‘OMG! Oh, My Girl’ (2023) Ending, Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Guy and June?

It’s the season of love and romance, and keeping in line with that theme, Netflix’s OMG! Oh My Girl is a cute, lighthearted film that has its share of warm and heartbreaking moments. But the subject and narrative are nothing you haven’t seen before, and it is the cast and their performances that are the saving grace of the film. This Thitipong Kerdtongtawee-directed rom-com follows the hit-and-miss love story between two people that is constantly interrupted by haphazard timing and events. As they navigate this chaotic journey, it feels like God and the universe are conspiring to play a cruel joke on them. While the protagonists of OMG! Oh My Girl struggle with complicated feelings of love, you may revisit your own experiences of having a crush in college and the thrill and heartbreak that accompany it all.

Spoilers Ahead

How Do The Protagonists, Guy And June, Meet?

We’re first introduced to June, a madly sought-after girl, loved by all the guys at school but equally despised by the girls for her popularity. It seems like she finds herself at the center of everybody’s attention even if she’s not asking for it—all the guys are attracted to her and want her to be their girlfriend, and the girls want nothing to do with her at all. On the other hand, we have Guy, a sort of brooding, indifferent fellow who can’t be bothered with much and doesn’t know about June’s existence at all. Until one day, as they’re walking from opposite directions toward each other, a 1000-baht currency note falls in between them out of nowhere, and they both lunge forward. When they can’t decide who among them should get to keep the note, they decide to divide it, and June treats Guy to a boba tea.

When June points out how unfair it is that Guy should get to keep 500 baht in addition to the milk tea, Guy smartly quips that the tea is what he will accept in exchange for his silence—promising not to tell anybody that June is a greedy person so as to not jeopardize her glowing reputation! Guy comes out of this meeting finding June a smart and funny girl, and proceeding to send her a prompt friend request on Facebook. He seems like the kind of person who waits for things to organically align and play out, at least in matters of the heart, because when his friend, Phing, asks him for a witty pickup line, he tells him to befriend his crush first before professing his love. And when his really stupid idea works on none other than June, he is beyond shocked and heartbroken. Phing is quick to let June know that they are together because he used Guy’s idea to pick her up. June, who quite appreciates the unique trick, asks Guy about where he learned it from. They immediately seem so comfortable with each other, with each of their conversations flowing easily without any effort.

When Do Guy And June’s Develop Feelings For Each Other?

Even though it was Guy’s idea that really brought Phing and June together, it becomes increasingly obvious that they’re both not meant for each other. Guy struggles to keep his emotions in check as he witnesses Phing fighting with June every so often and constantly breaking up with her at the drop of a hat. Phing and June’s relationship goes through a series of breakups and subsequent apologies. It seems like fate throws them into situations where Guy has to see June go through her worst and be there by her side to pick up the pieces and lend her a shoulder. While Guy does all these things because he likes her, June seems completely unaware of his feelings, wanting to give her relationship with Phing every chance it may or may not deserve. Whenever they find themselves in each other’s company, Guy and June talk about the most random and deep things, sharing their dreams and insecurities and being completely open and raw.

When at a concert, they dance separately but still together somehow, Guy thinks that maybe June shares the same feelings as he does and breaks up with his girlfriend, Patty. In the midst of all this, his friend Tah, who notices his organic and palpable chemistry with June, eggs him on to shoot his shot after the news of her breakup with Phing starts making the rounds. However, he is left heartbroken when he finds that Phing and June have rekindled their relationship yet again. By this point, it becomes apparent that Guy has had enough of running in circles when he decides to forget about June and find himself another girl. When he tries chatting up a girl at a bar, and that goes badly, June silently bears witness and then goes on to pull his leg, which he does not take too well. He admonishes her by saying that at least he had the courage to put himself out there, unlike her. What he does not know is that June has ended things with Phing for good because she finally realized that she has feelings for Guy.

As Guy foolishly throws a challenge at June, Tah tells him about June’s breakup by pulling up her profile on Facebook, where her relationship status is marked ‘Single,’ obviously meaning that things are very serious and there’s no coming back from this. June accepts the challenge in order to see if she can make Guy jealous and gauge if he truly likes her or not. After their night at the bar, Guy offers to walk June home, even though the route to his dorm room is not the same as hers, in a bid to spend more time with her and possibly confess his love. In a really cute scene, as they walk the flooded streets after a torrential rain, Guy ends up losing one of his shoes, and June helps him look for it by just plopping her hands into the water and pulling out things. When she pulls out a lone slip-on, Guy graciously keeps it, telling her that there’s no way they’ll find his shoe in these waters. Thinking that she had her wires crossed and Guy did not reciprocate her feelings, she decides to get into a relationship with a musician she meets at the bar the same night. Despite having feelings for each other, Guy and June consistently find themselves in the crosshairs of destiny’s cruel games.

Are June And Guy Ever Able To Confess Their Feelings For Each Other?

When he sees the growing proximity between June and Pete, a distraught Guy begins drinking heavily and resolves to give up on June. But when Tah keeps encouraging him to come clean about how he feels, Guy decides to throw caution to the wind, recording a video for her birthday where he plays a tune on the melodeon before confessing his feelings for her. However, he is heartbroken when June replies that “now is not the best time,” but he takes it as his cue to move on.

After his graduation, we see him leaving his carefree and immature days behind and diving headlong into carving a new path in his career as a film/commercial director and as an adult. Even as months and years roll on by and we see him getting in and out of relationships, it is clear that June still lives in the crevices of his mind, no matter how hard he tries to run away from this fact. As luck would have it, he crosses paths with her again and is forced to face the fact that he has not, in fact, moved on from her at all. When he agrees to attend a party she invites him to, he feels stupid as he watches Pete propose to June, saying what a cliche it is to feel instant regret once you have lost something or someone. In a last bid to put himself out there again, he asks June if she would be interested in acting as a lead for one of his upcoming commercials, jumping with joy when she agrees.

During a shooting break, June unwittingly opens up to Guy about her thoughts on marriage and Pete, which irritates Guy, who thinks she’s taking pleasure in his misery despite knowing about his feelings for her. When Guy reminds June about the video he sent her on her birthday, where he confessed his feelings for her, she is shocked and blurts out that she had feelings for him, too. Because a drunk Guy had sent the video in the wee hours of the morning, a sleepy June had only seen the first bit of the video before replying that ‘now was not the best time,’ meaning it to be quite literal. However, Guy is beside himself upon realizing that June liked him too and decides to pursue her further.

Meanwhile, after her admission, June struggles to find footing because she has just gotten engaged to Pete, who is a great boyfriend. How should June find any reason to break up and end things with Pete when he is nothing but polite and sweet with her? Guy, on the other hand, tries desperately to dig up some dirt on Pete so that he can finally be with June. It is interesting to see how June doesn’t see her love for Guy as reason enough to end it with Pete—she tells Guy that she is not the kind of woman to just up and leave when Pete is not even at fault. She would rather carry on with Pete than confront her true feelings and have the confidence to make a decision based on them. She invites Guy to meet her for lunch and categorically tells him that she will not leave Pete for him because he has done nothing wrong.

When she says that this will be the last time they meet, Guy asks her to visit the aquarium. They go on to have a great day, where conversations flow just as effortlessly as they did before, with Guy telling June that he loves her because of how easy the world feels when she is with him. They get caught in the heat of the moment at the photo booth and share a passionate kiss, which gets recorded by the camera. A guilty June rushes out of the room and begs Guy to just leave her be and forget about her. Even as June breaks up with Pete, we see Guy struggling to come to terms with June’s decision and taking matters into his own hands, forwarding their pictures from the photo booth to Pete. June does not take this too well and leaves for London to be with her father, escaping the guilt she feels for hurting Pete.

Do Guy And June End Up Together?

As time passes, Guy tries to get on with his life, spending time with his sisters and family and immersing himself in work. Tah calls him one day to invite him to his wedding, but he makes excuses for not being able to attend, afraid of how he will face June if he meets her there. However, upon his sisters’ insistence, he decides to attend the wedding to prove to them that he has, in fact, moved on from June. While the wedding ceremony is underway, we see June entering the hall and seating herself at the same table as Guy’s. To avoid awkwardness, as it turns out, June had called Guy before the wedding, insisting that he attend because she did not want to be the reason his friendship with Tah turned sour.

Over their conversation on the phone, June tells Guy that she is still unsure of her feelings toward him, apologizing for leaving so abruptly. She tells him that for the first time, she had to rely on herself, a feeling that she found at once difficult yet fulfilling, and that she loved the independence she found after moving countries. As the bride gets ready to throw her bouquet in the air, a 1000-baht note from inside comes flying and lands right in between them, just like from their first meeting. During the wedding reception, Guy sees June using the nasal spray he meant to give her but got rid of, which makes him emotional. He runs to her and pulls her aside to ask her about it. But June tells him not to read too much into it, lightly patting his shoulder. Being the hopeless romantic that he is, Guy still takes it as a sign that she may have feelings for him after all and that he may stand a chance with her. As he looks up to the sky and mutters, “Thank you, God,” we best believe that their story does not end here!

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