‘My Man Is Cupid’ Episode 13-14 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To The Fairies?

The 13th and 14th episodes of My Man is Cupid are full of elements of romance and mystery. There are multiple revelations in these episodes as the narrative oscillates between past and present events. Baek-ryeon had clear visions of her having lived two previous lives in search of her true love and she knew that she had again taken birth to reunite with Sang-hyuk. Jae-he took a hypnosis test only to realize that he knew both Baek-ryeon and Sang-hyuk from their previous lives. The identity of the real murderer is also revealed by Meong-sik’s murder in prison. Will the equations between Baek-ryeon, Sang-hyuk, and Jae-he change after knowing their own pasts? Will the real murderer be revealed in these episodes? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Bond Did Baek-Ryeon Form With Jeong-Ah’s Parents?

Jeong-Ah’s parents brought their dog to Baek-ryeon’s clinic after it swallowed a pea seed. She immediately operated on the dog to save its life, which eventually turned out to be a success. The old couple thanked Baek-ryeon, telling her how their daughter had gone missing 29 years ago and how they had accepted the dog as their own child now. Sang-hyuk was quite pleased to see Baek-ryeon bonding with Jeong-Ah’s parents, as he knew that they were her real parents on her previous birth. Later, when Baek-ryeon came across the ring that the hero had given her in her past life and also found the old paintings of herself and Sang-hyuk as a fairy, she realized that her dream fragments were real. She now clearly remembered all the old promises and how she had given her life to reunite with Sang-hyuk. After her death, she came to visit him as a butterfly, and it is quite significant as butterflies are symbols of rebirth.


She also remembered her second birth as Jeong-Ah, and it was just then that she confessed her feelings for Sang-hyuk. When Jeong-Ah’s mother found them standing at her doorstep, she invited both of them in to join them for a meal. After going inside Jeong-Ah’s room, Baek-ryeon seemed to become nostalgic. She remembered how she sought after Sang-hyuk with all she had. She told Jeong-Ah’s parents that they could think of her as their daughter because she did not want to let go of her new-found parents!

What Happened To Myeong-Sik?

The police found out about the poster of the seven sins of children, and when they interrogated Myeong-sik about the murders, he accepted his fault. However, Jae-hee did not believe him completely and thought that there was an accomplice who was still at large. Meanwhile, another dead body was found in a car on the outskirts of the city. The body was later identified as that of Ms. Song. Myeong-sik’s DNA was found in her nails, making it clear that he was behind this murder. However, when they interrogated him about the murder, he denied the charges and told them that he had only killed Eun-Seo. The officials were reluctant to believe him, as all the evidence pointed in his direction.


Meanwhile, Sang-hyuk had been investigating the case on his own and found out many small details about it. He also spotted the killer on the road, and when he chased him, he disappeared into thin air. On further investigations, he found out that a lady named Park So-Yeong had been murdered on the pretext of one of the deadly sins for women, which was the inability to bear a male heir. Jae-he was also quite sure that Myeong-sik was not the only culprit and hence went to Ms. Song’s office to investigate the case further. He found the same red book in her file that the police had found on every dead woman. The pretext on which Ms. Song had been murdered was ‘jealousy’, another deadly sin for women. Later, when someone put a bullet in Myeong-sik while he was in jail, his part-innocence was proved. It was proven that the murderer was still out there. It is possible that Myoeng-sik took the blame for the murders previously under a life threat. Now that he was refusing to take the blame for murdering Ms. Song, he was killed by the real murderer!

What Happened To The Fairies?

When Dong-gu took Do-ra out on a date, he suddenly disappeared there, as the other fairies made shots at the lovers, making them go into a state of metamorphosis for a while. After returning home, Dong-Gu got into a fight with Dong-Pal and Dong-Chil for making him disappear in the middle of his date. He thought that Do-Ra was thinking low of him for ghosting her after the meal, leaving the check on her. Meanwhile, Dong-Chil and Dong-Pal were busy discussing their past lives, which led them to live miserable lives as humans for the past 500 years. Dong-Chil had missed shooting Sang-hyuk in his previous life, which turned him into a dog and made the other one’s  wings disappear.


However, Dong-Gu was seen protecting Do-Ra even after he had gone into a state of metamorphosis and disappeared. He drove away a man who was intending to have a one-night stand with her. He also tried to protect her when she was drunk and was about to fall off a ride. He was immensely in love with Do-ra and was again about to commit the same mistake as that of Sang-hyuk: falling in love with a human. It is possible that even their love story might end in misery, as had been the case with Sang-hyuk and Baek-ryeon in their past lives!

What Happened After Jae-He Took The Hypnosis Test?

Jae-he went to have a hypnosis test as his thoughts worried him. During the test, he told the doctor that he had recurrent nightmares of a sword dripping with blood. During the hypnosis process, he saw all his past memories and realized that he had tried to kill Baek-ryeon and had murdered Sang-hyuk in his past life. After the test, he went to Sang-hyuk’s old house and saw the rings and paintings there. Later, when he confronted Sang-hyuk, he revealed his real identity as Cupid to Jae-he. Sang-hyuk also told Jae-he how he had killed him 500 years ago and had tried to hurt Baek-ryeon for not accepting his love.


Why Was Eun-Seo’s Husband Acting Strange?

Eun-Seo’s husband was seen behaving strangely when he brought in his pet dog, Potato, for a routine checkup at Baek-ryeon’s clinic. He came in repeatedly, as if just to check on Baek-ryeon. When he came in for the second time and told her that he had accidentally dropped his dog, we could sense that something was off. It is possible that he had been hurting the dog repeatedly on purpose to be near Baek-ryeon. While she was operating on the dog, he seemed to approach her in a menacing manner with a scalpel in his hand. It is possible that he was the real killer and has now come to murder Baek-ryeon. However, there is also a possibility that he held Baek-ryeon responsible for his wife’s death and wanted to take revenge on her.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of sharp turns that the series, My Man is Cupid, has taken over the course of the past two episodes! We are almost close to the identity revelation of the real murderer. We are not yet sure if Eun-Seo’s husband is the real murderer. I feel that the real murderer lurking somewhere out there was a woman who was seeking revenge on other women. Director Hong, who had been the strict head of Angel Orphanage, is on my list of suspects. There could, however, be a plethora of possibilities for anyone to be a murderer, and it has become quite difficult to say for sure who the real killer is! The series is sure to take more interesting turns in the next episodes, providing us with a better understanding of events and motives.


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