‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ Ending, Explained & Movie Summary: Who Killed Sophia? What Happened To Judy?

Lifetime has delivered one of the most unnecessary and time-wasting murder mystery films, catering more to fans of daily soaps than those who enjoy murder mysteries. The film is titled My Son Didn’t Do It, which essentially gives away the entire story in its title. The plot revolves around Helen Parker, a widowed mother who raised her two children, Taylor (her son) and Gia (her daughter). Taylor is portrayed as a science geek and an exceptional student, even winning awards for his science projects. However, tragedy strikes when one of Taylor’s classmates is found dead, and Taylor is framed for the murder. My Son Didn’t Do It attempts to depict Helen’s journey to seek justice and prove her son’s innocence, but it does so in an incredibly foolish and unconvincing manner.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Film?

Helen Parker, an architect at a firm, was working on her dream project, Village Green. One day, she encountered her colleague, Jack, sneaking around her office, attempting to strike up a conversation. Helen made it clear that she hadn’t moved on from the grief of losing her husband, Daniel, two years prior. However, she felt proud of her son Taylor’s achievements in science projects and decided to celebrate by inviting her neighbor Judy and her son Miles, who was Taylor’s classmate. During their visit, Gia and Miles noticed Taylor chatting with a girl named Emma, whom he had met through online gaming but had not yet met in person.


During an awkward dinner, Helen toasts Taylor’s success, but Judy promptly diverts attention to her own son’s sports skills. Helen forgave the odd behavior and moved on. Miles mentioned Sophia Bliss’ upcoming birthday party, revealing that Taylor hadn’t received an invitation yet. However, Gia later told Taylor that he was indeed invited, but Sophia hadn’t informed him. Gia advised Taylor to take Emma, his new date, to the party to confirm whether she was a real person or a chatbot.

The next day, Sophia personally invited Taylor to the party and defended him against a classmate named Lucas, who was attempting to bully him during lab hours. After school, Taylor found a disturbing note with creepy pictures and messages in his locker, leaving him concerned. Gia suggested he talk to their mom, but Taylor didn’t want to burden her with his problems. Later that night, as Gia prepared to go to Sophia’s party, she discovered Taylor heartbroken because Emma had ghosted him. Taylor decided not to attend the party, while Gia went alone.


Meanwhile, Taylor, frustrated and lonely, passed the time playing games. His mother attempted to comfort him, but the situation took a dark turn when the police arrived at their door. They informed Helen that a reliable witness had implicated Taylor in the murder of a woman named Sophia Bliss.

Who Killed Sophia? What Happened To Judy?

Helen was baffled because she knew her son had been in his room the entire night, but she couldn’t prove it to the police. However, after checking their CCTV footage, Helen discovered that her son had really gone out that night and had returned after some time. She went to meet her son in prison, where Taylor admitted to going out to meet Emma after receiving a text from her. But upon arriving at the nearby park, he found nobody there. He saw Sophia was present there as well, as she had also been “catfished” by someone using a fake profile. After realizing they had both been catfished, they went their separate ways. Armed with the truth, Helen tried to investigate who this “Emma” could be. She gathered all the evidence to show that the user of the profile called Emma could be the suspect and hired a lawyer to prove her son’s innocence. However, the lawyer discovered from a street webcam that Taylor and Sophia were walking the same way. In this footage, a black SUV was seen following Sophia, which caught Helen’s attention.


A few days later, the story of another murder surfaced on the news, and it turned out to be Lucas’. A suicide note containing his confession to Sophia’s murder was found near his body. However, Lucas’ grieving parents stated that on the night Sophia was killed, Lucas was at home. This indicated that someone else was behind the murder and was attempting to frame Lucas. Meanwhile, Gia found a viral photo of Taylor being bullied in the lab by Lucas. She discussed this with Delaney, Jack’s daughter, and together they discovered a burner phone in Taylor’s locker. This burner phone was used to communicate with Taylor through the fake profile “Emma.” However, it was evident that Delaney, who was dating Miles at the time, had something to hide. She was the one who took the picture of Taylor and grew intensely jealous of Sophia, as Miles had a huge crush on her.

Meanwhile, Jack had extended his helping hand to comfort Helen’s family, and in her dire situation, Helen appreciated that. On the night when Jack visited their home, he shared that on the fateful night when Sophia was killed, his black SUV had been stolen. Initially, Helen didn’t pay attention to this information, but it later struck her when she discovered that the same black SUV, belonging to Jack, was seen in the footage. Meanwhile, she was fired from her firm due to the viral news of her son being an alleged killer. Consequently, the responsibility for the Village Green project fell on Jack’s shoulders. This sudden change frustrated Helen, but she grappled with the fact that someone needed to take care of the project in her absence. She called Jack and asked him to check the site where he found his SUV and to review any CCTV footage to see who had left his car there.


While Jack went to check the CCTV footage, Gia found the viral photo of Taylor being bullied by Lucas in the lab, taken from Delaney’s phone. As Gia exerted pressure on Delaney, she revealed that it was Miles who asked her to do this to torture Taylor. He was the one who used to text Taylor as Emma for no apparent reason and called him on the night of the party. Miles had a huge crush on Sophia, so he caught her to lure her to the site to talk. To make it work, he also called Taylor so he could ensure his help. But after Taylor and Sophia parted ways, he blocked Sophia’s path and tried to talk to her. However, feeling intimidated, Sophia attempted to escape. Agitated, Miles pushed her, causing her to fall and hit her head on a rock, resulting in her immediate death. Miles then called his mother, Judy, who covered up the murder by framing Taylor.

During My Son Didn’t Do It‘s ending Judy arrived at Helen’s house when Jack informed her that the CCTV footage revealed it was Judy who drove the car back to the site where he found it. When Judy was caught, she tried to attack Helen, but meanwhile, Jack arrived with the police, leading to Judy and Miles’ arrest.


Final Words

It’s a tragedy for those who wasted one and a half hours watching My Son Didn’t Do It, as it significantly lacks substance and intrigue. It seems to be created solely for entertainment or as a time-filler when you have nothing else on your playlist. I believe Lifetime can do better than this and produce some thought-provoking content that will be better executed rather than resorting to poorly written and poorly filmed narratives like My Son Didn’t Do It.

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