‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 5 And 6: Recap And Ending – Did Ji Hoon Prove Min Jae’s Innocence?

In “One Dollar Lawyer,” Ji Hoon and Ma Ri came across a twisted murder case that every other lawyer had given up on. Ji Hoon believed that Min Jae didn’t kill his own parents, and the only way to prove it was by finding Min Jae’s father, who was another suspect in this murder case. While investigating the crime scene, a mysterious man attacked Ma Ri with a knife. Ji Hoon saved her, but he had to catch the man to unravel the mystery.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Min Jae Confess So Suddenly?

Ji Hoon catches the man in the forest, and he turns out to be Seo Min Hyeok, who is also investigating the same case. Ji Hoon and Min Hyeok scream at each other and share greetings as they meet after three years. Ji Hoon tells Ma Ri to spy on him and find out what he thinks about the case.


Min Hyeok also tries to find out what Ji Hoon is up to from Ma Ri, but she is cautious and doesn’t give away anything. Min Hyeok firmly believes that Min Jae is the killer and that he will prove it easily. All of them head back after ending their investigation, but Ji Hoon returns to Min Jae’s house alone.

Ma Ri sends the video clip of Su Yeon talking to their housemaid, Jae Sook, in the restaurant, but it doesn’t have audio. Ji Hoon tries to read their lips and writes down a hilarious conversation that annoys Ma Ri because she has already received the actual lip-reading from a professional. Jae Sook threatened Su Yeon to inform the police about her father’s location if she didn’t give her more money.


Su Yeon visits Min Jae, and both of them are suspicious. Su Yeon asks Min Jae why he did what he did as if she knew that Min Jae was actually the killer. Min Hyeok has acquired Min Jae’s father’s last painting, which was found at the crime scene. However, he has to return it quickly because it is going up for auction.

Ji Hoon is after the same painting because he finds it a bit suspicious. He visits the art gallery, but the curator tells him that the painting is at the auction site and the only way to see it is to buy it. The curator is lying because the painting is in the gallery itself. Ji Hoon meets reporter Park, who just got off the call with the curator. He used to be the connecting link between Min Jae’s father and his rich clients.


Ma Ri tried to buy the painting at the auction but failed. However, Ji Hoon has his own connections as well. He didn’t get the painting, but he got insider information. The original painting was drawn a long time ago, but in the current painting, the figure of a man with an umbrella is still fresh. Ji Hoon believes that it was drawn to cover the bloodstains.

Min Hyeok has found a contradiction in Min Jae’s statement, and he catches Min Jae off guard with evidence. Min Jae’s father is not visible in the CCTV footage, as Min Jae had mentioned in his statement. Surprisingly, Min Jae confesses that he killed his mother, but the prosecutors are skeptical about his sudden confession.


Who Is The Actual Murderer?

Ji Hoon visits Min Jae and asks him if he painted his father’s old painting to cover up something. Min Jae gets startled but answers instead that he killed his mother, and when he asks him whether he killed his father as well, Min Jae says that he had no reason to do it. Ji Hoon returns to his office and sees Min Jae on the news.

Min Jae’s case has become a national sensation, and a television channel comes to interview Ji Hoon about his case. During the telecast of the episode, there was a surprise element that even Ji Hoon was not aware of. Min Jae had sent a letter to the show producers about the location of the murder weapon, and they found it at the mentioned location.


The prosecutors still find it confusing how this case took this turn. Min Jae has to recreate the murder scene after confessing to his crime, but Ji Hoon is late to the scene. However, when he arrives, he brings a surprise. The painting at the murder scene was auctioned off for two billion won, but it is present on the wall where it originally belonged.

Ji Hoon exposes the shocking truth that Min Jae’s father died three years ago, and Min Jae had always painted all the paintings that got sold under his father’s name. His father felt guilty about his son and ended his own life. However, his stepmother still made Min Jae paint under his father’s name. They never got along with each other, but he didn’t kill her.


Su Yeon had a good relationship with her stepfather and didn’t like her mother using her dead father’s name and her brother’s skills to make money. Su Yeon tore a new painting that was to be auctioned, and in a heated argument, she accidentally stabbed her mother. It was Min Jae’s idea to cover it up using their father’s name, but he got trapped in it.

Su Yeon couldn’t bear the weight of her crime and told the truth to Ji Hoon. Min Jae is free from the accusation, and Su Yeon goes to prison. Ma Ri wants to know how Ji Hoon acquired the painting, but Ji Hoon refuses to speak, calling it a trade secret. Their office is quiet after solving this big case, and Ji Hoon takes a day off to visit the memorial of someone close to him. Ma Ri finds a portrait of a woman named Lee Ju Yeong inside Ji Hoon’s desk.


Ma Ri remembers seeing Lee Ju Yeong with her grandfather and gets curious about Ji Hoon’s past. She takes Ji Hoon’s senior out for dinner and enquires about Ji Hoon’s past and what he was like as a prosecutor. The senior asks Ma Ri to brace herself for a long story as she begins her narration.

‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 6: Ending

Five years ago, Ji Hoon and Min Hyeok worked together as prosecutors and went against their seniors to arrest a businessman named Cho Ki Tae for corruption. Ki Tae had already gotten rid of the evidence and knew he would be released easily. However, Ji Hoon took him to a red carpet ceremony and posed in front of many reporters on a live broadcast.


Ji Hoon faced criticism from his higher-ups, but he managed to pull Ki Tae into court. Ki Tae had hired the Baek law firm, and Attorney Lee Ju Yeong represented him. After their first hearing, Ju Yeong and Ji Hoon shared a good conversation, and Ji Hoon understood that Ju Yeong didn’t really like Ki Tae’s wrongdoing but had to defend him as it was her job.

Ju Yeong wished Ji Hoon good luck and asked him to do his best to win the case, and Ji Hoon wished her the same. Ju Yeong asked him to fight against injustice, and that’s what he has been doing right now as the “One Dollar Lawyer.” Ju Yeong could be the inspiration behind his current way of working, and we are likely to discover more about her in the upcoming episodes.


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