‘Night Has Come’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Actually A Mafia?

The high school thriller drama Night Has Come is the latest to join the list of extreme school dramas like Extracurricular and All of Us Are Dead. In the first week of its release, we got four 30-minute episodes all at once. The show follows a group of high school students who go on a school retreat and find themselves in a realistic game of “mafia” in the absence of adult supervision. With no escape, the students have no option but to play the game or be eliminated. By the end of the fourth episode, there are a handful of survivors left in comparison to the beginning of the show. It’s not quite certain who is making them play this game, but to add to the mess, there also seem to be some supernatural elements at play.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

Yoon-Seo tries to get back out of the basement room with the CCTV footage when she falls through the floor and lands on the second floor of the building. It’s like a dark maze, and wherever she goes, she keeps finding herself returning to the same spot at the end. Even the chatting app from the game doesn’t work in this place, so she ends up somehow managing to find her way back to the other two girls waiting for her. While she’s on the second floor, she finds a class photograph of her seniors. Eerily, all their faces are scratched out, except one girl’s—the ghost that Yoon-Seo has been seeing. Interestingly, when her friend Jung-Won tries to go looking for her, she can’t even find the spot that leads to the basement. The question still remains: Is Woo-Ram the Mafia? Most of episode 5 of Night Has Come goes into figuring out who to vote for between Woo-Ram and Kyung-Jun, the class bully.

Woo-Ram is friends with So-Mi, the mean girl and vice president of the class. She tries to convince the remaining classmates to vote for Kyung-Jun so that Woo-Ram can survive. In the middle of voting, Kyung-Jun decides to take matters into his own hands and kidnaps Woo-Ram. Kyung-Jun tortures Woo-Ram into admitting that he’s the mafia (one for the gore fans), almost killing him in the process. Woo-Ram is then forced to announce on the radio that he is in fact a mafia member and deserves to die. Jun-Hee and Yoon-Seo try to break into the room with So-Mi in tow. They’re unfortunately too late, and the announcement causes panic in the remaining students, who end up voting for Woo-Ram. It turns out Woo-Ram is actually a mafia, so the citizens finally have the upper hand for once.

What Happens In Episode 6?

Kyung-Jun uses this opportunity to prove that he’s a citizen because he forced Woo-Ram to admit he was a Mafia member. Now he thinks he can have everyone listen to him and vote for whoever he chooses. But of course, this won’t work because he’ll try to eliminate the people he personally doesn’t like, specifically class president Jun-Hee. Yoon-Seo is suddenly way more confident since she’s found the basement and the photo of the ghost girl, so she gets everyone to go with her to the place with all the TVs. Of course, someone’s deleted all the footage, and everyone thinks Yoon-Seo is the one who is lying. So-Mi and Kyung-Jun use this opportunity to turn everyone against her. Jung-Won tries to restore the lost footage, while Yoon-Seo tries to prove her innocence.

There’s something cryptic about So-Mi’s behavior, and she turns on her own friends who are vulnerable at the time. She is, of course, determined to save Jun-Hee because she has feelings for him and has an enemy in Yoon-Seo. On the other hand, Yoon-Seo tells Jun-Hee that even though she’s sick, she is really afraid of dying. She tells him that she’s been having dreams about dying by jumping off the rooftop of the youth center. But, she’d never imagined she’d die at the hands of her friends and classmates. Jun-Hee promises to take her back home (ah, the signs).

Although Jung-Won manages to restore the footage, something messes up again, and the computers are compromised. There is one that works, which showcases a scene at the swimming pool and the ghost girl. Yoon-Seo has one last chance to prove her innocence, and everyone moves to the swimming pool. Jun-Hee comes up with the idea to divide the vote equally between two people so that nobody dies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work, and after a minute of rejoicing, everyone is reminded of how truly messed up the game is. People are forced to vote between Yoon-Seo and Jun-Hee. So-Mi obviously wants to choose Yoon-Seo and makes everyone believe that her ghost story is all fake and just a distraction.

Who Is Chosen As The Mafia?

Jun-Hee has a flashback of his friend dying in the swimming pool. He’s been traumatized by the experience and couldn’t even go into the pool for a long time. Now, he is reminded of all the people who died because of his idea of collecting everyone’s phones. Jun-Hee tells everyone he’s the mafia, admitting that he can’t kill any more people and doesn’t want to live with the guilt any longer. Ultimately, everyone leaves the room after voting for him, and Yoon-Seo is inconsolable. Jun-Hee’s eyes turn white, and he falls backwards into the pool, but instead of drowning himself, he floats as if he’s already dead. Previously, all the deaths involved some form of self-mutilation, leaving Jun-Hee’s death a little bit suspicious.  Maybe he’ll come back later? 

Who Is Actually A Mafia?

At the end of episode 6 of Night Has Come, we learn that So-Mi is a mafia member, and she killed a bunch of people to save herself. She’s about to use the axe on a sleeping Yoon-Seo when the credits roll in. Obviously, Yoon-Seo is the protagonist of the show, and she seems to be the only one who knows that they need to figure out who is making them play these games rather than turn on each other, so there’s no way she’ll be killed off just like that. 

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