‘Oh! Youngsim’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap & Ending: How Does Young Sim Help Ki Ho?

Young Sim and Kyung Tae reluctantly agreed to work on a new project together because both of them were in desperate need of saving their careers after the recent controversy. Previously, in Oh! Youngsim, Kyung Tae and Young Sim started filming for their new show with high hopes. Wol Sook joined them for the show, and along with Chae Dong, she had planned to keep Young Sim away from Kyung Tae because she wanted to get close to him. However, Chae Dong confessed his feelings to Young Sim, causing them to become uncomfortable around each other.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Ki Ho Run Away With The Laptop?

Kyung Tae sees Chae Dong and Young Sim hugging and thinks that they are secretly dating, but in reality, Chae Dong only saved Young Sim from falling as she slipped. He gets jealous of Chae Dong but has to keep it professional while working. However, he makes sure to bother Chae Dong when they are not working and when no one is around them. They are filming the first episode of their show, in which Ki Ho and his love interest, Yeo Ul, are featured. Young Sim is handling the show as a producer, but Kyung Tae is interfering in her work because he is the sponsor. He wants to add some entertainment to the show, but Young Sim wants to keep it natural. However, Kyung Tae’s point is right, and Young Sim agrees to it after they get into a fight over how boring the episode looks. Young Sim is frustrated at Kyung Tae, and to add to her fury, Wol Sook asks her if she likes him. Young Sim goes blank for some time but denies it, so Wol Sook asks her directly to stay away from him. They are filming in a Buddhist temple at Yeo Ul’s request, and they are also quiet most of the time; hence, Kyung Tae proposes an interactive session of yoga. He also needs to promote his company, so he participates in the group activities. The whole event itself gets ruined because of Kyung Tae’s product placement and Ki Ho and Yeo Ul’s poor compatibility.


Kyung Tae and Young Sim are worried that they won’t get the desired result out of this filming, so Wol Sook finds a solution. As a dating expert, she believes that jealousy almost always works. She calls Ki Ho on his phone while Yeo Ul is sitting next to him and asks him to act as if he is talking to a woman interested in him. When Yeo Ul notices that Ki Ho is talking to a woman, she stands up and leaves the lunch table, making Ki Ho worry that she will get mad. However, Yeo Ul comes to him later and asks him to go to the wishing stone with her because she wants to talk to him. Ki Ho gets excited, thinking that she finally wants to confess her feelings, and also prepares his confession. He walks up to the wishing stone with Yeo Ul, and everyone is excited to hear what they have to say. However, the result of their anticipation is anti-climatic and disappointing. Before Ki Ho could confess his feelings, Yeo Ul revealed to him that she was going to renounce material desires and had decided to go to Tibet in search of enlightenment. Ki Ho is heartbroken and humiliated, and Young Sim is stressed because this is not what she expected. While she is worrying about what to do next and how to answer her boss, Ki Ho steals her laptop. He wants to delete all the recordings of his humiliating moments with Yeo Ul. He tries to escape with a car, but Young Sim jumps in with him. Meanwhile, at the temple, rumors spread that Ki Ho kidnapped Young Sim.

What Changes Ki Ho’s Mind?

While everyone is discussing whether to report the incident to the police or not, Kyung Tae’s phone starts buzzing. His smartwatch has detected an increased pulse rate, but he is not the one wearing the watch. He can track the location of his watch with his phone, and he guesses Young Sim must be wearing it since it’s on the move. Despite their differences, Kyung Tae and Chae Dong come together for Young Sim and start following the location on their phones. Meanwhile, Young Sim is trying to convince Ki Ho to stop the car, and when he doesn’t budge, she takes the matter into her own hands. She tries to confuse him while driving, and they end up crashing into a tree. Ki Ho still won’t give up, and he runs out of the car with the laptop. Young Sim tries to get the laptop back from him, but Ki Ho pushes her so hard that she falls and hurts her head. Thankfully, Kyung Tae and Chae Dong had reached there by then. Kyung Tae tries to calm down Ki Ho, but Ki Ho keeps on repeating that no one can understand his situation. He waited seven years for Yeo Ul, but she rejected him. Kyung Tae then reveals to Ki Ho the real reason why he chose him for the show. He tells him that he sees himself in him because he has been waiting for a girl for 20 years. He doesn’t want Ki Ho to be a loser, but calling him that only offends him more, and Kyung Tae’s emotional persuasion fails. However, Chae Dong comes to their rescue and starts crying to Ki Ho that he also got rejected by Young Sim, the woman he liked a lot. He grabs the laptop while hugging him, and Ki Ho doesn’t even notice that the laptop got taken away while he is crying out of his wits.


Kyung Tae drives Young Sim to her office because she urgently needs to send the preview to her boss. Chae Dong has convinced Ki Ho, and he messages Young Sim that he is ready to see his story on the screen because he is not ashamed of it anymore. He is not the only person in the world who got rejected by the woman he likes. However, Young Sim doesn’t want Ki Ho’s episode to end on such a sad note. She likes how Ki Ho has changed and wants to do something good for him. While thinking, she comes across a comment on Ki Ho’s community post. A woman has left a comment saying that she would like to meet Ki Ho if the other woman rejects him. Young Sim reaches out to the woman and sets up a blind date with her, Ki Ho. Surprisingly, they get along really well and start dating officially. Both Young Sim and Kyung Tae are happy with the result, and Young Sim won’t have to lose her job anymore. However, Kyung Tae is facing some issues in his business and is worried. Oh! Youngsim Episode 8 ends with the discovery of a new couple for their next episode. This time, it is a teenage couple, and their story is strikingly similar to Young Sim and Kyung Tae’s story. Kyung Tae and Young Sim have not been honest with their feelings, but will this teenage couple’s story help them come to terms with their own emotions?

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