‘Oh! Youngsim’ Episodes 1 And 2 Recap And Ending: How Does Young Sim Recognize Kyung Tae?

Two childhood friends reunite after many years in a surprising way, but instead of rejoicing, they resent each other. Oh! Youngsim is about Young Sim, a variety show producer, but her career hasn’t been all that good or remarkable. On the other hand, Wang Kyung Tae, Young Sim’s childhood friend and first love, left Korea to go to the USA but didn’t tell her. He is the CEO of a company now and has returned to Korea. Both of them resent each other because Kyung Tae believes that Young Sim never loved him and looked down on him, and Young Sim is still upset that Kyung Tae left the country without letting her know.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Young Sim Want To Hire Mark Wang?

Oh Young Sim is passionate about her work, and she is relentless when it comes to getting the work done. She needs to cast new people for her upcoming variety show, and for that, she has been following a singer even when he’s not on the clock. The singer, Han Yo Han, has refused her offer many times before, but she manages to convince him this time by showing him how persistent and passionate she is about the project. However, things change quickly for Young Sim as she returns to the office to find out that her project has been canceled. Young Sim has gotten into many controversies due to her sense of justice, because of which she has created news headlines. Young Sim has been working in the industry for quite some time, but now she is worried that she will get fired. She sees a new script on her company director’s desk and agrees to do it, even though it is not her expertise. It is the script of a dating reality TV show. Young Sim lives with a family of six: her father, two sisters, a brother-in-law, and a niece. All of them laugh at the fact that she is doing a dating show when she hasn’t dated anyone in years. She is already in her 30s, and her family wants her to find herself a partner. They tell her to date a man who likes her and not ignore him as she did to Wang Kyung Tae in the past. However, Young Sim blames her father for her not being able to date anyone.


Young Sim’s father created one of the most popular cartoons in the country, inspired by Young Sim and her friends. Because of that, Young Sim became popular. It was a known fact that the cartoon was based on real-life characters, and people around her age still remember it. Even if they don’t know that she is the real one, she often gets teased for her name. She now prefers not to get close to people at all. She is focused on saving her career and has almost cast everyone needed for the show, except for one. For her show to become successful, she needs attention, and she has spotted the perfect person for that. Mark Wang is the CEO of a trending startup, Kingvely. He is a mysterious person who has just landed in Seoul from the USA, and people are curious about him. She is always persistent in her work, but surprisingly, Mark Wang agrees to be on the project easily without Young Sim having to persuade him. Soon enough, she finds out the reason behind it. On the first day of the shoot, Mark Wang introduces himself as Wang Kyung Tae. Kyung Tae had rejected many projects already, but he took this one only because it involved Young Sim.

Why Does Young Sim Participate in the Show?

Young Sim’s friend, Wol Sook, agreed to join her show because of Wang Kyung Tae, whom she still remembers from childhood, but she didn’t expect him to look this handsome now. He looked much different as a kid. Young Sim doesn’t have time to ask him questions because she has to deal with an emergency. One of the female participants in the show gets into an accident while she was on her way to the set, and Young Sim quickly has to find a replacement. The filming needs to start on time, so Young Sim participates instead, as she only has to appear for one episode. Young Sim is not prepared, but she isn’t looking to get a real date either. In the first round, she doesn’t get a single vote from the male participants, and her first date with the first participant doesn’t go well either. On her second date with a writer, she is uncomfortable because of all the food she ate on her date with the fitness trainer. However, the writer still likes her because she knows that he likes poetry. She only knew it because she had studied his background before casting him. Meanwhile, all of Kyung Tae’s dates are going well. He doesn’t care about bonding with the participants; all he wants to do is promote his company and its products.


Young Sim and Kyung Tae are the last ones to go on a date, and because the producers don’t have much time left, they change the setting. They go to a karaoke room, and to make it more interesting, they make the two compete. Both of them choose a difficult song for each other, and both of them ace the challenge. However, Kyung Tae wins with a high score, and Young Sim has to grant him a wish. Kyung Tae makes Young Sim buy him headphones because they have a memory related to them. Kyung Tae had gifted Young Sim customized headphones, but he had seen another boy using those headphones later. Kyung Tae asks her if the headphones remind her of something, and that’s when she understands that he is really the Kyung Tae that she knows.

Kyung Tae called Young Sim by her first name, and rumors spread on the set that the two already knew each other and were probably each other’s first love. In the final round, all the female participants, including Young Sim, vote for Kyung Tae, and Young Sim once again gets selected by no one. The writer had initially chosen Young Sim, but he changed his decision after hearing the rumors about her and Kyung Tae. Oh! Youngsim Episode 2 ends as Kyung Tae gives the headphones bought by Young Sim to Wol Sook. He smirks at Young Sim as if trying to tell her that this is how he got his revenge. Young Sim is now more convinced that he is really the Kyung Tae she knows. Kyung Tae must have been really hurt by how Young Sim treated him, and he looks determined to give it all back to her this time.


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