Nick Park In ‘Geek Girl’ Explained: Do Harriet & Nick End Up Together?

I don’t know how supermodels behave in real life, but if they’re anything like Nick Park, I would want to be friends with them. The face of Infinity Models in Netflix’s Geek Girl, Nick, is a gorgeous 20-year-old guy who’s stuck in a limbo. On one side, he’s got Poppy, an established supermodel herself who’s head over heels for him. But Nick finds Harriet way more attractive and warm, and he feels like that’s who he should be with. Having to walk on a tightrope, Nick makes all the best possible choices he can, and it’s refreshing to see a man who’s emotionally intelligent and doesn’t let the wrong things take over his identity. 


Spoiler Alert

Were Nick and Poppy actually dating? 

When Harriet first stalked Nick, all she could find on social media was Nick and Poppy’s cheesy couple posts. But there’s not a grain of truth in the articles, and Nick and Poppy aren’t actually dating. Their relationship is a mere PR move devised by Poppy’s manager to attract more sponsors and get more social media reach. Poppy pops by Nick’s apartment every morning to post a story of them drinking boba tea as a part of their agreement with the brand. But Poppy would love nothing more than actually dating him, and that’s the opposite of how Nick feels about her. Being Nick’s pretend girlfriend helps Poppy’s career, and when Nick starts to get closer to Harriet, that makes Poppy go into a defensive zone. 


How does Nick approach Harriet on a date?

Nick first sees Harriet in the London Fashion Week after she’s tripped and made a scene. The goofiness clearly catches his attention. He then meets Harriet outside the Infinity Models studio, where she’s going on a spiral about her decision to wear a Halloween costume. Nick cheers her up and flirts a little bit to make her feel better, and a few days later, when Nick is asked to pose with the new models, he gets his chance to ask for his number. Before going to Canada, Nick makes it clear to Poppy that he doesn’t want to be in a fake relationship and removes their pictures from his social media. When Harriet becomes the talk of the fashion world after tripping on the stage and carrying on, Nick finds her at the after-party. He asks her out to go to the museum together, and he behaves like an absolute gentleman to make sure Harriet is comfortable with him. 

What does Nick do on the second date?

Nick can’t stop thinking about Harriet ever since they returned to England, and he texts her again, asking for a second date. During a photoshoot, Nick asks Wilbur about his second date. After a long chatter, Nick borrows the vintage Chevy from the shoot to pick Harriet up from her school. Nick’s arrival makes all the students go gaga over him, but he has his eyes set on the girl he loves. He breaks the long, awkward silence that’s born out of both of them being shy about each other in the most dull way, asking about what she studied in school. You can’t expect a supermodel to be good at flirting, and it’s fair since he’s head over heels in love. He takes her to a little picnic, and he’s brought the whole store along with him. They were finally about to kiss, but a phone call helped Harriet remember that she needed to be with Nat. Nick thinks it’s something he did to drive her away, and his fancy car breaks down just when he needs it the most. 


How does Nick convince Yuji to let Harriet headline her show?

Harriet posts a drastic apology video, which ruins the perfume campaign, Yuji goes AWOL and refuses to talk to anyone. Harriet quits modeling, and even though Nick tries to talk her back into it, it doesn’t work. Wilbur then convinces Nick to make sure Yuji doesn’t let Poppy take Harriet’s place, and a man in love will move mountains; what’s an aunt in front of that? He goes to see his aunt Yuji, and Yuji is fixated on the fact that Harriet quit modeling, as she continues to not pay any attention to Nick. Nick doesn’t take it well and lashes out at Yuji for not following her own mantra in life. In this very moment, you see Nick standing up for Harriet in front of the person who made his career, and it only goes on to show how serious he is about Harriet. Even though Yuji doesn’t break her persona in front of him, she laughs hysterically after his departure. She knows that his little nephew is in love, and this is what contributes to her initially changing her mind. 

Do Nick and Harriet end up together?

Nick tries to stall Poppy by trying to switch her dress with another one, but he gets caught. Poppy is cunning, and she humiliates him for trying to fight for a quitter. Poor Nick sits on the chair for his makeup, but his devotion to Harriet doesn’t go to waste, and Harriet walks onto the red carpet with Wilbur. Poppy had pulled off one last desperate move when she sticks a sign written geek on it on Harriet’s back, but Harriet ends up owning it, and Nick walks in on the stage just at the right moment. Harriet pulls him towards her for a kiss, and he finally gets to be with the girl he wanted to be. What more can I say? True love always prevails. 


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