‘Oh! Youngsim’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending: Does Chae Dong Confess His Feelings To Young Sim?

Kyung Tae got his revenge from childhood on Young Sim previously in Oh! Youngsim. While Young Sim became a joke for not getting a single vote on the dating show, Kyung Tae was enjoying popularity. However, soon enough, a controversy arose because Wol Sook released a private conversation between her and Kyung Tae. Kyung Tae now had to save his and his company’s reputation, and Young Sim had to save her job. They decided to work on a new project together as a solution. As if there weren’t enough troubles already, Kyung Tae got injured in a minor accident, and Young Sim’s family forced him to stay with them until he recovered. This gave Kyung Tae more time to spend with Young Sim, but Young Sim was bothered by his presence.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Wol Sook Join Young Sim’s Show Again?

Wol Sook and Chae Dong are standing outside Young Sim’s house and have decided to team up to keep Kyung Tae and Young Sim apart. That’s when they hear screams coming from the house, and Chae Dong barges inside. He starts calling Young Sim’s name, which puts both her and Kyung Tae in a difficult spot as they have slipped and fallen in the bathroom and ended up on the floor over one another. Before Chae Dong comes looking for her, she runs down in wet clothes, and Kyung Tae follows. Wol Sook and Chae Dong find them suspicious, but Young Sim tries to clear their suspicions by saying that they were just fighting over who was going to use the bathroom first. Wol Sook won’t believe them, so Young Sim changes the topic and starts talking about the dating show she is going to do with Kyung Tae. Wol Sook was looking for Kyung Tae to cast him on her YouTube show, but she just lost to Young Sim. However, she is not the one to give up easily, and she persuades Young Sim to cast her as a dating expert on her show. Wol Sook knows her worth, and even Young Sim cannot resist her offer, even though she is not fond of her. Kyung Tae can’t sleep at night because he can’t get Young Sim’s face off his mind. However, the next day at his office, he argues with Young Sim over the project proposal as if he isn’t enchanted by her.


Wol Sook has also joined the meeting, and seeing the two fight, she suggests going on an outing to encourage bonding among the team members. Everyone agrees happily, except Chae Dong. He knows what happened between Kyung Tae and Young Sim in the bathroom, but in an exaggerated way. Young Sim’s niece is keeping an eye on her aunt and Kyung Tae at Chae Dong’s request, and she tells Chae Dong that the two of them were quite intimate when she saw them. At their work retreat, Chae Dong gets competitive when they play games. Kyung Tae is about to lose to Chae Dong when he hears Young Sim cheering for Chae Dong. He remembers his childhood when Young Sim called him incompetent and feels the urge to prove her wrong now. He defeats Chae Dong in one competition but loses in the next one because of Wol Sook. Wol Sook and Chae Dong are working really well as a team. Kyung Tae gets hurt during the game, and while Young Sim tends to his injury, they engage in the conversation of old times. They resolve some of their past conflicts, but Young Sim doesn’t get the answer to her most important question because Wol Sook interrupts their conversation purposefully.

Will Young Sim’s Boss Accept Her Proposal?

After the competitive games are over, the team sits down for a drinking game, which is again picked by Wol Sook. It is a truth game, and most of the questions are about romance. Kyung Tae avoids answering most of the questions and gets drunk after drinking too much as a penalty. Young Sim is asked if she has been intimate with anyone recently, and she answers no. Kyung Tae, without any thought, stands up and asks her why she is lying. He says in front of everyone that they have seen each other naked, which is only partially true; they have seen each other semi-naked. No explanation by Young Sim is going to work because everyone is drunk and in the mood for gossip. However, Young Sim’s colleague, Jang Hwan, grabs everyone’s attention and gives them a new topic to talk about. The girl he was going on dates with has suddenly ghosted him, and he starts crying about how he can never get a girlfriend. The conversation quickly moves to how good a person Jang Hwan is and how he should stop thinking about that girl. However, Kyung Tae is of a different opinion and thinks that Jang Hwan should change his strategy to get the girl back. Young Sim thinks that sincerity is more important in a relationship, so they bet on whether a strategy will win over sincerity.


During their meeting to finalize the show proposal, Jang Hwan enters the meeting room excitedly and hugs Kyung Tae. Kyung Tae taught him a strategy, and it worked. Jang Hwan refuses to tell others what Kyung Tae told him, so everyone with dating problems lines up to get a consultation from Kyung Tae. This gives Young Sim the inspiration that she has been waiting for, and she comes up with a new idea for the show. Within a day, she changes the entire proposal for the show. Instead of casting people who want to date, she decides to cast normal people who need help with their struggling relationships. Though Kyung Tae wasn’t initially convinced, he agreed to do it. Young Sim and Kyung Tae were famous cartoon characters in the past, and she is going to use them as a key promotional strategy. Her boss accepts the proposal just because Kyung Tae agreed to it; otherwise, he doesn’t trust Young Sim. They put out an announcement to collect stories from people, and though the stories are promising, the people behind them are not. Most of them have written fake stories because they want to appear on the show for fame.

Despite the disappointing beginning, Young Sim has found a sincere candidate with a genuine story. Nam Ki Ho is a man in his late 30s who has been in a complicated relationship with a woman for two years. He needs help to figure out their situation and decide the future of their relationship. Kyung Tae doesn’t want to work with Ki Ho because he is over the age of their target audience and his story isn’t entertaining. However, he rethinks his story, and his sincerity to not give up on love despite unfavorable conditions impresses him. He gives his approval, and the show finally proceeds further. Young Sim has finally started filming for her new show, but a surprise awaits her. Oh! Youngsim Episode 6 ends with Chae Dong finally confessing his feelings to Young Sim. Their shooting location is a Buddhist temple, and while Young Sim is praying, she asks Chae Dong what his wish is. Chae Dong reveals that he wishes that Young Sim liked him back. Young Sim thinks he is joking, but Chae Dong repeats his words sincerely.


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