‘Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Dr. Nabil’s Clinic?

Full of comedy and irony, the film Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon is streaming on Netflix. The Egyptian film has been directed by Khaled Marei and revolves around the life of a plastic surgeon. The several tough situations that he faces and the way he manages to come out of them each time have been presented through the elements of light entertainment. The wonderful cast includes Mohamed Henedi, Nour, Mohamed Sallam, and others, who have done justice to the film. Similar films that have a solid plot and are replete with comic elements include Two Fo Rent, El Ruby House, Salam Merabaa, and others. Will Nabil be able to regain his lost fame? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Film?

Nabil, an aspiring plastic surgeon, passes his exams with flying colors, and on getting the news, his father Gamil, who was a tailor, passes away out of happiness. The responsibility of his only sister, Zeinab, falls on him. Her husband, Mohsen, who has no job or even an apartment of his own, lingers around in the house inherited by Nabil. He has been in love with Aliya, a girl from his college, since forever but has never tried mentioning the prospect of marriage. After getting his degree, he gets appointed to Dr. Hazem Shadeed’s hospital as a plastic surgeon, who is also Aliya’s father. By day, he works at the hospital, and by night, he works in a public hospital. One day, a goon, Sambo, approaches him in the hospital and asks him to fix his face, which was deformed due to a fight. After fixing him up several times, the doctor gains the trust of Sambo. There were, however, certain instances where the doctor had gone wrong in his treatment and deformed the faces of many. He injects his own sister with the wrong injection, deforming her face temporarily. On one occasion, when the Chief Atawa’s daughter gets her face burned on her wedding day, he tries fixing it but fails, resulting in her having deformed lips. This proves that doctors cannot be 100 percent accurate in doing their jobs at all times, resulting in disastrous outcomes.


Dr. Nabil, on the other hand, is also shown to have a very charitable attitude, as he operates on many of his patients for free. When he sees a little boy’s face being deformed, he performs the surgery for free. Dr. Hazem, who had a capitalistic mindset, had warned him against performing such acts of charity without informing him. Again, a disaster happens as a hot air balloon strikes the hospital and injures an African official. He performs the operation without hesitating much in the absence of Dr. Hazem. On his return, Dr. Hazem was informed about it by Shadi, another doctor who liked Aliya and wanted to marry her for her money. The insubordination infuriated him, and he fired Nabil. Later, Nabil tried his luck, opening his own clinic in his neighborhood, but that was a failure. After a lot of struggle, the African official, whose life Nabil had once saved, turned up and gave him the money to start over his career as a form of gratitude.

He started his life afresh with that money and opened a new clinic followed by a lot of advertisements. This caused him to gain a lot of fame as a plastic surgeon. He started getting a lot of customers from far and wide, which made Shadi jealous, and he, along with Dr. Hazem started plotting his destruction. On one occasion, his fame as a plastic surgeon resulted in him getting kidnapped by Chief Abu Alfa, a wanted criminal. He wanted Nabil to change his face so that he could easily keep his identity a secret. Nabil tries explaining that changing one’s face is impossible, which doesn’t sit well with the criminal. Later, he is arrested by the police, and Nabil is let go after his innocence is proven. The ethical dilemma that doctors have to face on a regular basis has been showcased through the several criminal encounters that Nabil has had.


What Did Shadi And Dr. Hazem Plan?

Dr. Nabil was gaining a lot of fame, sort of repetitive, and during one of the ceremonies where he was awarded, Zeinab told Aliya how much her brother loved her. Shadi, who was after Aliya’s money, was very jealous of the union that was about to happen. Initially, he had tried filling in Aliya’s ears against Nabil, but that did not work out. Later, he started planning Nabil’s doom along with Dr. Hazem. Aliya tries overhearing their conversation but fails and warns Nabil beforehand that her father was planning something ominous along with Shadi. Nabil, however, does not pay much heed to it, resulting in a big disaster. Shadi said that there was a type of filler injection in Nabil’s chamber that he only gave to his special clients. He replaced those with the help of one of Nabil’s employees and replaced those with expired medications. When one of Nabil’s prestigious clients, Lady Nagwan, arrived and he gave her the injection, her face got deformed immediately. To Shadi’s delight, Nagwan started defaming him on social media, causing him to lose clients. Later, Nabil finds out that Shadi was behind all these acts.

Meanwhile, Aliya mistakes the wrong injections for skin-firming ones and takes a shot at them. Her face starts deforming, and on seeing his own daughter’s state, Dr. Hazem understands his own mistake and drives Shadi away from his house. Aliya decides to get her face operated on by Nabil, and he performs the surgery, restoring it back to normal. Later, when Nabil and Aliya decide to marry, Dr. Hazem gives his consent. On the day of the marriage, Nabil finds out that Aliya had again taken another wrong dose, making her lips deformed. This comic hyperbole is rather ironic. The irony lies in the fact that the same deformities that Dr. Nabil had caused his other clients are now happening to his own wife.


Final Thoughts

Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeon was one of the most entertaining ones that I have watched in recent times! The underlying message was given a lot of attention, despite the film being packed with comic elements. The lighthearted film is sure to bring a smile to your face. All the elements of the film have been stitched efficiently, and the amazing actors in Nabil El Gamil Plastic Surgeonhave been an added advantage in executing the film better. Despite a good screenplay, some unnecessary scenes have also been added to the film to stretch it to a certain extent. There was absolutely no need for the part where Nabil was captured by Abu Alfa to change his face. However, it was included to showcase the ethical dilemmas that doctors have to face on a regular basis. I feel that the element of love between Nabil and Aliya could have been explored further to help the audiences understand their bond better, and the setting and sequence of the events could also have been placed better. However, irrespective of a few drawbacks, the film has been very entertaining!

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