‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending – Who Killed Min Jae’s Mother?

Cheon Ji Hoon damages a rude man’s car for the sake of his client and invites trouble for himself. The “One Dollar Lawyer” frees his client from the lawsuit and also saves himself some work. He hands a thousand won to Baek Ma Ri and asks her to solve his case. It is a challenge for her as she can only work for him if she can solve the case successfully.


A Bingo Of Fate

Ma Ri gets startled when Ji Hoon asks her to become his lawyer. She initially refuses to represent him, but that means she cannot work with him and hence, has to take her words back. The case could have been solved easily if Ji Hoon hadn’t done more damage to the car. Ma Ri looks for all possible solutions while Ji Hoon plays Bingo with an inmate in the detention center.

Mu Jang informs Ma Ri that Ji Hoon has some side hustles to make money, and spending time with rich inmates is one of them. However, Ji Hoon refuses to accept money from the inmate this time because he is the chairman of a company and wants Ji Hoon to fight his case. Ma Ri comes up with different solutions, and evidently, they are not noteworthy. Ji Hoon refuses all of them, and Ma Ri shows him the last solution, that is, returning his thousand won and leaving the case.


Ma Ri visits her grandfather and vents out to him about Ji Hoon’s erratic behavior, but he tells her to ignore everything else and just learn from him. Seo Min Hyeok returns from the USA and visits Ma Ri’s grandfather as he is to join his firm now. That’s when he finds out that Ma Ri is training with Ji Hoon. Min Hyeok meets her and has planned to propose to her, but Ma Ri was in a hurry, so she leaves.

All of Ji Hoon’s former colleagues told Ma Ri that Ji Hoon is a strange but intelligent man and that he would go to any lengths to defend his client. Ma Ri has no choice but to work with Ji Hoon; she visits Yeong Bae personally to butter him up. She knows Yeong Bae is her senior from school, and she got a tip that he is lenient with people from the same school. Ma Ri is not the type to sweet talk to someone she doesn’t like and finds it difficult to even sit in front of Yeong Bae.


Ji Hoon had seen Ma Ri going up to Yeong Bae’s office and, hence, barged in and humiliated Yeong Bae. Ma Ri joins him and lets out all of her frustration. Ji Hoon advises Ma Ri that when you cannot get away with the law, you should do something that can silence the victim in a way that he can’t refuse to stay silent. Ma Ri understands what Ji Hoon is trying to tell her and applies it to her next move. She makes Mu Jang give a fake testimony on how Yeong Bae is a good person and gives tips to the reporters.

Yeong Bae gets flocked by reporters all of a sudden, and his articles go viral. While enjoying his popularity, he misses the court trial of his boss. He rushes to the court but finds that his boss has already finished the trial and is out of prison now. A surprise awaits Yeong Bae as his boss introduces Ji Hoon as his present lawyer. Yeong Bae only hopes that Ji Hoon won’t tell his boss about their encounter.


Three of them reach the chairman’s office, only to find many employees protesting. Yeong Bae’s car driver had brought his case to Ji Hoon, and many other employees joined him, tired of Yeong Bae’s bullying. Ji Hoon gives the chairman an option to solve the case without going to court. He offers to play a game of Bingo, and whoever wins the game will win the trial right on the spot.

Ji Hoon and Yeong Bae start playing the game, and Ma Ri and the chairman are the announcers. Bingo is a game of luck, and Yeong Bae has come really close to winning. However, there is a reason Ji Hoon chose Ma Ri as his announcer. He tells Yeong Bae the laws that he can be charged with, and Ma Ri deciphers the next number to be announced by calling out the code number of those laws. Ji Hoon creates his own luck and wins the game of Bingo. Just a small case of car scratch turned so big and caused Yeong Bae to lose his job.


Why Does Ji Hoon Need to Help Min Jae?

Ji Hoon, Ma Ri, and Mu Jang celebrate their big win by drinking, but Ma Ri is the only one to get drunk. Both of them don’t know her address, so Ji Hoon takes her to their office and tries to get her to unlock her phone, but to no avail. Ma Ri wakes up the next day and gets embarrassed after remembering her behavior the previous night. Luckily, her mother shows up with a vanity truck, and Ma Ri changes her clothes and enters the office pretending to come back from home.

Ji Hoon and Mu Jang argue about whether Ma Ri went home or not, but a client arrives and halts their conversation. She is Kim Min Jae’s sister who asks Ji Hoon for help because no other lawyer would help them. Kim Min Jae is Ji Hoon’s neighbor, and he has been accused of killing his parents. However, he claims that he is innocent and that his father has run away after killing his mother. Ma Ri and Mu Jang are against taking the case, but Ji Hoon is curious about why other lawyers wouldn’t accept his case.


Ji Hoon and Ma Ri visit Min Jae together, and Ma Ri gets frightened by his cold behavior. His demeanor is too relaxed for someone who has been accused of murdering his parents and has an extremely low chance of getting rid of the accusation. Min Jae didn’t get along with his parents since they started forcing him to go abroad for studies. Both of his parents were artists, and so was Min Jae. He drew a mural for Ji Hoon to help him pay for a month’s rent. Ji Hoon believes that he is indebted to Min Jae and needs to help him.

Ji Hoon takes Ma Ri to the Baek law firm, which had taken Min Jae’s case previously. The lawyer dropped Min Jae’s case because his father’s whereabouts are difficult to find, and there is no way to prove his innocence. Min Hyeok’s father was labeled “The Devil Lawyer” for representing Min Jae, and now he has ordered his son to fight against Min Jae as a prosecutor. He is worried that Ma Ri’s grandfather will be too impressed by Ji Hoon and that Min Hyeok will lose his chance to get married to Ma Ri.


‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 4: Ending

Min Jae’s mother was stabbed to death and was found by their house-help early in the morning. Min Jae’s sister, Su Yeon, said that she left home after an emergency call and only came to know about her mother when she was brought to her hospital. Their father is nowhere to be found, and the detectives believe that Min Jae disposed of his father’s body first and couldn’t hide his mother because his sister was awake by then.

Ji Hoon believes that Min Jae’s father is still alive and wants to meet Su Yeon to ask her about him. When Ji Hoon reaches Su Yeon’s hospital, she calls him to inform him that she has an emergency. However, Ji Hoon had already seen her leaving the hospital. Su Yeon, Ji Hoon, Ma Ri, and Mu Jang follow Su Yeon and disguise themselves as private detectives to see who Su Yeon is meeting in a restaurant. It is their house-help, Jae Sook, and this makes Su Yeon look suspicious.


While investigating Min Jae’s house, Ma Ri encounters a mysterious man, and Ji Hoon rushes to save her. The man has a knife in his hand, and Ji Hoon goes at him unarmed. Could this be Min Jae’s father? If Ji Hoon catches him, he can easily prove Min Jae’s innocence and his claim that his father had killed his mother.

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