‘No Limit’ Ending, Explained: What Went Wrong With Roxana And Pascal?

“No Limit” is a Netflix romance drama that is adapted from the real-life story of Audrey Mestre. The movie talks about the diving career of Roxana Aubrey and her encounter with Pascal Gautier. The story talks about the heartbreaking changes that Roxana had to deal with as her relationship with Pascal became  overbearing for her. Roxana decides to leave her house since she has always wanted to become a diver. To fulfill this wish, she escapes her family and decides to practice with Pascal Gautier’s team. Training under him becomes a huge advantage for her since he is a world champion and his records are difficult to break. Roxana immediately falls in love with him, and soon, they become an official couple. However, things begin to get complicated between them as Pascal’s obsession with his diving career hovers over Roxana as well. Pascal suffers from blackouts, and this hinders his career. The higher authorities of diving championships prohibit his participation as it could be very dangerous for his life and his body. To live his dream, he decides to train Roxana as a free diver and prepare her for various competitions. Surprisingly, Roxana becomes extremely famous, and  sets new records for many women.

Soon, Roxana’s fame gets over Pascal’s head since he becomes too pressurized and controlling. Even though Roxana wanted to achieve more from her diving career, Pascal’s presence was a lot more important to her. Roxana’s mother never supported her with her dreams since it was extremely dangerous for her life. Moreover, her mother even tried to convince Roxana to complete her studies since investing everything in Pascal could be a foolish decision. From the beginning, Roxana was very committed to her relationship, but with time, Roxana’s fame began to choke him, and soon Roxana figured out that Pascal was cheating on her. One night, she decides to follow him, which confirms her doubts. Roxana is extremely heartbroken and decides to end this relationship. But guess what? Pascal is extremely manipulative, and he convinces her to stay . But this doesn’t stop him from cheating further.

Roxana’s public appearances and interviews turns him envious and he  blames her for infidelity. He believed that Roxana loved the spotlight and attention from other men. But in reality, she didn’t have anything to do with this. Roxana tries her best to convince him to get a short break, but Pascal is adamant and belittles her for giving up. Soon, Roxana’s mother decides to confront her and Pascal about the risks of appearing in competitions, but neither of them is ready to listen. Pascal becomes extremely irritated with the thought that Roxana had a close relationship with his teammate Tom. Pascal’s infidelity caused her to cheat on him as well, since Roxana always knew that Tom had feelings for her. And this time, she realized that choosing Pascal over him was a wrong decision. During the practice session for 171 meters, Pascal reads her texts with Tom, and he becomes extremely agitated. Things don’t turn out well as Pascal begins to cheat on her in front of everyone. He even calls over his mistress to the interview where Roxana and Pascal were interviewed as a couple. Here, Roxana is heartbroken, and she leaves the spot abruptly. 

On the other hand, Tom is a soft-spoken and loving individual. He always respected Roxana’s private space and never judged her for her decisions. But Tom knew that Roxana belonged to Pascal. Even though they began seeing each other, Tom prohibited her from committing these actions since Pascal was a good friend. Roxana decides to choose Tom over him, but Pascal manages to reconcile by hurting himself. On the day of the competition, Roxana is all set to appear in the No Limits diving competition. But Pascal had malicious plans. Tom was in charge of Roxana’s air tank, and before the competition started, the whole team was responsible for Roxana’s life. They had to make sure that the medics were around her if she needed any medical assistance. After the team was all set to send her down, Tom caught Pascal near Roxana’s oxygen tank. But he didn’t pay much attention to it even though he knew something was wrong. 

Roxana successfully reached the bottom, and she was all set to hit the inflatable balloon to reach the surface within 2 minutes. But as she was about to leave the surface, Roxana figured out that the tank had no air in it. So Tom helped her and inflated the tank with air, but this was not enough for the air tank to carry her to the surface. Roxana tried her best but couldn’t keep up with the water pressure. Roxana lost her life as she stopped breathing by the time she reached the surface. Moreover, the cops couldn’t find out any information on this case since Pascal had carefully completed his mission, and this time he could easily blame anyone else for her death. Despite his mistakes, Pascal always blamed Roxana and despised her union with Tom. He wanted to end their budding relationship, which also included Roxana’s life and career. Pascal was so obsessed with his winning streaks that he couldn’t take no for an answer. The fact that Roxana became more popular than Pascal made him envious, and this led him to extreme lengths, resulting in Roxana’s death.

Roxana had a troubled childhood since she lost her father to depression at the age of 12. He refused to take treatment and ended up killing himself. Since then, Roxana became addicted to the idea of death, and soon she attempted the same. But her grandfather helped her to regain her confidence and trained Roxana for the diving career that she had always dreamt of. In reality, Audrey Mestre’s death became a sensational topic since her husband, Pipin Ferreras, was blamed for her death. Pipin was responsible for her air tank, and he never allowed anyone else to cross-check the oxygen levels. This raised multiple doubts, and there were rumors that Pipin and Audrey’s marriage was on the verge of breaking. But to this day, there’s no confirmation.

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