. She then told her that two months ago, she had come to see Lata in her clinic because she was unsure about her relationship with Ram and wanted to abort the pregnancy. Lata remembered advising Nirosha and was livid with herself, as, if she had not advised her to keep the baby, perhaps the relationship wouldn’t have reached where it is now. Nirosha was a low-brow and unsophisticated person in her eyes, yet Ram loved her. When he started to gain consciousness, he made it apparent that he loved Nirosha and that she was the mother of his child. What was Lata left with? Ram was going to divorce her, and Nirosha, who couldn’t ever even have dreamed of such wealth, would now enjoy the benefits of Ram’s infidelity. She even bore Ram’s child. How could fate have been so cruel to Lata? She decided to take matters into her own hands, and seeing the helpless Ram, she suffocated him with a pillow and then left the farmhouse.

Govind returned from the city after getting his car fixed and found Ram dead. Before leaving, Lata had taken Ram’s money out of his safe and put it in Nirosha’s bag, making it look like she was running away with Ram’s money. One Friday Night ended with Govind calling the cops, and all the evidence pointing toward Nirosha as the murderer. The cops called Lata to tell her about Ram’s death, and she acted as if she were completely distraught. Her plan had worked. She told the police that she never came to the farmhouse. Nirosha claimed that she was the one who must have killed him after he professed his love for her in front of Lata. There was, however, simply no proof.

Lata had accidentally left her phone back at her place, which is why the police, when tracking Lata’s phone, concluded that she was indeed telling the truth. Who travels without their phone in this day and age? Neither Govind saw Lata arrive at the farmhouse, nor did Lata’s maid see her leave the house. Lata had removed her CCTV and tampered with her car to make it look like she couldn’t have come to the farmhouse even if she wanted to, as her car had broken down. Apart from Lata, only Govind knew that Nirosha was pregnant and became a witness for the police against Nirosha. He, too, saw her as being after Ram’s money. His theory was that she must have started to blackmail him, leveraging her pregnancy, and when Ram did not budge, she pushed him off the balcony. Nirosha was left helpless and ended up in jail after the police pinned the death on her. They claimed she pushed him off in a fit of rage and termed it a ‘crime of passion.’


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