‘National Treasure: The Edge Of History’ Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: What To Expect From Season 2?

Previously, in episode 9 of “National Treasure: Edge of History,” agent Ross discovered that agent Hendricks was actually the bad guy, going by the name of Salazar, whom Billie worked for. Liam learned that Billie and Salazar meant to destroy the treasure through a book called “Cras Est Nostrum,” which Peter Sadusky had gifted him. Liam, Tasha, and Ethan had to get to the Devil’s Swamp in order to salvage the treasure and save Jess and Rafael from Billie’s clutches. Agent Ross was also informed about the Devil’s Swamp, but when she got there, Salazar stabbed her from behind. Was she dead? In this final episode of “National Treasure: Edge of History,” what will happen to Jess and Rafael? Will they be able to rescue the treasure? Let’s explore that.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Billie Kill Salazar?

“National Treasure: Edge of History” Episode 10 begins on a deck near the swamp, where Salazar stabbed Ross and introduced himself to Jess and Rafael. Rafael remembered his face and how he’d murdered Billie’s brother, Sebastian. He tried to warn Billie that she shouldn’t trust Salazar because he would kill her at any time, just like he killed her brother, but Billie refused to listen to Rafael because, on this quest, she required the assistance of Salazar’s guards. Salazar’s men took Jess and Rafael aboard their boat. They loaded some bags and crates with explosives, most likely to destroy the treasure. Meanwhile, after Billie began their journey towards the forest with Jess and Rafael, Ethan, Tasha, and Liam arrived at the location where Ross was lying on the ground, struggling to survive. Oren joined the crew, but they were captured by Salazar’s men. However, just as they were about to murder Jess’s friends, Ross shot those guards to death. Tasha realized Ross was still alive, so she and Oren decided to drive Ross to a hospital or call 911 for assistance. Meanwhile, Ethan and Liam continued their quest to find Jess. Billie’s boat moved along the waterway toward the woods when a dense fog started to cover the area, making it difficult for them to see clearly. Rafael and Jess made an effort to instill terror in Billie by telling her that treasure hunters had died on this lake in the past. Billie disregarded them, and their boat eventually arrived in the forest. They discovered many traps as they made their way deeper into the thick jungle. The first was a coyote statue that released a poisonous mist that made one guard go berserk and start shooting at the others. Salazar’s troops all engaged in internal conflict and died on the spot. Rafael and Jess, however, managed to flee during the fight. Billie found they were gone and also found Kacey’s leg had been injured during the shootout.


Rafael and Jess were successful in finding a new hint that would lead them to the treasure. They discovered a Mesoamerican statue, which was yet another puzzle, and Rafael solved it, which indicated that they should move forward in the direction of the left path. Although Billie, Salazar, and Kacey found the Mesoamerican statue, they were perplexed by it. Salazar discovered Jess’ bracelet on a path, which led him to believe that Jess and Rafael may have traveled there. However, after finding out about several traps on that way, Billie understood that Jess had duped them by leaving her bracelet on the path; therefore, she chose the other route to follow them. When Jess and Rafael finally arrived close to the secret cave holding the wealth, they misjudged another trap, and a huge cage fell on them, trapping them. Rafael and Jess tried their best to escape the trap but were unsuccessful. Liam and Ethan eventually made it there to save them. With the use of a wooden staff, they were able to free Rafael and Jess from the cage. Ethan asked Liam to be with Jess and Rafael to proceed to the treasure while he found Tasha and Oren. However, Kacey’s leg injury was making her weaker, and she was dragging down their quest. Salazar, as a result, killed her, which enraged Billie. She recalled that Rafael had informed her previously about how Salazar had killed her brother, claiming that he was a liability. When Billie reached her breaking point, she fatally shot Salazar. She made the decision to go for the treasure on her own because she knew that, after destroying the treasure, Salazar would have killed her too.

Was Ross Alive?

Tasha, fortunately, intervened to save Ross. While 911 was unable to reach their location, Dr. Zeke thankfully called Ross’s phone. Tasha received the call and gave the details. Zeke instructed her to firmly press a sharp object against Ross’s chest while making sure that her lungs wouldn’t get punctured. As Tasha followed her instructions, Ross eventually recovered. Meanwhile, the ambulance arrived, confirming that Ross would eventually survive the journey.


Was The Treasure Recovered? What Happened To Billie?

Liam, Rafael, and Jess all went inside the cave where the treasure was concealed. Jess eventually used her brilliant puzzle-solving skills to solve another puzzle to enter the treasure room. As they entered the treasure room through a doorway, they discovered the years-old treasure of the Plumed Serpent’s daughter and Malinche’s portrait. Jess and Rafael were relieved to have found the treasure, but Billie had already arrived after them. She blew up the doorway and started shooting at them. However, Jess was able to attack and capture her. In the meantime, Ethan arrived to save them, and Liam was finally successful in holding Billie at gunpoint. In order to retrieve the treasure from the woods, Tasha and Oren arrived there in the meantime, together with the entire rescue team. Billie was detained for violating a national treasure, but she let Jess know that things were far from over. She warned Jess that her action would result in more deaths. Jess didn’t appear to take her threats seriously, so she celebrated her accomplishment by taking a selfie with the friends who had helped her find the treasure and had been by her side throughout. Eventually, the treasure was on exhibit in a museum, where Jess’s mother’s research on Malinche also received praise. However, Liam had hurriedly arrived with some news. He had just discovered a cassette in the study of his grandfather, Peter Sadusky. We already witnessed Sadusky discussing the treasure on record in “National Treasure: Edge of History,” Episode 1. Jess requested that Liam send the recording to the museum so that they could gather information about the Pan-American treasure, but Liam added that there was additional information on other treasures on the audio that might lead them on another treasure hunt. At the conclusion of the show, we learn that the president gave Jess and her entire team several commendations for finding the treasure and that agent Ross also received medals of valor for her investigation.

What Should We Expect From Season 2?

There hasn’t been any official confirmation from the streaming platform for the second season of “National Treasure: Edge of History,” but if there is a season 2, we can expect that Billie will escape jail and seek retribution against Jess. The cassette that Liam retrieved from Peter Saduysky’s study may point to yet another investigation into the Pan-American Treasure, which would be season 2’s central theme. Fans may think Nicholas Cage may make a special appearance in season 2. The producers have stated that they would love to have him join season 2 of the show, but it all depends on how much the audience wants Disney to bring back season 2. Thus, we can only hope that season 2 will bring us a more exciting adventure with a stylish plot that will keep us riveted to the screen.


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