‘My Man Is Cupid’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Sang-Hyuk Conceal His Identity?

The seventh and eighth episodes of My Man is Cupid bring out the dilemma of love that Baek-ryeon is facing. On one hand, she realizes that Jae-hee is the one who is meant to be her ideal match, but her feelings for Sang-hyuk hold an important place in her heart. The thrill of the episodes is enhanced even further with the inclusion of the murder mystery angle. There are multiple questions that arise in our minds as we watch the seventh and eighth episodes simultaneously. Why does the tarot card reader ask Baek-ryeon to hold on to her destined man’s hands? What is the mystery of the red notebooks? How was Sang-hyuk associated with the missing girls’ case from 1993? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Relationship Did Sang-hyuk Have With Yoo Jeong-ah?

Sang-hyuk is seen having repeated visions of Yoo Jeong-ah, one of the missing girls. She appeared in his dreams and told him that he might have the guilt of not being able to hug her for one last time or seeing her face for the final time before she was kidnapped. It is possible that Jeong-ah was a very close friend of Sang-hyuk, or there might’ve been a romantic affair between the two. Sang-hyuk had been warned that if he got romantically entangled with any woman, then that would end in tragedy. It is possible that he tried to get romantically involved with Yoo Jeong-ah, which resulted in her tragic demise. He did not want to face the same guilt about Baek-ryeon as he had faced after losing Jeong-ah.


What Does The Tarot Card Reader Advise Baek-ryeon?

The tarot card reader asked Baek-ryeon to hold on strong to the man who was destined for her. He also showed her a card of death, stating that if she did not hold on to him, she would meet a tragic end. Fragments of her past life started popping up right before her eyes, where she saw Jae-hee as the man who was destined for her. She later gathered from her visions of past lives that she was an angel who got married to a king (Jae-hee), resulting in a bloodbath at her wedding. She is, however, stuck in a dilemma about choosing the man destined for her or the man that she is in love with. She ended up asking Sang-hyuk about the status of their relationship. However, later, when Sang-hyuk saw her closeness with Jae-hee, he started maintaining his distance from her. He, however, did not ignite a spark between Baek-ryeon and Jae-hee, as deep inside he did not want Baek-ryeon to distance herself from him. She was, nonetheless, unable to keep away from Sang-hyuk and ended up getting cozy with him after a drink. She also gifted him a scarf and told him that it took 8000 cosmic hits for a man and woman to fall in love, and the scarf had 8000 knits in it, indirectly expressing her love for him.

What Was The Mystery Of The Kidnapper?

A 20-year-old woman had gone missing near a motel, and the police were suspecting Cho Byeong-cheol. After an interrogation, it was revealed that he had not kidnapped the woman and ran away from Sang-hyuk as he thought that the loan sharks were chasing him. The police summoned Baek-ryeon, as she was spotted near every area where the kidnappings happened. She testified to the police that she had seen the face of the kidnapper. She was put under hypnosis to help her gather most of her memories about the man she had seen. She remembered the man’s face and told the police that his face was heavy and looked like he was wearing special effects makeup. She also helped the police make a sketch of the man, putting her under even greater threat as a witness. The kidnapper was unable to get to Baek-ryeon as she was being protected by Sang-hyuk. However, he had also started watching Sang-hyuk, and even his life was under threat for trying to protect her.


How Did Sang-Hyuk Conceal His Identity?

In 1993, Sang-hyuk was working as a police officer and had ensured that he could save a victim of the kidnapper. The victim chosen for the aspect of ‘disease’ was a prostitute, who was suddenly attacked by the man. Sang-hyuk jumped in to save the woman, and as the killer was running away from Sang-hyuk, he got hit by a car. Right at that moment, Sang-hyuk suddenly undergoes a metamorphosis, making him disappear. After 29 years, when Sang-hyuk came back to help with the investigation, he said that the police officer who had gone missing was his father. The detective, however, was keen on finding out Sang-hyuk’s real identity when he saw the uncanny similarity between his father’s pictures from 29 years ago and his. Later, when Jae-hee found out that Sang-hyuk possessed weapons and had been aiming at someone from over his roof, he questioned his real identity.

What Happens To Dong-gu?

Dong-gu hid the fact that he was going to learn about dating from a dating institute. It is ironic that, being Cupid, he had to take lessons to date a woman in the modern world. When Dong-pal and Ddaeng-chil decided to follow him secretly to the institute, they found that there were a lot of unhappy bachelors who had not found their love yet. They later ensured that almost everyone at the institute had a loved one by striking arrows at them. Later, when Do-ra took up the job as an instructor at the institute, we are sure that it was not long before Dong-gu would find his forever partner in her. The comic scenes uplift the mood of the series, and we see the possibility of a new love story that is sure to blossom between Dong-gu and Do-ra.


Final Words

The elements of comedy and mystery have been segmented effectively in the series My Man is Cupid. The two elements are not intertwined in a manner that would confuse the audience. There are, however, a lot of plot twists that have come up in the seventh and eighth episodes of the series. Hopefully, the killer’s face has been exposed in these episodes, making it easier to track him in the long run. Baek-ryeon’s dilemma about her love interest has also been well presented, clearing our doubts about her feelings for Sang-hyuk. His closeness with Baek-ryeon makes it possible that he will be sought by the killer in the next episodes, where he will try to murder him. Just like Sang-hyuk was an other-worldly being, there is a possibility that the killer also belonged to a different realm. Sang-hyuk is most likely to be fighting an equal this time! The next episode is also likely to reveal his real identity to Jae-hee, as he is very close to finding out his real motives and involvement in the case that began in 1993. There are multiple turns that the series is sure to take in the next episode, hence keeping us in great anticipation for greater revelations.

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