‘My Man Is Cupid’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: How Did Sang-Hyuk Stop His Metamorphosis?

The 15th and 16th episodes of My Man is Cupid expose all the mysteries that the series has been building up. Being the final episodes, they bring a sense of closure to the ongoing events. The real identity of the killer is revealed, and Baek-ryeon faces a near-death experience. Sang-hyuk undergoes a metamorphosis but then returns as a result of the risk-taking capabilities of his friends. Sang-hyuk utilized his second opportunity to save Baek-ryeon’s life and lost his own wings. Will the killer be punished? Will Baek-ryeon end up with Sang-hyuk? Will their threads of fate be intertwined? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was The Real Killer?

After Myeong-sik was murdered in the detention center, Jae-he realized that the real killer was still out there. He had found a red book on Myeong-sik’s office desk that read that he would be killed no matter what. Jae-he figured that Myeong-sik had taken all the blame upon himself to hide in the detention center so that the murderer couldn’t get to him. Meanwhile, Yeong-cheol was seen beating his own dog to take it to Baek-ryeon’s clinic. In the clinic, when Baek-ryeon told him that his dog would get better, he called her a liar. Seeing his irrational behavior, she asked him to wait outside until the operation was done.


We drift back to the past when Park So-yeong’s husband was interrogated by Sang-hyuk after her murder in 1993. He told Sang-hyuk that a teenage boy had been living in their semi-basement as a tenant. He had been left off the list of suspects because he was too young then. Later, Sang-hyuk realized that the tenant could be the real killer and went there to investigate the case further, but by that time, the tenant had left the flat. In the present, Jae-he conducted a search to find out the killer immediately. On the other hand, Baek-ryeon, who was keen on helping the investigation, decided to undergo a hypnosis session to find out her killer in 1993. She went back in time during her hypnosis and saw that she (Jeong-ah) was being kidnapped by a man. She couldn’t see the killer’s face clearly but caught hold of a term that he had told her: “You are lying.” She realized that Eun-seo’s husband, Yeong-cheol, was the real killer.

How Did Sang-Hyuk Stop His Metamorphosis?

In his past life, Sang-hyuk had asked Dong-chil to shoot him with the lead arrow, which would make him fall out of love. When Dong-chil missed shooting him with it, he was transformed into a dog as a punishment. In the present time, a child appeared before him and told him that he had another chance and could shoot again to lift the curse on them. When Dong-chil told Sang-hyuk that a child had advised him that he could shoot him with the lead arrow again, he realized that he was no ordinary child. He was the kid who had asked Baek-ryeon to jump off the cliff to reunite with Sang-hyuk in her next life. When Sang-hyuk went to find him, he couldn’t get hold of him, as he kept disappearing. When he finally managed to confront the child, he told Sang-hyuk that Baek-ryeon had taken the chance to die for him, but he did not do much for her. He told her that he would get a second chance for Baek-ryeon if he tried his best.


When Sang-hyuk asked Dong-pal how he could overcome the issue of metamorphosis, he told Sang-hyuk a secret. He said that a thin string held the core of their wings, hearts, and outer pores of the cocoon together. He explained how it was the main spot for metamorphosis. If an arrow could pass through the spot, then his metamorphosis could be stopped. However, if the arrow missed the vital spot, then it would result in his death. Sang-hyuk requested Dong-chil shoot him with the lead arrow when he would undergo metamorphosis. Later, when he was seen undergoing a metamorphosis while he was going to save Baek-ryeon, right before he could disappear, Dong-chil shot him with the arrow, and it caused his metamorphosis to stop. His wings were completely charred, yet he broke open the cocoon to go and save Baek-ryeon. He managed to fly in and save her right before the car that she was sitting in blew up.

How Did Sang-Hyuk Save Baek-Ryeon?

The God of Fate appeared before Sang-hyuk and told him how disappointed he was with him for still pursuing Baek-ryeon. He told him that the time required to reattach the thread that was broken was built while she was building her own time with Sang-hyuk. Sang-hyuk was told that Baek-ryeon would die that night, as she was supposed to die for the prince on that very day, 500 years ago. After he got to know that Baek-ryeon’s life was in danger, he rushed to that spot to save her. Right after saving Baek-ryeon from the bomb blast, he chased Yeong-cheol. On reaching an under-construction site, Sang-hyuk pushed Yeong-cheol off the building. Before his death, the God of Fate appeared before Yeong-cheol and told him that his bad karma would give him a miserable life at his next birth. Being injured from the fight, Sang-hyuk also took his last breath in Baek-ryeon’s arms and then slowly disappeared.


Later, the media channels exposed the real identity and motive of the serial killer. The police found that Yeong-cheol had psychopathic tendencies because his mother had abandoned him as a child. He was then beaten up by the director of the orphanage. He hated his landlord, as she reminded him of his mother. After killing them, he also targeted others. But after he met his wife, Eun-seo, 28 years ago, he gave up on murders. Recently, when he found out that she had been cheating on him, he started his killing spree again. He murdered his wife, her lover, Myeong-sik, and a few other witnesses.

What Happened In The End?

Baek-ryeon was seen grieving Sang-hyuk’s death, and Jae-he came to make regular checks on her. When he finally realized that she had slowly started to get over her grief, he promised her that he would never meet her again. However, Baek-ryeon never stopped trekking up to the mountain top until her 1000th visit was complete. On her 1000th day, when she went up to pray, she was shocked to see that Sang-hyuk had come back. He told her that he was reborn for her because Dong-chil had managed to hit the vital spot, stopping his metamorphosis. He explained to Baek-ryeon how he had managed to break the metamorphosis cocoon and lose his wings for her. The God of Fate was seen tying a thread of fate between Baek-ryeon and Sang-hyuk in the end. They ended up marrying each other and having a child, whom they often took to meet Yoon-ah’s parents, introducing them as her grandparents. Even the God of Fate himself could not separate them in the end!

Final Words

The character of Sang-hyuk can be compared to that of Lucifer, who had gone against God to have a great fall from heaven. There is, however, a difference in both characters’ morals, as Sang-hyuk had gone against the laws for his beloved. It is therefore rightly said: “All is fair in love and war!”. Sang-hyuk had managed to save the love of his life and discard his wings to be with a woman he had craved for the past 500 years! With the right support from his friends, he was able to overcome all the obstacles that came his way and unite with Baek-ryeon. With the union of the two lovers, My Man is Cupid ended on a happy note, keeping us craving a second season of the series!

Debjyoti Dey
Debjyoti Dey
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