Who Is Santo In ‘My Name Is Vendetta’ Film? How Did Santo’s Past Affect The Future Of His Daughter Sofia?

To Kill or Be Killed, “My Name Is Vendetta,” is a 2022 Italian action-crime thriller film on Netflix that revolves around the above saying. This movie emphasizes the fact that love can change anything, but no matter how beautiful it sounds, this phenomenon is downright crazy! One can never escape the dark truths of their past; avoiding them might keep one out of trouble, but not for long. Well, Santo’s life takes a devastating turn when he has to face the painful memories of his past. The film begins with the life of a young and ambitious girl named Sofia, and just like any other child, her parents, Santo and Ingrid, are cheering for her victory at the ice hockey match. Her final goal enabled the team to reach the playoffs, and Santo promised to teach her driving once she successfully got in! Sofia wanted a fun adventure with her father, and finally, she got to experience it all. But, for some reason, Santo hated having his pictures taken, and without his attention, Sofia clicked one and uploaded it to her Instagram account. But the very next instant, some random men are seen to be tracking Santo’s whereabouts through facial recognition and biometrics. Well, now they were on their way to eliminating him and his family.


Meanwhile, the next day, Santo decides to stay back at his workplace to fix a wood-cutting machine, and instead of him, Ingrid’s brother, Patrick, picks up Sofia from school. The family spends time together waiting for Santo, but two armed men break into their house and brutally murder Patrick and Ingrid. Santo immediately became suspicious as none of them answered his calls, and he arrived at the house at the painful sight of his wife and Patrick. Amidst this chaos, Sofia managed to escape and hide in the jungle, and she got back home around the same time that Santo did. Well, Santo had no choice but to leave the house to keep them safe. All this time, Sofia was agitated as her father had lied about his whole identity. Sofia and Santo arrive at an abandoned factory and spend the night there. To avoid all misconceptions about his past, Santo revealed that he had worked with the Sicilian Mafia families. From the very beginning, Santo’s life was filled with the darkest of moments, and Ingrid’s arrival eventually made things better.

Santo is known as Domenico Franze. Santo became a part of this illegal world as his family was connected to it. Santo revealed that Ingrid became the main reason to quit his deadly lifestyle, as her love brought back his humane self. Now, Don Angelo Lo Bianco wanted to kill Santo mercilessly to avenge the death of his eldest son. Well, currently, Sofia can’t trust her father, so she decides to escape with her boyfriend, Hakim. All this while Santo was extracting information from Vituzzo, a business partner associated with Don Angelo. Don appointed two new men, Marino Gallo and Rudi Crisara, to get ahold of all the personal details of Santo and his family. Meanwhile, Santo heads back to the factory and finds out that Sofia is missing. Hakim was shot dead by Angelo’s men, and before they could abduct Sofia, he was struck down by Santo.


Things eventually settle down, and Santo manages to escape with Sofia, but he is injured. They found another spot to spend the night, but Santo lost consciousness, and Sofia had no choice but to pay people around her to contact doctors to save him. The father-daughter duo was trending on every news channel, and they had to be careful with their every move. Sofia found a letter inside his wallet that was meant for her, and Santo revealed all his thoughts in that letter. He claimed to be a proud father and a changed human being for Sofia, and she regretted all her actions and decided to support Santo with this revenge. Meanwhile, the Don is scared since Vituzzo is dead; he knows Santo will come for him soon. Rudi managed to get the locations of Santo and Sofia through facial recognition, and this time, Rudi used the CCTV footage of various areas to track them down. Meanwhile, Michele wanted his father to focus on the business empire, but Don had other plans.

Michele monitored his father’s every step but couldn’t stop him. Well, days passed by, and Santo trained Sofia in combat and drop skills and various other skills that are required to survive. Together, Santo and Sofia managed to step inside Michele’s company and abduct him in broad daylight. Santo wanted to expose the Don’s illegal acts to the public, but the Don was adamant; he chose to stay silent, and Santo had no choice but to visit the Don’s mansion to kill him. Santo killed all his men and ended up sacrificing his own life. Well, Sofia was devastated to lose her father, but she was placed in a group home, and things were finally getting back on track. Michele often visited Sofia and assured her that he would offer help throughout her life. Both of them suffered from the consequences of their father’s actions, and Michele wanted to set them straight. But, in reality, Michele was brooding evil plans in his mind. He wanted Sofia to suffer the way Don did. A year or two passed, and it was Sofia’s eighteenth birthday. Sofia left the orphanage in the middle of the night, and Michele’s men couldn’t track her. The next day, Rudi arrived at her orphanage and found out that Sofia was missing. But Sofia was waiting for Michele in his office and stabbed him with a knife, leaving him to bleed out. Before leaving the office, Sofia claimed that Franze’s rule had not yet ended.


“My Name Is Vandetta” is a 2022 action thriller film directed by Cosimo Gomez.

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