‘My Man Is Cupid’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Baek-Ryeon?

A lot has been going on in the series My Man is Cupid, including a love triangle and a murder mystery. The fifth and sixth episodes of the series added more layers to the storyline, making it even more intriguing. The plot of the series gets more complex as it reaches its climax. We are faced with several questions that arise in the episodes. Why did Sang-hyuk try to save Baek-ryeon? How were the seven sins of women associated with the murders? Was the case of the missing women in 1993 associated with the recent disappearance of Eun-seo? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

How Was The Case Connected To The Seven Sins Of Women?

Sang-hyuk found a strong connection between the case of missing women during 1993 and the disappearance of Eun-seo in the current times. He went up to Jae-hee and told him that the disappearance had a strong connection with a red notebook that the culprit gave the women before kidnapping and murdering them. The books that he gave them were associated with the seven sins of women, including gossip, disobedience, not being able to bear a male heir, theft, disease, adultery, and jealousy. While the murderer had killed the first four women on the basis of the first four medieval sins, the last three were yet to occur. 29 years ago, the killer targeted a female prostitute on the basis of punishing her for the aspect of spreading ‘disease’, but his movements were hindered by Sang-hyuk.


The kidnapper had planned on punishing Eun-seo for the sin of adultery. There is a possibility that it was Myeong-sik, Eun-seo’s lover, who was the main culprit. He had beat up Eun-seo after she told him that she was pregnant. What are the chances that he was behind the disappearance of the other girls? The possibility is very slim that he would have been the one behind the crimes for the past 29 years. Cho Byeong-Cheol, another suspect in the case of the missing girls in 1993, is seen acting shady when he is chased by Sang-hyuk as he runs away, implicating himself even further.  

What Happened To Baek-Ryeon?

After Baek-ryeon confessed her love for Sang-hyuk, he immediately told her off. He was aware of the warnings that a human and a fairy could never engage in a love-tie. That would cause a very tragic end to their story in the long run. While she had been trekking on top of the mountain on the final day, she was followed by someone. Sang-hyuk tried in every way to make sure that she was kept safe. When he could not reach Baek-ryeon on the phone, he immediately went to the police station to file a missing person’s report. Both Jae-hee and Sang-hyuk set out on a search for Baek-ryeon on the mountain. Later, she is brought soundly to the police station by Jae-hee and is interrogated thoroughly. While under hypnosis for the investigation, she remembers that she had seen a man in a black puffer jacket approaching Eun-seo and had thought him to be her boyfriend.


What Confusion Arises At The Veterinary Clinic?

A confusion arises at the veterinary clinic when  Ddaeng-chil falls sick after ingesting a lot of chocolates. He is taken to the clinic to make sure that he receives the proper treatment. After Baek-ryeon treats him and puts him on medication, his condition gets better. He had been kept in a cage after the treatment, where he had come back to his human form. He managed to break open the cage and escape out of there. Later, when the nurses checked the cage, they saw that the dog was gone. Later, when Baek-ryeon saw the other fellow fairies with Sang-hyuk, she asked him who they were, and he told her that they were his elder brothers. The nurses spot a labrador outside the clinic and think that it is Ddaeng-chil, so they go out to get him, and in the meantime, Sang-hyuk escapes from the clinic along with the other fairies.

What Happens In The End?

Sang-hyuk had become very protective of Baek-ryeon, as he thought that she might be next in the killer’s list. The killer had been wiping out any traces of his crime by killing all the witnesses throughout, and if he came to know that Baek-ryeon was involved in the case, he would attempt to murder her as well. Sang-hyuk made sure that he tasted all the food before she ate it so that she would not be harmed. He also made sure that he always had his eyes on her and warned her not to go out on the night that it would snow heavily. He knew that the killer targeted women only on nights of record snowfall. Despite his warnings, when Baek-ryeon went out, he searched for her everywhere. He went to her apartment, and upon not finding her there, he went to her clinic. Baek-ryeon told him that she had gone out to get some drinks and had found an injured dog on the street, so she had to rush it to the clinic. He took her home safely, and when her roommate offered him to come up to their room, he gladly accepted the offer. He wanted to make sure that Baek-ryeon did not have to face the fate of the other missing women.


Final Words

The fifth and sixth episodes open up several possibilities for the show. We get a peek into the responsibilities of Sang-hyuk as Cupid, the love god himself. He was never destined to be with a mortal, yet he had accidentally shot himself with his own arrow after he saw Baek-ryeon in her past life. Ideally, she was supposed to be with Jae-hee, but the accident led to Baek-ryeon’s fate being attached to that of Sang-hyuk. The narrative gets more interesting in these episodes, as we are very close to the killer’s identity revelation. There is a possibility that the killer belonged to a different realm and was not one of the mortals. Since he had been finding women to punish them on the basis of their seven sins, it is made clear that he belonged to a very different era and had particularly traveled to modern times to get his job done. It is possible that he belonged to a dark realm and had come to get his vengeance on humans. With a killer on the loose, the love triangle gets a better boost in the fifth and sixth episodes of My Man is Cupid. The interesting plot twists, along with the romantic zest, are sure to keep the audience glued to their seats.

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