Is Marion A Terrible Person For Revealing Patrick’s Secret In The Film ‘My Policeman’?

“My Policeman” is the story of long-lost lovers who were destined to be with each other, but fate had other plans for them. Tom and Patrick, in the 1950s, met under normal circumstances, just like any other couple. Patrick invites Tom under the pretext of making artwork with Tom as a model. Both feel physically attracted to one another, but soon Tom leaves feeling guilty. Tom, being a government servant, feels he should not be behaving this way with a man, knowing that homosexuality is a crime in their country, and both could be sent behind bars for obscenity.


Tom and Marion come together, knowing they would be perfect for each other. They read together, swim together, and explore art together. In the pretext of introducing art to Marion, Tom brings Patrick into their lives, which makes Marion happy, for she does not realize how smart Patrick is. Patrick comes across as an expert in life, travel, and art, which makes Marion happy for herself, and Tom always has a companion who understands their likes and dislikes. Patrick sweeps them off their feet, and Marion is attracted to Patrick’s taste, his language, and his knowledge of the world. Patrick goes out of his way to help Marion and Tom with their wedding and set up their new home. Marion is more than elated to see Patrick going all out to be good friends with the couple. Marion considers him a confidant and shares her passions for art and food with him. Patrick also takes Marion’s side when the topic of her working after marriage comes up. Tom, being a traditionalist, does not believe in women working after the kids come into the picture.

Marion is heartbroken when she spots Tom and Patrick at their outhouse kissing. She does not confront any of them, for she is in denial and angry. She is angry at Patrick for betraying her as a friend. She waits for Tom to come clean with her, but that day never comes. Tom and Patrick head to Venice while Tom claims to be on the pretext of Tom helping Patrick with some artwork. The couple, knowing Venice is Marion’s favourite city, heads there, hoping to fool her and have the time of their lives. Tom and Patrick finally find a getaway and spend time with each other.


Marion, overwhelmed with jealousy and with no communication from Tom, writes an anonymous letter to Patrick’s employer, revealing his sexuality. Marion is angry, upset, and jealous over the fact that Patrick took advantage of her friendship, and Tom willingly let it happen so that they could continue their affair without anyone knowing, including Marion. Tom and Patrick are solely taken aback when Patrick is arrested. Towards the end of “My Policeman,” Marion reveals that it was she who exposed his sexuality, for she felt betrayed by both for keeping her in the dark. Marion was blinded by anger and her need to get Tom back to her to make her marriage work. Marion cannot be described here as terrible, for she was driven by age-old emotions and the old-school thought process that a marriage needs to be worked on instead of giving up as soon as you see cracks in it. 

Marion realizes her mistakes as she and Tom grow older, and Patrick is back in the picture. Marion, out of sheer guilt and shame, helps Patrick with his recovery as he suffers from a stroke. Marion hopes to make amends, as she now knows revealing Patrick’s sexuality was a mistake that cost all of them their lives. Patrick lost his identity, his job, and his hope to live, and Tom and Marion’s marriage has never been the same since his jail sentence. Marion’s act of selfishness is a classic case of human beings making mistakes. Marion is neither a villain nor a good person here. She is just a victim of circumstances that were not in her favor, and to bring them into her favor, she had to take drastic steps. Her step backfired, which made her live with guilt all her life till she decided to end her marriage with Tom.


Marion, now in her 50s, is aware of the gravity of the mistake she made and is trying hard to rectify it. Weeks after Patrick’s stay at Tom and Marion’s home, Marion is now fully aware of the fact that Tom and Patrick still love one another, and she should now leave the marriage to free herself from the remorse that has been bothering her. Tom comes to terms with the fact that he needs to be there for Patrick and finally gets why Marion would want an out after all these years.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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