Nat’s Character In ‘Doctor Climax’ Explained: Why Did Doctor Nat Help Sangjaan? 

Remember Otis Milburn’s mother, Jean Milburn, from Sex Education? She was this badass sex educator who broke all the taboos! Well, Netflix has this show called Doctor Climax, where Doctor Climax, whose real name is Doctor Nat, is just like her, but I would say he is even more daring and brave! After all, he was all about normalizing questions about intimacy and pleasure, especially in the 1970s when no one dared to talk about that stuff! But Doctor Nat faced a ton of consequences for being so open. Professional trouble? Yes, he had it, but that was nothing compared to the drama in his personal life! His wife, Tukta, and his love interest, Linda, gave him more headaches than any job could! And he could have fixed it all only if he was a bit more honest. Anyway, now, how did he handle it all? That’s the juicy part! Despite the heat he took, Doctor Nat kept pushing boundaries because he believed in what he was doing. He faced some tough times, for sure, but his passion for educating people about intimacy and pleasure kept him going. So, what happened to him in the end? Well, you’ll have to dive into the character explanation to find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What was Doctor Nat’s relationship with Tukta? 

Back in the day, in the early 1970s, Dr. Nat was a famous doctor known for curing sexual diseases in Thailand. People back then were super secretive about intimacy and pleasure, but not Doctor Climax! Nope, he thought talking about it was totally normal—after all, it’s how we all come into this world—a blessing from above! People loved Dr. Nat for his bold and progressive outlook on life. He made talking about these sensitive topics seem natural, which really resonated with people. But here’s the twist: despite being a hero in society, he was a bit of a coward in real life. He lived with his wife and his mother. Now, here’s where things get complicated. Doctor Nat wasn’t attracted to Tukta in that sensual way, but he never had the guts to talk openly with her about it. He felt it was his duty to be a good husband, but that just led to misunderstandings. Poor Tukta had no clue what was going on. She tried everything, from taking “vitamins” (which were actually birth control pills) given to her by Nat to buying revealing clothes to seduce him. She even hoped that having a baby might fix things. But Doctor Nat was sneaky. He avoided having a family with her at all costs. He pretended to be this loving husband, but deep down, he knew he wasn’t. His male ego stopped him from admitting his mistakes and owning up to the truth. Tukta felt bad about herself, thinking she wasn’t good enough for him and maybe something was wrong with her. But did Doctor Nat comfort her? No. He was too wrapped up in himself to see how much he was hurting her. Maybe he was just full of himself, or maybe he was too scared to do what’s right. Either way, his inability to be honest ruined their marriage. 


What was Doctor Nat’s relationship with Linda? 

Everyone, including his own mother, thought he might be gay because he seemed so distant from his wife, Tukta. But actually, he had this secret desire to be an erotic novelist! Yes, Doctor Nat wanted to live out his lustful fantasies through fiction. Little did he know, life had other plans for him. He started to work at the Bangkok Express, writing under the pseudonym Doctor Climax. His job? Answering people’s questions about intimate pleasure and desires! At first, he wondered how different this was from his day job, but then he realized he could draw inspiration from his own life. How? Well, that’s where Linda, who worked as an art director, comes in. Linda was bold and passionate—everything Tukta wasn’t. Doctor Nat couldn’t resist her. They started fulfilling all sorts of desires together, exploring all kinds of adventures. The more different Linda was from Tukta, the more Doctor Nat was drawn to her. But here’s the problem: Doctor Nat had lied to Linda as well. He never told her he was married because he knew it would ruin their fun. He kept up the act of being single, even though it was far from the truth. Yes, you guessed it—he was playing with two women’s lives and emotions. He was selfish, only thinking about himself and his own pleasure. Poor Tukta and Linda are both caught up in his web of lies and manipulation.

Why did Doctor Nat help Sangjaan? 

Throughout the series, we’ve seen Doctor Nat living with his mom and wife, but what about his dad? It turns out that his father led a separate life because he was gay. His mom couldn’t accept him, so Doctor Nat always felt distant from his dad. But hold on, that didn’t make Doctor Nat homophobic! He understood that these feelings were normal, but he never stood up for his father or tried to mend their relationship. Maybe he was ashamed of his dad’s true self, even though he preached about acceptance. So when fans would ask Doctor Nat about gay struggles, he consciously avoided those questions! Why? Because his own father’s situation hit too close to home. It was tough even for someone bold like Doctor Nat. But finally, he took the bold decision to help this guy, Sangjaan. He trusted Doctor Nat’s advice and came out to his family, but it backfired big time. Sangjaan got disowned and almost took his own life! The bullet missed him but hit Doctor Nat’s colleague, Prompal, landing Sangjaan in jail. But Doctor Nat didn’t run from his mistake this time! He finally went to see his father, reconciled, and realized his dad was still the same person. That’s when it hit him—his dad’s sexual identity didn’t change who he was as a person. So, Doctor Nat did the right thing. He went to the police station, met Sangjaan, and apologized for not standing up for him when he needed it most. With Prompal’s help, they got Sangjaan out of jail. So, Doctor Nat learned from his past mistakes and tried to be better this time.


Why did Doctor Nat finally reveal his true identity? 

See, back in those days, talking openly about intimate stuff wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people praised Doctor Nat for helping people through his column as Doctor Climax, but others? They thought he was spreading bad ideas about pleasure and even promoting being gay! One of his biggest critics was MP Pornchoi. This guy was determined to shut down Doctor Climax’s column and expose his real identity! He even teamed up with a police officer, Captain Poe, to uncover the truth. But guess what? They messed up big time. Instead of nabbing Doctor Nat, they mistakenly got his friend Thong Tien from the Bangkok Express into trouble. Tien got arrested and fired from his job, all because of their mix-up! But maybe this time, Dr. Nat thought enough was enough. He couldn’t just keep running from his mistakes. If he was going to dish out advice on sex and relationships, he needed to own it! After all, he has not done anything wrong. If Doctor Nat was hiding behind a pen name to give people advice, how was he any better than those who stayed silent on these matters? It was time for him to own up to the fact that he was a savior to thousands of people in need. Despite his flaws, he did something truly meaningful with his life. It was about time he acknowledged it! So, Doctor Nat finally gathered the courage to step up to the media and reveal his true identity as Doctor Climax! It was really a bold move.

So he tried to own up to his mistakes, but his relationships were still a mess. Even though by the end of the series we knew that he was sure about the fact that he loved Linda and wanted to be with her, he found out that he’d ended up getting her pregnant! When she told him, he freaked out, worried about adding more problems to his already chaotic life. He even pushed her toward considering abortion because he couldn’t handle any more drama. But wait, there’s more! His wife, Tukta? Yes, she’s having an affair, and guess what? She’s pregnant too, but not by Doctor Nat! Doctor Nat’s been giving advice to others, but now he’s the one needing help. I think he has to stop being selfish for once and face the fear. Only then can he stop playing the victim and actually make things right for those he’s hurt. How’s he going to handle all this drama? Your guess is as good as mine! It looks like we’ll have to wait for the second season to find out. 


Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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