‘My Perfect Stranger’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending, Explained: How does Hae-Joon avoid being arrested? 

Episode 12 of My Perfect Stranger ended with a big cliffhanger, almost looking like it was the end of everything for Hae-Joon. Hae-Joon and Yoon-Young’s relationship continues to get stronger, and it also looks like Yoon-Young is starting to accept Hee-Seop’s happy self rather than seeing him as the disconnected father she had all her life. To our disappointment, there’s no sign of who the culprit might be, and we seem to be going further away from the truth rather than toward it. Hae-Joon has an interesting moment with his mother, but some things are oddly changing right now. Let’s go straight into it. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 13? 

Yoon-Young can’t understand why Detective Baek would arrest Hae-Joon when he was the one who sent her to the police to save Soon-Ae. Detective Baek won’t listen to anything anyone has to say, though, because he’s always been suspicious of Hae-Joon. Yoon-Young gets Hae-Joon to promise her that he’ll come back to her safely and reminds him of her dream for the future. He comes back to his senses after hearing her comforting words and tells Detective Baek everything he needs to do with a clear mind. It’s clear soon enough that Hae-Joon has a solid alibi, but the detective looks up Hae-Joon’s personal details and realizes he doesn’t exist at all, and everything about him is fake. This is a bigger crime than murder, according to Detective Baek, but Hae-Joon asks him to bring the village chief and come to his house if he’s willing to listen to the full story and truly believe him.


On the other hand, Soon-Ae has been so traumatized by the night’s happenings that she can’t wake up. Hee-Seop can’t stop crying because he’s so worried about her and waits outside of her room for two whole days. Soon-Ae’s parents finally feed him, showing signs of accepting him as their possible future son-in-law. Yoon-Young stays by Soon-Ae’s side all day, waiting for her to wake up all day after meeting Go Mi-Sook and telling her that Hae-Joon has been arrested and might be wrongly charged for the murders if she doesn’t speak up about the real culprit. Yoon-Young promises she will help Mi-Sook get her brother, but this is not the right way to do it. Mi-Sook looks worried when she hears that Hae-Joon is in trouble, but ultimately she says she doesn’t know anything and that Yoon-Young should not be troubling her.

At home, Hae-Joon shows Detective Baek and Principal Yoon his secret room with everything he has from the future and then tells them who he and Yoon-Young really are. Detective Baek is sure that Hae-Joon is a lunatic who needs help, but Principal Yoon has a feeling that he might be telling the truth. Especially since he is his grandson, after all. Principal Yoon especially believes Hae-Joon because he has on a watch that has some words engraved on it, which translates to something along the lines of “time may fly, but love lasts.” It was a gift that Principal Yoon had gotten made for his future grandson and received on the same day, but Hae-Joon could not have stolen it from him because he was with Detective Baek that whole time. After hearing Principal Yoon’s reaction, Detective Baek is ready to give Hae-Joon a chance, but he needs to see a DNA test. So, while they wait for the results, Hae-Joon can’t leave his home, and the detective will be watching. In the hospital, Soon-Ae finally wakes up and tells the detectives there that Hae-Joon saved her from the culprit, so he’s free otherwise. Detective Baek doesn’t tell his colleagues about Hae-Joon’s papers, per the request of Principal Yoon. In the house, Hae-Joon tells Detective Baek the results of sports games happening at that moment to prove his point. Finally, Hae-Joon tells him about how his nephews grew apart from him in the future because they suffered a lot from the mistakes he made. Detective Baek now has a chance to make things better.


What Does Hae-joon Find In Soon-Ae’s Room?

Now that Principal Yoon knows Hae-Joon is his grandson, he wants to get closer to him, and Hae-Joon doesn’t let out that they’re going to be estranged in the future or the fact that his mother left him, but he does tell Principal Yoon who his mother is. The two share drinks together, and the principal gets extremely drunk. Hae-Joon calls him with an endearing term but shows signs of not being very happy with his grandfather, and Principal Yoon overhears him. He will possibly forget about it overnight, but Principal Yoon may subconsciously want to find out why his grandson may not like him very much. On the other hand, Chung-A is already planning to move out of town and shut down Bong Bong Cafe. According to Hae-Joon, it would be a little too soon. He worries a little bit and makes sure everything is alright between her and Yeon-Woo, who is still very oblivious to everything that’s gone down. Hae-Joon visits Bum-Ryong’s funeral, and things are quite gloomy. His death was an unexpected one, and it’s been weighing down on  Hae-Joon. 

In the hospital, Soon-Ae and Yoon-Young are amazed by the number of gifts Soon-Ae has been given by all her friends and classmates. When Hae-Joon arrives with the fruits himself, it’s quite funny because he’s just adding to a mountain of gifts. Now, Hae-Joon can move around freely, which means the test results have come out a match, and Detective Baek will be helping Hae-Joon catch the killer, or rather the other way around, because Hae-Joon can hand over all the information he has from the future to help the detective in his investigation.


At the end of the episode 14 of My Perfect Stranger, though, Hae-Joon finds a matchbox in one of the gifts with a new message on it. The killer is targeting Soon-Ae, and the note in the matchbox says he’s glad she’s awake and that he’s waiting to see her again. This means the killer could’ve visited her in the hospital and might be someone they know, or he just put the matchbox in one of the gifts when no one was looking. It’s all a big mess, and since we’re reaching My Perfect Stranger episode 14, we’re hoping to get some, if not all, of the answers so we can have two happy episodes after with some time to spend in the future with Hae-Joon and Yoon-Young.

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