‘NCIS Sydney’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Was El Maestro Caught?

The sixth episode of NCIS Sydney went in a slightly novel direction, where, for the first time, one of the team’s members was under suspicion of being a criminal. Constable Evie Cooper, who had done a stellar job until now, was the focus of this episode, as she was assumed to be working for a drug cartel. She hadn’t taken a day off since Jim had inducted her into the unit, but when the new case arrived, she went AWOL, arousing suspicion. Mackey and others tried solving the new murder mystery, but it was all linked to Evie’s past. The new episode seemed too much like an undercover cop movie from the seventies, but there were humorous moments, especially when Blue walked in, explaining how she had made a breakthrough.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Real Identity Of The Deceased?

It all started when a man clicked a photo of two men in a gym and started to run away immediately after. He had probably seen something that made him panic, and therefore, he ran away, but he was seen by Kane, another person working out in the gym. Kane followed the man, perhaps seeing that he was suspiciously running away, maybe having stolen something. The man went and sat on a bus but suffered a heart attack. Kane and one other man from the gym came and saw the man dying on the bus. Surprisingly, he didn’t do anything to help after seeing that he was wearing a US Navy jacket. The case went to NCIS and AFP, and Mackey and Jim had a mystery to solve. DeShawn pulled the CCTV footage from the bus and saw that Evie had taken something from the corpse’s jacket, and given that Evie had not been herself after discovering the body, DeShawn couldn’t help but figure something was wrong. He broke into her desk drawer and found that Evie had taken a wallet, which revealed the dead man to be Dylan Brooks. But when the body was examined by Dr. Roy Penrose, he found a titanium rod in the body’s femur and tracked its serial number to find the real identity of the corpse, and it turned out he was Robert Goddard. Earlier, DeShawn had gone to clear up the confusion about why Evie would take the wallet and not report it, but he saw two men take Evie away to the same gym Brooks had run away from. Now that he knew Brooks was Goddard, and perhaps Evie was in trouble, he had to reveal to Mackey and the others what he knew.


Why Did Evie Join Kane’s Gang?

Kane was an undercover cop investigating a drug cartel working in Australia that had ties with the Ramos Cartel in Peru. Goddard was his partner and the ‘cook,’ and both of them seemed to be waiting for the greatest cocaine manufacturer in the world—a mysterious man known only as El Maestro. But before he arrived, Goddard died, leaving Kane without a cook. When NCIS took the case, they weren’t even aware that cocaine could be smuggled the way it had been. Blue studied the bomber jacket Goddard was wearing, and it turned out to be doused in cocaine that was dermally absorbed by Goddard’s body, which is why he suffered a heart attack. El Maestro was supposedly coming to extract the cocaine from the sweat of those who would wear the jackets and turn it back into powder. Blue didn’t know how to do it, but Mackey and Jim were concerned that there had been a breach in the sale of the jackets, like the one Goddard was wearing. The jackets had to have been mishandled somewhere for them to get lined with cocaine and there was only one US ship that was distributing them, and it had just landed. They approached Petty Officer Leeson, who was in charge of the jackets’ sales, and he was certain that the size Goddard was wearing had not been sold.

Next up for Mackey and Jim was to confront Evie, and she told them the truth. She loved Kane, and when she saw Goddard’s corpse on the bus, she understood that Kane would need a ‘cook.’ Evie was once in the State Drug Squad, but she was let go when she jeopardized a mission. Kane happened to be her ex-boyfriend, and she figured that she had to help him; otherwise, the Ramon Cartel might kill him off as he was no longer useful. That’s why, when Kane came to get her, she didn’t refuse and went to meet the Ramon Cartel’s representative in Australia.


How Did Jim And Mackey Find Leeson’s Body?

Mackey wasn’t concerned about saving Kane, as he was not her responsibility, but seeing Evie so deep into her ‘act’ as Jess, the ‘cook,’ she had to find another way to take down the Cartel. Meanwhile, Jim and Mackey were contacted by Detective Dan Skelton of the State Drug Squad, who wanted to take Goddard away as he was one of his, but as he was literally evidence, given the cocaine in his system, Skelton was refused. To solve the case, Jim and Mackey followed the trucks that had taken the merchandise from the ship to different hauling locations. One of the trucks reached an abandoned building, and it was clearly a cause for suspicion. When Jim and others reached the abandoned warehouse, they saw Leeson’s corpse there, having been brutally mutilated. It seemed somebody didn’t want Leeson to reveal that there was a fault in the calculations. There was also a murder on the other end of the line when the loading operator was found dead in San Diego. Both people’s responsibility for keeping track of the jackets had been taken out. The only clue they had was a red strand of hair found in the warehouse, and it hinted at Kane being the possible murderer. 

Who Killed Leeson, And Why?

Evie was suspicious of Kane, as Goddard had run away from him, his own partner, and there must have been a strong reason for it. Maybe he knew that Kane had gone rogue and forgot that his true mission was to apprehend El Maestro and not become a killer for the Cartel. Blue and DeShawn helped figure out something rather important. Goddard had clicked a photo before running out of the gym, and it seemed he was capturing the cartel boss, but he wasn’t. He was more interested in a barrel that was carrying Triptahydro in it, a highly inflammable liquid used to torch various Cartel ‘cooking’ centers after the job was done. Blue ran facial recognition and found that the warehouses that were torched all over the world were visited by a suspicious man who was using different passports, but his face (disguised of course) couldn’t screen past Blue’s facial recognition software. This man had to be El Maestro, who was now coming to Australia as Domingo Quesada.


Jim knew that the guys Evie was working for didn’t know exactly what El Maestro looked like, and therefore he went disguised as the legendary cocaine ‘cook.’ Mackey and others reached soon, thinking they would catch Kane before he could blow up the gym, which was being used as the cooking lab. Mackey found Dan Skelton there, and it became clear that he was the traitor and not Kane. Skelton had planted Kane’s hair in the Leeson crime scene, but in fact, he was the one who had the power to get two people killed, one of whom was even working in America. Jim was almost caught when one Cartel member had a suspicion that he wasn’t El Maestro. Mackey fought Skelton and noticed that he had spilled Triptahydro all over the place, and it could go off with a spark. The place was like a live bomb, and she decided to get everyone out. Skelton tried hard to stop the Cartel members from shooting, as that could blow up the place, but fortunately, Mackey had gotten everyone out by that time. The gym went up in flames as the shooting didn’t stop, and El Maestro arrived while NCIS and AFP were watching the lab get destroyed. The criminal responsible for cocaine smuggling was caught, and the Ramon Cartel was destroyed. Evie was let go without punishment but was given a strict warning to never lie to Mackey if she wanted to stay in the unit. 

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