‘My Perfect Stranger’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is The Man In The Blue Cap?

After what looked like a fruitful episode 5, My Perfect Stranger seemed like it was leading us up a specific path to identifying the culprit of the murders, but it turns out we were wholly misled, and now something entirely different is happening. This isn’t unusual in Dramalanad, but we really thought we were making some progress there. So, let’s get into this confusing episode immediately.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6? 

My Perfect Stranger Episode 6 begins with a dishevelled Hae-Joon returning home to an irritated Yoon-Young. She is mad because the man who was supposed to just go see who the blue-cap dude was has spent an entire 3 hours outside in an era with no phones. This would be fine if he weren’t looking for a criminal mastermind and serial killer. Hae-Joon apologizes to Yoon-Young when Soon-Ae requests the man let Yoon-Young stay the night at her house because it makes no sense to keep her in the same house where the person who wielded a knife against her is. Joo-Young, on the other hand, is still shaken up from the incidents of the day and is paranoid about the police. Hae-Joon tells Yoon-Young to make the most of the opportunity to stay with her mother, and she has other plans for the police force in the town. The Chief and school principal have been informed that it was Detective Baek’s fault that a commotion was created at school, and so they have to keep him away for the whole night. The Chief agrees, and it turns out that Joo-Young was a communist protestor, not a convicted murderer or anything. Politics aside, she wouldn’t harm anyone.


At the cafe, Hae-Joon had seen Hee-Seob in the blue cap. Hae-Joon was convinced that the blue-capped guy was the criminal he was looking for, but seeing as he is his companion’s father, it is messing with his head. Shockingly, Bum-Ryung is the one who comes to see Hee-Seob at the cafe, which means both suspects were there the night Joo-Young was supposed to be murdered. In a turn of events, Hee-Seob asks Bum-Ryung why he stole the student teacher’s ring. This whole thing is a mess, and Hee-Seob tells Bum-Ryung to return the ring and keep his girlfriend, Soon-Ae, happy. Bum-Ryung is confused about how Hee-Seob knows who his girlfriend is, but he promises he will return the ring. Hee-Seob’s brother comes to pick him up, and Hae-Joon, who has been listening to this whole conversation, follows Bum-Ryung out, who heads straight to the motel. But, on the way, Hae-Joon hears the voice of Min-Soo, making things all the more confusing because now, all three suspects were at the crime scene at the time the original murder had to take place. Min-Soo is assaulting his sister when Hae-Joon finds them and saves Mi-Sook. She tells him she doesn’t want to report her brother, who will return to boarding school in a day. Hae-Joon has no choice but to go along with what she says and instead reaches the motel just in time to see Bum-Ryung. To his utter confusion, Hee-Seob shows up there again and fails to give a reason for why he’s there.

This is why Hae-Joon reached home late and had nothing to tell Yoon-Young except that he missed the blue-capped guy again. Yoon-Young is confused about whether she should believe him or not, but she doesn’t give up quite so easily. On the other hand, at Soon-Ae’s house, Soon-Ae isn’t able to sleep, and Yoon-Young asks her what’s keeping her up. It turns out Soon-Ae is already smitten by Hee-Seob, who truly understands that she has a dream world of her own. He saw her clearly the moment he met her, and this is what made him shine in her eyes. Yoon-Young is reminded of all the hardship she saw her grown mother face because of her father and still doesn’t want them together. Officer Baek, though, is not happy at the Chief’s dinner because his children have been left at an old woman’s house by their mother for him to pick up. The Chief promises he will tell the old lady to look after his kids, but Baek needs to remain at the dinner all night.


In the morning, Hae-Joon is successful in sending Joo-Young back to Seoul, but another problem ensues. There’s a fire at the old woman’s house, where the detective’s kids are. Hae-Joon remembers that there were supposed to be only two people in the house, not four, and this means saving Joo-Young created another variable, putting Baek’s children at risk. Hae-Joon rushes to the house and helps the detective save his older son. When he gets out, Hee-Seob is there, and Detective Baek asks him, his nephew, to take his teacher to the hospital. Hae-Joon still thinks Hee-Seob is pure evil, so he just walks away from the young, concerned guy. At home, Yoon-Young is reading Mi-Sook’s script again to get clues about who the blue-capped guy might be. In the book, she thought it was blue hair, and so she has connected the dots to who the character might be, but she’s yet to figure out exactly who it is. Hae-Joon is perplexed because of the variable and lashes out at Yoon-Young, who just wants to help and see her mother happy. Hae-Joon finally tells Yoon-Young that he’s not doing all this out of the generosity of his heart but because he is the fifth victim after her mother. Yoon-Young realizes he knows exactly who the blue-capped guy is and walks away from him.

Will Hae-Joon And Yoon-Young Reconcile And Work Together?

Yoon-Young uses her time in school to figure out who the “blue-haired” guy is. Soon-Ae reads what she has written and asks her to stop reading the work of such a person. Yoon-Young is happy to see how clever Soon-Ae is and asks her if she can figure out the riddle to find out where the man with the blue cap would be that day. But Soon-Ae tells her that only the person who has written such a thing would know. Yoon-Young knows that it’s a hard bet, but she asks a young Mi-Sook where “the place between the sun and the moon” would be. Mi-Sook is quick to ask why she should know but then realizes it’s the name of the record shop in the town, leading Yoon-Young exactly where she needs to be. Are we supposed to feel pity for Mi-Sook now because her brother beat her up? She’s definitely not off the hook, but maybe she’s not an accomplice and just wanted to write a really good book based on the real experiences of an acquaintance.


Yoon-Young heads to the record shop and sees that it is her uncle in the blue cap! This changes everything. Hae-Joon, who has been waiting for her all day, gives her the same lecture she had given him the previous night for coming home late, which is kind of endearing, meaning these two are getting closer. He apologizes to her for being harsh, and she says she understands because her family was involved, and he hid the facts from her. At the end of My Perfect Stranger Episode 6, Hae-Joon is grateful that she already knows who the man is, but he is confused when she says he is dear to her father. Hae-Joon confesses he saw her father in the cap, but Yoon-Young says it is her uncle, whom she has always hated. She says she knew she had an eerie feeling about him but never thought he could be a murderer. Now, things are falling into place because Hae-Joon did see her uncle at the cafe the previous night either. All they need to do is catch him red-handed on the day of the second murder. What is strange about this episode is that when the variable occurs, the records for the first murder disappear, but the script with Yoon-Young remains the same. This seems like an error, but it would make more sense if the book changed based on what is happening in 1987 currently, too, because it is from the future. Yoon-Young’s uncle is never mentioned in the records for the murders, so how will Hae-Joon be able to prove or figure out what really happened? Everything he’s known until now is about to be shattered.

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