‘Oh! Youngsim’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending: How Does Kyung Tae’s Misunderstanding Get Cleared?

Young Sim is stressed because of her job, but she needs to save her career. So far in Oh! Youngsim, our female lead has managed to save herself from getting fired twice thanks to her perseverance; however, things never get any easier for her. She has been working on a new dating show with Kyung Tae, but the participants are a headache for her. After the stressful last episode of Ki Ho and Yeo Ul, Young Sim finds teenagers who have problems in their love lives, which are oddly similar to Young Sim and Kyung Tae’s love story in the past.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Woo Chan Join The Dating Show?

The high school kids, Woo Chan and Min Ji are meeting at the tteokbokki restaurant where Woo Chan asked Min Ji to go with him when he was interested in her, but she didn’t seem to care about him. It was before their school break, and Woo Chan is a changed person now, both in his looks and personality. He stopped giving Min Ji attention after the school break, and now Min Ji misses it. They are shooting a scene at the restaurant, hoping that Woo Chan will at least talk to Min Ji, but it doesn’t happen, and partially Kyung Tae is responsible for it. Young Sim and Kyung Tae share a table with the kids to help them initiate the conversation, but Woo Chan and Kyung Tae don’t get along well, which causes Woo Chan to throw a fit a couple of times. They have to end the shoot, as it isn’t going anywhere. Instead of the kids, it is Kyung Tae and Young Sim who seem to have gotten closer. They are fighting less and supporting each other more.


Young Sim has to try once more to start a conversation between Min Ji and Woo Chan and chooses a book cafe as the location. However, this time, Kyung Tae and Young Sim don’t join them. Min Ji initiates the conversation and suggests a comic book to Woo Chan, but he picks another one. Min Ji brings snacks for him and keeps on talking to him but gets no response. She eventually lashes out at Woo Chan and asks him why he agreed to do the show if he doesn’t even want to talk to her. Woo Chan finally speaks to her, only to tell her that he wants to return what she gave him. He felt equally terrible when she used to ignore him like this. That’s why he wanted to show her what it feels like to see a person not care about your efforts at all. Min Ji feels humiliated and leaves the cafe. While this is happening, Young Sim and Kyung Tae have fallen asleep, unaware of the chaos going on. Young Sim’s colleagues wake her up hurriedly, and she runs out to find Min Ji.

Who Asks Out Young Sim?

While Young Sim is looking for Min Ji, Kyung Tae talks with Woo Chan and tries to find out why he is acting this rudely toward Min Ji. He guesses that there is something that Woo Chan hasn’t told them yet. Kyung Tae attempts to comfort Woo Chan by telling him that Min Ji treats him much better than the girl he likes. Surprisingly, that statement makes Woo Chan speak up, not for himself but for Kyung Tae. Woo Chan is hurt because he finds the gift he gave to Min Ji in the trash, and Kyung Tae had felt similar sadness when he saw that the headphones he gifted to Young Sim were being used by another guy. However, thanks to Woo Chan, he now finds out that it was a misunderstanding. Woo Chan was reading the comic book based on Young Sim’s life, and he read the same story that Kyung Tae had just told him. It turns out that Young Sim had lent the headphones to a friend, but Kyung Tae misunderstood the situation. Moreover, he also learns that Young Sim waited for him on his birthday when he left the country.


Meanwhile, Young Sim finds Min Ji sitting alone in a park and tells her that they can stop the show right there if she is hurt, but Min Ji is not ready to give up yet. She believes that she hurt Woo Chan so much that it changed his personality for the worse, so she wants to bring him back to his normal self and also wants to make him like her again. They wrap up the shoot for the day, and Young Sim gets a surprise visitor, which surprises everyone else too. It is the poet, Ho Jae, from the first dating program, and he visits Young Sim with flowers to show his support for her new work. Ho Jae was impressed by Young Sim in the program itself, and now he wants to take things further with her. He asks her out to dinner, but Young Sim is not sure about it. Young Sim’s sister, on the other hand, is excited that her sister, who hasn’t dated anyone for years, is finally going on a date. She convinces her to go on the date, and Wol Sook helps her dress up and also gives her some tips.

While Young Sim is on a date with Ho Jae, Kyung Tae is desperately searching for something. He read in the comic book that Young Sim had bought a teddy bear for him as a gift, and that she’s still got it. To find it, he sneaks into Young Sim’s room when she isn’t home, but her niece, Ji Yu, catches him red-handed. He is not going to get in trouble because Ji Yu is more guilty than him. Recently, she sold that teddy bear to get some money, not knowing how important it was to Young Sim and now to Kyung Tae as well. Oh! Youngsim Episode 9 comes to an end with both Young Sim and Kyung Tae being honest with themselves about their feelings for each other after different incidents. Young Sim ends her date with Ho Jae with a confession that they cannot be together because she has someone else on her mind. She spent the entire date thinking about Kyung Tae. As she walks back home, she sees Kyung Tae running to her with the old teddy bear in his hands. He found the buyer and bought it back for triple its original price. He kept hurting for years, believing Young Sim never liked him, but now he knows the truth, and he doesn’t want to hold back anymore.


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