Nah-Lin In ‘Zorro’ Season 1, Explained: What Happens To Her In The End?

The first season of Spanish series, Zorro revolves around the legendary titular character who was a masked vigilante that helped poor people and saved them from tyranny of the evil and rich. After his father’s tragic death, Diego de la Vega returned to his hometown, Los Angeles, where he found himself entrusted with the legacy of Zorro to help the underprivileged native community and protect them from a corrupt authority. The ten ten-part Amazon Prime Video series is also a murder mystery thriller that revolves around Diego de la Vega trying to find out who killed his father, Alejandro, as well as Zorro, the heroic savior of the native community. In his pursuit of the truth, Diego came across a cast of many interesting characters, some of whom became his biggest supporters while others became his rivals. One of them was Nah-Lin, who took up the role of Zorro after the real Zorro’s death, but it created a conflict between her and her people. Let’s discuss more about Nah-Lin to learn if the makers of the series have done justice to her character.

Spoilers Ahead

What Did Nah-Lin Want?

Nah-lin was an important character who was misunderstood and ignored throughout the series. Nah-lin was the sister of the previous Zorro, a native man who became a vigilante to save his community from the powerful and evil government. Nah-lin had always looked up to her brother, and growing up, she had always wanted to become like him. However, after Zorro’s death at the hands of Captain Enrique Monasterio, Nah-Lin couldn’t restrain her desire for vengeance. She decided to take on the mantle of Zorro to take revenge on the army general as well as the corrupt government that was responsible for her brother’s death. But in her way to achieve her goal, the people of her own community stood as an obstacle. Nah-lin, who was also a skilled warrior and a fearless woman, was an ideal candidate for the next Zorro. She was also the sister of the previous Zorro, which made her the most eligible and suitable inheritor of Zorro’s legacy. However, despite having the strength and courage, instead of Nah-Lin, her community decided to hand Zorro’s legacy over to Diego de la Vega, a foreign man who had never even lived in this land as much as Nah-Lin lived with the native community nor had any idea about their plight. But Nah-Lin wasn’t going to give up so easily, so she became the master of her own choice. When Diego was selected as the new Zorro, Nah-Lin also came up with a new Zorro costume to become the first female Zorro. However, her methods and objectives were a little different than Diego’s, which caused a great problem between these two Zorros. While Diego wanted to find the killer of his father and aimed to alleviate the native people’s plight, Nah-Lin’s main objective was to take revenge on her brother’s murderer and rob them of their wealth.

What Happened To Nah-Lin?

Nah-Lin, disguised as Zorro, embarked on her journey to commit a bunch of killings of rich people as well as rob them, but Diego never wanted Zorro to do all this. Diego wanted to keep peace and harmony between the Spanish people and the natives, which was not easy to accomplish. Nah-Lin was also grieving just like Diego was. She also demanded to learn the truth behind her brother’s death, so her decision to become a new Zorro and stand by her people was justified. At times, when Nah-Lin came to know that both Diego and she were fighting for the same cause and their common enemy was corrupt Governor Pedro, she briefly collaborated with Diego in order to reveal Pedro’s real face, but soon their differences in ideologies caused them to choose distinct paths. Nah-Lin grew so vengeful that she decided to kill the innocent Lolita after learning that she was the future wife of Captain Monasterio, but Diego stood in her way. Diego was in love with Lolita, and in no way did he want an innocent woman to be killed. So he asked Nah-Lin to let Lolita go. Nah-Lin’s desperate urge to kill people put her community in grave concern, so one of her community members, the Night Crow, or the voice of the spirits, decided to set up a fight between Diego and Nah-Lin and announced that the winner would be the sole owner of Zorro’s legacy. Despite being a fearless fighter, she was defeated by Diego, who became the one and only Zorro.

Nah-Lin’s character faced a huge injustice throughout the entire story, as she was someone who could’ve been an ideal Zorro, the savior of her community. But instead of that, she had to give in to Diego, a rich man born and brought up in a foreign land. Diego was indeed a good person who also wanted to be there for the native community, but he could have never understood the actual plight of the native community. Even in this story, we saw Diego fighting for his own cause, which was to find out his father’s killer, more than he fought for the natives, so it would be ethically right if Nah-Lin could have been the new Zorro.

In the concluding part of the story, we saw Nah-Lin decide to give up her role as Zorro, but Diego came back and rescued Nah-Lin from her plight, which I personally didn’t think was a satisfactory development for Nah-Lin’s character. She didn’t need a rescuer at all, but Diego gave her the opportunity to rise again and become the new leader of her community, taking the name “Red Snake.” Diego handed her the red mask and set out on his journey to New York. Nah-Lin’s character should have been a powerful character with a complicated yet interesting arc, but it seemed like the writers had badly messed up while writing her character because they were confused about whether to make her a hero or a damsel in distress.

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