Nagi In ‘House Of Ninjas,’ Explained: Why Does Nagi Steal From Museums?

Like the rest of her family, Nagi Tawara, played by Nobuko Miyamoto, also suffers from the grief of losing her beloved brother, even six years after the fateful incident. To Nagi, Gaku was not just a sibling but her mentor. He used to oversee her training when she was growing up in the Shinobi household. Nagi used to idolize her older brother. 


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Why Does Nagi Steal From Museums?

Nagi Tawara, the daughter of the esteemed Tawara household, is now a college student, though she was just a middle schooler when she tragically lost her elder brother, Gaku. Despite his absence, Gaku’s influence continues to shape Nagi’s life, especially in her unconventional methods of learning. Together, they engaged in daring acts, such as stealing artifacts from local museums, only to return them three days later. Through these actions, Gaku imparted important lessons of discipline and responsibility to Nagi, emphasizing the significance of accountability for their actions. Before his passing, Gaku made Nagi promise to continue her training, a pledge she steadfastly upholds to honor her brother’s memory. Even in the wake of Gaku’s death, Nagi continues to steal artifacts from the museum and return them, perhaps as a way of coping with her grief and holding onto the bond she shared with her brother. Despite her outward determination, Nagi still struggles with the reality of Gaku’s absence, finding it difficult to fully accept that he is no longer with them. Additionally, like the rest of the Tawara family, Nagi is bound by the strict rules that prohibit relationships outside of their household, which leads her to turn down advances from her friend, Kyotani, despite their close bond.


Why Does Nagi Believe Her Brother To Be Alive?

Gaku Tawara was not only a highly skilled shinobi but also a beloved figure to Nagi. She finds Gaku’s absence deeply challenging to accept. Adding to her denial is the fact that Gaku’s body was never recovered, leaving room for doubt about his fate. Despite Haru‘s assurance that her doubts stem from grief rather than reality, Nagi’s uncertainty persists. Her longing for closure takes an unexpected turn when she receives a mysterious text from someone known as NinjaX, who questions her abilities as a shinobi. Strikingly similar to Gaku’s mannerisms, NinjaX’s communication prompts Nagi to entertain the possibility that it could be her brother. This suspicion intensifies when NinjaX, during one of Nagi’s heists, steals the artifact Nagi planned to steal and employs a kunai identical to the ones Gaku used, further fueling her hope of his return. However, her optimism is shattered when NinjaX reveals themselves to be Ayame, a Fuma operative masquerading as Gaku. Exploiting Nagi’s naivety, Ayame manipulates her into stealing a scroll from her grandmother, falsely promising Gaku’s return in exchange for the artifact. While Ayame intended to kill Nagi, her parents ended up saving her from the ambush.

How Does Nagi Outsmart The Police?

Nagi’s recurrent museum heists have garnered widespread attention in the media, serving as a validation of her prowess as a shinobi. Driven by her grief and a desire to honor her elder brother’s memory, Nagi sees these actions as a tribute to his legacy. However, her exploits attract the keen attention of Detective Omi Zensuke, a discerning investigator assigned to the case. Unlike his colleagues, Omi identified the intricate patterns of the crimes, deducing that the culprit was likely a woman showcasing her skills through these heists. During a covert investigation, Omi discreetly photographs the crowd gathered outside the museum, anticipating that the culprit would show up to see the reactions of the people. His astute prediction proves accurate when Nagi appears among the onlookers. Subsequently, the police identifies Nagi as a suspect and arrives at the Tawara household to question her. However, they encounter her younger brother, Riku, whose naive revelation about him seeing his sister jumping across the roof strengthens their suspicions. Later that evening, when Nagi leaves the house to meet with NinjaX, sensing the imminent threat of capture, Nagi orchestrates a clever ruse at a local cafe, where her friends don identical attire to confuse Omi’s assistant. Seizing the opportunity, Nagi evades pursuit on a bus. Despite her efforts to elude detection, Omi persists in tracking her to the rendezvous point with NinjaX. Witnessing the clash between the Tawara and Fuma clans, Omi is rattled by the revelation of the shinobi’s existence. Overwhelmed, he calls for backup but is apprehended by the Bureau of Ninja Management before he can intervene further.


How Does Nagi Find Out About Gaku’s Intentions?

When Gaku finally returned to his family, Nagi’s joy knew no bounds, and she eagerly tended to him, hopeful for his recovery. However, as they converse, Nagi senses something amiss in Gaku’s demeanor. Expressing her admiration for him and her attempts to emulate his ways during his absence, Nagi is taken aback when Gaku suggests that shinobi are merely instruments serving others’ agendas rather than acting of their own volition. This revelation sparks suspicion in Nagi’s mind, hinting at her brother’s potential hidden motives. Determined to uncover the truth, Nagi secretly follows Gaku as he sets out to confront Sawabe, only to witness him committing an act of violence. Confronting Gaku about his involvement with the Fuma, Nagi is met with denial, but her doubts persist. When their household is besieged by Fuma operatives seeking the scroll, Nagi finds herself engaged in a fierce battle with Ayame, only to be overpowered alongside her grandmother. In a critical moment, Gaku intervenes, negotiating for the scroll’s surrender to ensure their safety. Nagi confronts Gaku about his earlier deception, to which he cryptically responds that she will understand in due time.

What Can We Expect From Nagi In Season 2?

Throughout the events of the first season, Nagi, despite her formidable skills, remains a somewhat naive young woman grappling with the grief of losing her brother and the subsequent betrayal of her family by Gaku. This betrayal could serve as a catalyst for Nagi’s character development, prompting her to reassess her relationship with Gaku and inspiring her to become a stronger and more independent Shinobi. As the conflict between the Tawara and Fuma clans intensifies, Nagi may find herself thrust into increasingly challenging roles within her family, potentially taking on the responsibility of training her younger brother, Riku, much like Gaku once trained her. Additionally, Nagi may face a formidable adversary in Detective Omi, who, after being framed by the BNM, could seek revenge against her and attempt to expose the secrets of the Shinobi world. Overall, I expect more of Nagi in season 2 of House of Ninjas.


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