‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap Summary: Were Nell And Andres Ready To Date Each Other?

The first episode of Not Dead Yet season two ended with Nell realizing Lexi’s business tycoon father was only using her to encourage his daughter to work harder for the newspaper. This twisted mind game had to end.  Nell ended up writing an honest obituary for Duncan, which did not sit well with Lexi and her father. 


Spoilers Ahead

Was Edward Falling For Lexi?

The second episode of the second season begins with Edward visiting Nell at her place of work on the pretense of dropping her a package that has been passed through several of her old addresses which included London as well. Edward was in the office to get a glimpse of his current love interest Lexi, who happens to be Nell’s boss as well. He wanted some advice from Nell about asking out a woman he likes who he casually hooked up with. Nell requests that he not approach the woman this close to Valentine’s Day. Edward had not mentioned the name of the woman, and Nell hadn’t started suspecting anything either but the former went ahead to meet Lexi and wanted to know if she was willing to go out on a date with him. Edward was indeed falling for Lexi; he only needed the right way to channel his emotions. He met her and received clarity on their relationship. Lexi was honest about her stand to keep their relationship casual, and Edward quickly obliged. 


Was Sam Worried About Her Marriage?

Sam and her husband, Keith, were in a long-distance marriage. He had moved away to another city for work, and ever since, she had been worried about the state of her relationship with him. She and Keith had entered the seventh year of their marriage. She blindly believed the seventh year of marriage brings certain mental and physical changes in partners that start affecting their marriage. The seventh-year itch was bothering her, and she wondered if Keith was losing interest. They planned to meet in Pasadena for Valentine’s dinner. Sam wanted to find out if Keith felt jittery about their marriage just as she did. 

Why Did Nell Not Have A Date On Valentine’s Day?

The package she received at her office was a gift from her engagement registry while she was in London. It brought back a lot of memories. Nell was not keen on having a Valentine’s date this year because all her dates were gatecrashed by the ghosts of the dead people she was writing an obituary for. They ruined her mood, and thus she decided not to go on a date until she finished writing her next obituary. Nell was not alone anymore. She was always surrounded by ghosts who not only helped her contribute to their own obituaries, but they had begun to interfere in her personal life as well. Since she had not shared her phenomenon of seeing dead people with anyone, she decided to spend time alone with the cooking appliance she received.


How Did Nell Meet Andres?

Nell was at a coffee shop outside her office when she ran into Andres, and he seemed to be interested in conversing with her on Valentine’s Day. To her shock, the person she was going to be writing an obituary for was Andres’ mother, Senator Diana Fernandes. Nell changed her mind about going out with Andres because there was a double threat. Diana Fernandes would not just follow her around, the deceased woman would try to interrupt the date and offer advice on making the evening better. She was not ready for the awkwardness she would feel, having the Senator blessing her and Andres on their union. Nell quickly walked away from the date because she chose to give him time to grieve. It was an excuse to get out of the situation before it got bizarre. Andres immediately pulled away from the idea of going out on a date, only a few days after his mother’s death. There was an air of silence between the two and only Senator Diana Fernandes could sense that.

Was Duncan Being Inconsiderate Towards Lexi?

Duncan caught Lexi and Edward in the storeroom, and her father was not happy with the sight of her daughter meeting a new person. Duncan took over Lexi’s office at SoCal Independent. Lexi was not happy about the change as this takeover was done without informing her. Duncan did not trust his daughter could run the place and had begun to question her divorce proceedings. Duncan refuses to get sentimental about his daughter’s divorce and chooses to question her about the state of the assets that were in the name of her soon-to-be ex-husband as well. She did not find any reason to be worried about it, but Duncan, being a businessman, had to question it because he did not want to lose his money. His questioning implied he felt Lexi should have stayed in the marriage, so he wouldn’t have faced any of the concerns regarding splitting the assets with his soon-to-be ex-son-in-law.


Lexi felt left out by her father yet again and tried to find solace in sleeping with Edward, who was kind to her. Duncan tried to question Lexi’s choice in men, as he did not want her to repeat the mistake she made previously. Lexi wanted her father to trust her and not to be treated like a deranged and spoilt teenager. Edward stood up for Lexi because she felt cornered by her father. Edward figured, behind the strong independent woman, she was just looking for validation from her father. 

Duncan enjoyed the hero worship he received from his daughter and utilized it for his benefit. Edward could see through that and helped Lexi showcase herself as a person capable enough to make the right decisions about her life. Duncan, who himself has been through many divorces, did not want Lexi to take that path. The man could have sensitively shared this emotion instead of being aggressive.


Does Sam Get Any Closure?

Sam was freaking out as Keith missed his flight and could not reach Pasadena on time. Sam also found no reservations because all were booked owing to it being Valentine’s Day and ended up waiting for Keith at Cricket’s wine bar. Sam eventually got drunk and began to interrupt Cricket’s date. Sam was not in the right mood because she’d felt a little distant from her husband lately and probably wanted to work on their marriage. She did not want the seven-year itch to become a reality. Keith could not reach Pasadena, but Cricket made Sam understand a marriage would work if the couple tried to sustain the love. Cricket shares her own example, as someone who had been married twice and had fallen in love several times. The seven-year itch was a myth; she was now willing to let go. Sam somehow could come to terms with the fact that maybe her marriage was not crumbling. 

Were Nell And Andres Ready To Date Each Other?

Nell decided to give Andres another chance and attend his art exhibition, an event he planned before his mother’s death. Senator Diana requested Nell to be honest with her son about him being a bad painter. Diana regrets not being honest with her son while alive, which led her son to falsely believe he was a good artist.  She was aware people were purchasing from him to get closer to his mother and other political contacts. Now that she is no more, she believes he would want someone truthful about his work and maybe pursue another career. 


Andres could also improve his skills, but that part comes later. Nell and Andres were having a good time, and she finally let him know her opinion of the paintings. Andres took the criticism well. Senator Diana’s presence helped improve Nell’s date with Andres, and she believed this could be the breakthrough she needed. There could be a possibility that Andres would want to date her. Unfortunately, both realized Andres needed time to get over the grief of losing his mother, as she was the point of conversation too many times. They would not want to begin dating by knowing each other by bonding over a tragedy. Both agreed to not date right now, and that was the right decision. Andres gives her some hope of eventually coming back and asking her out. Nell was excited because she had not met a guy as interesting as him in a long while.

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