‘My Man Is Cupid’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Baek-Ryeon?

The 9th and 10th episodes of the first season of My Man is Cupid are replete with new thrills. The suspense created in these episodes is enough to keep the audience hooked to the show. It is in these episodes that Baek-ryeon becomes more sure about her feelings for Sang-hyuk. Meanwhile, the murderous attempt on Baek-ryeon also brings out the soft corner that Sang-hyuk has for her. Multiple mysteries will be revealed in these episodes, adding more layers to the plot and the characters of the series. While watching these episodes, some questions may come to our minds. Will Jae-hee be able to uncover Sang-hyuk’s real identity? What perils does Baek-ryeon face? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Jae-Hee Discover About Sang-Hyuk’s Identity?

Jae-hee is of the opinion that Sang-hyuk and the police officer who were investigating the case in 1993 were the same men. When he confronted Sang-hyuk about it, he ignored his question, stating that it was his father, as he did not want Jae-hee to know about his real identity as a fury. Later, when they were having a meal together, Sang-hyuk asked Jae-hee why he liked Baek-ryeon, and he told him that she was beautiful and that he always felt the urge to protect her. Later, Ho-jin also informed Jae-hee that he had seen a picture of a man who looked similar to Sang-hyuk, but the picture looked like it belonged to the 19th century, which further intrigues Jae-hee’s interest in Sang-hyuk’s real identity.


Later, Baek-ryeon takes both Jae-hee and Sang-hyuk to a place that she thought she was often seeing in her dreams. She thought that the woman in the convenience store was showing her her dreams. Sang-hyuk told them that it was the same locality that Yoo Jeong-ah lived in. He also added that all the victims were from the same vicinity. On further interrogation, Jae-hee found out that whatever Sang-hyuk was saying was true. He also got to know from a local that three fairy-like men lived in that vicinity, along with a dog, many years ago. The locality also showed him an old picture of the men, in which he noticed Sang-hyuk. On getting suspicious of Sang-hyuk’s identity, he warned Baek-ryeon to stay away from him.

What Happens To Baek-Ryeon?

On her way out of her clinic, Baek-ryeon comes across an unexpected visitor. Seong Hyun-cheol, Eun-seo’s husband, came to meet her and tried to seek certain information from her about his wife’s affair with Myeong-sik, as she was the last person to have seen her. He also asked her about his wife’s last words to her, bringing the scene to a very emotional standstill. Meanwhile, Multiple mysteries will be revealed in these episodes, adding more layers to the plot and the characters of the series. When Baek-ryeon reached home, she received a text from Eun-seo’s number. The text said that she was alive and wanted to meet her to seek help. Before leaving to meet Eun-seo, she dropped Jae-hee a text,  stating that she was going to meet her. Jae-hee tried calling her to warn her about it being a trap that could have been set by the killer. She, however, did not notice that her phone was ringing and went inside the given location to satiate her curiosity.


When she goes inside, she is attacked by the killer, and she fights him in an attempt to escape. Meanwhile, Jae-hee and Sang-hyuk reached the location to save her and found her lying unconscious on the ground, and they also found Eun-seo’s dead body there. Later, Baek-ryeon underwent minor surgery for an injury to her head. After she regained her senses, she was seen to have been transported into her past life. Meanwhile, we see that Myeong-syeok had scratches on his neck, making it possible that he was the actual killer who had put on a mask so that nobody could recognize him. The detectives found out that Eun-seo’s body had been disposed of in the same location where the bodies of the other victims were found.

What Glances Of Her Past Life Does Baek-Ryeon Have?

After her surgery, Baek-ryeon was acting very strangely, as if she had gotten a vision of her entire past life. She said that she had dreamt of her wedding night near a water mill, but right before she was about to see her groom’s face, her sleep was disrupted. Sang-hyuk’s concern for her was reflected in the scene where he was seen taking care of her and even cooking for her. Ddaeng-chil confronted Sang-hyuk for having kissed Baek-ryeon, and Sang-hyuk shared with him that she had told him that she was an angel. The two fairies anticipate the possibility of her being a real angel. Sang-hyuk is thrilled, as he thinks that they could end up together if she was really an angel, without any mishaps in the long run. The memories of her past life kept coming quite frequently to Baek-ryeon. She thought that a small child had come up to her in her past life and told her that she would soon meet the man who was destined for her. Right after the child had disappeared, she had seen Sang-hyuk standing in front of her. She realized that the man she had been searching for was near her all along. It was Sang-hyuk who was her actual match!


What Chemistry Do We See Between Do-Ra And Dong-Gu?

Dong-gu is seen admiring Do-ra while teaching at the institute. She took up the task of making sure that Dong-gu and the other students learned how to dress well so that they could attract women. Dong-gu felt attracted to Do-ra while she was grooming him and was seen accidentally kissing her when a child pushed him from behind. After the kiss, he starts thinking of her day in and out. In a frenzy of love, he started striking arrows at couples who were not good matches for each other, making his and his friends’ wings heavier. His friends, Ddaeng-chil and Dong-pal, are seen to be worried about the consequences that the fairies would have to bear if they fell for any human.

Final Thoughts

The occasional elements of mystery cannot overpower the dominant comic element that the show My Man is Cupid has. Even in a serious setting where Baek-ryeon is seen getting surgery, the comic elements have not been held back. There is a possibility that in the next episode, the revelation of the real murderer will be made. It is possible that Myeong-sik is the real culprit, who has his eyes on his next target. The mysterious revelation of Eun-seo’s dead body and its condition will also be explained. The murders have a connection with the seven deadly sins of women in the medieval era. Shedding light on that aspect is likely to reveal a plethora of new secrets. It is also not long before Jae-hee unearths Sang-hyuk and his friend’s identities. After Baek-ryeon gets back all her memories of her past life, she will become the major kingpin in unraveling the secrets of the murderer. It is highly probable that Baek-ryeon had fallen victim to the same killer in her past life, and most likely she would be the only one who would be able to recognize him and seek vengeance for her past life from him.


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