‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 11: Recap And Ending: Why Did Ji Hoon Disappear All Of A Sudden?

In the previous episode of “One Dollar Lawyer,” Ju Yeong’s murderer came to Ji Hoon himself to find out if Ji Hoon remembered him from the past. Ji Hoon had never seen his face, but Min Chul’s eyes gave away his identity. Ji Hoon and his team, Ye Jin and Min Hyeok, have all been attending the same party coincidentally, and they have the same target- Min Chul. Ji Hoon saw Min Chul first and followed him to find Min Chul’s boss. He was shocked to see that Ma Ri’s grandfather and Ju Yeong’s previous boss were the ones who had ordered Min Chul to kill her.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Has Ji Hoon Been Staying For A Year?

After meeting Ma Ri’s grandfather, Min Chul goes to see the director of the JQ group, who is likely related to Ju Yeong’s murder. Ji Hoon cannot go inside, but Mu Jang comes to his rescue. He pretends to be a butler and enters the director’s office. Ji Hoon tracks Min Chul’s activities but can’t see the face of the director. Mu Jang and Ma Ri have been looking for Ji Hoon, and he arrives just in time for the auction.


The director of the JQ Group, Choi Ki Seok, appears in front of his guests, and people bid to get an appointment with him. It is difficult to meet with Ki Seok, and many people are ready to pay any amount to meet him. Ji Hoon recognized his voice, as he had heard it on the phone call after his father died. Ji Hoon bets 100 million Won and wins the auction. After the party, he meets Min Chul and almost stabs him, but he remembers Ju Yeong’s words and stops himself.

The next day, Ma Ri and Mu Jang are ready in their office to help Ji Hoon take down Choi Ki Seok, but Ji Hoon is not as excited as them. If he has to bring down Ju Yeong’s murderers, he has to bring down Ma Ri’s grandfather as well. He asks Ma Ri if she will be hurt if his family ever betrays her trust. Ma Ri says that it will be difficult for her to handle that. Ji Hoon leaves the office, telling them that he will be back soon. However, he doesn’t come back and leaves a letter for Ma Ri.


A year passes by, and there is no trace of Ji Hoon anywhere. Mu Jang has been working in his laundry, and Ma Ri has joined the Baek law firm. Ma Ri has achieved outstanding success in just a year, and her grandfather is proud of her. She visits Ji Hoon’s office and gives food to his fish. Ji Hoon had left a letter for Ma Ri and had only written to ask her to take care of his fish. She meets Mu Jang, who has been cleaning the office regularly, hoping that Ji Hoon will come back soon.

They wonder if Ji Hoon has moved to France since he can speak French, but they have no clue. Ji Hoon is seen reading a French book and speaking in French with a girl in what looks like a French town. However, it is just a model town situated near the North Han River in Korea. Ji Hoon often visits a nearby village to provide free legal services to the villagers. Some of the villagers don’t believe that he is a lawyer because he doesn’t practice law.


‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 11: Ending, Explained

An old woman who believes in Ji Hoon gives him a bunch of letters to give to the prosecutors. He reads those letters, and they regard her grandson, who has been wrongly accused by JQ Pharmaceuticals. Ji Hoon goes to the prosecutor’s office, and Ma Ri sees him. She curses in front of other prosecutors, and they decide to meet at the back of the building. She goes and beats Ji Hoon with a flower bouquet, and Mu Jang arrives as well. 

They go to their office together, and everyone has already assumed that Ji Hoon has come back for good. Ma Ri asks him why he left without informing her, and Ji Hoon tells her that he had written her two letters, but she seems to have missed them. She finds another letter in the envelope, and he has written that he wants to find the reason behind his work because he realizes that it was driven by revenge rather than kindness.


However, “One Dollar Lawyer” is back again, and Mu Jang and Ma Ri have joined him. Their first case after Ji Hoon’s return involves the same person because of whom Ji Hoon had left. The culprit here is Cha Min Chul, and Ji Hoon and Ma Ri arrive at his office as it is announced. Cha Min Chul, Choi Ki Seok, and Ma Ri’s grandfather will be put to the test.

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