‘My Home Hero’ Episodes 1 And 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Tetsuo And Kasen Get Caught?

My Home Hero is a Japanese drama based on a famous manga of the same name. Presented by Disney+ Hotstar, My Home Hero revolves around an ordinary man, Tetsuo Tosu, who’s willing to go to any lengths to protect his wife and daughter. The first two episodes, which have been released recently, present a mysterious and violent beginning to the storyline. In these two episodes, we are introduced to Tetsuo and his wife and daughter, who were everything to him. But their blissful lives face huge trouble when Tetsuo’s daughter makes a boyfriend, who is the son of a monster.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Tetsuo Kill Nobuto?

Episode 1 opened with Tetsuo being excited about his daughter, Reika, who was coming to meet him over lunch. Reika left her parents’ home to study at a university. Now she lives alone. She used to text her mother and even met her three times a week, while Tetsuo was slowly growing distant from his daughter. Therefore, to catch up with each other, Tetsuo and Reika made a plan to meet over lunch. Tetsuo always stressed over whether his daughter had made any boyfriends at the university. He was an overprotective father, but he was not a judgmental person. Even though Reika came to meet her father at the restaurant, she was seen covering her face with black glasses and a facemask. Tetsuo realized that she was hiding something. As he asked his daughter to unmask herself, she revealed how her boyfriend had hurt her on the face. Tetsuo was extremely angry, but he felt powerless to do anything. He didn’t even know who this guy was, as Reika told him nothing, so all he needed to do was find him out all by himself. Luckily, on his way back home, he overheard a bunch of goons having a conversation. Among them, a young guy named Nobuto was talking about beating Reika. Tetsuo realized that Nobuto was his daughter’s boyfriend.


He tried to follow them and arrived near a hostess club, where someone from the club spotted Tetsuo peeping into it. The guy gathered some of his men and beat Tetsuo up, even going so far as stripping him and photographing him. Tetsuo gathered himself and went to Reika’s place, where Reika was living alone. But in the meantime, Nobuto arrived there. Tetsuo hid himself inside the closet and listened to what he was saying. He came to know that Nobuto was talking to an underworld figure about grabbing Reika’s money. By eavesdropping on the entire conversation, Tetsuo came to know that Nobuto was nothing but a murderer, and if the right time came, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill Reika as well. Nobuto suspected someone was inside the closet but got distracted by his phone. Tetsuo, however, mustering up his courage, faced Nobuto, and in order to protect his daughter, he killed Nobuto by smashing a toaster on his head. After the bloodshed, Kasen, Tetsuo’s wife, arrived there and was shocked to see her husband had killed someone.

How Did Tetsuo And His Wife Dispose Of The Body?

Tetsuo told Kasen everything. The two of them decided to take care of the dead body. After some time, Reika arrived at her house. But Tetsuo and Kasen hid the whole incident from Reika, aiming not to burden her mind with all this. But Tetsuo did warn her to keep her distance from the guy, as Nobuto was not at all a gentleman. Tetsuo showed his face to Reika, saying that Nobuto had hurt him. Reika told her parents that she would break up with the guy. Kasen, taking Reika along, decided to leave and stay at their house for a while. However, one of the henchmen of the gangster sneaked into Reika’s house and started searching for Nobuto. Tetsuo, who hid Nobuto’s dead body inside the bathtub, dressed himself as a cleaner and told him that he didn’t know where Nobuto might be.


In episode 2 of My Home Hero, we are introduced to the actual antagonist of the series. It was Yoshitashu Matori, who disguised himself as a gentleman while he was actually the main underworld boss and father of Nobuto. Yoshitashu asked his men to keep an eye on the Tosu family and kill them if needed. Yoshitashu’s men kept watching over The Tosu residence, but Kasen spotted them and began to wonder if they were safe from those mobsters. She told everything to Tetsuo, who thought that, first and foremost, he should dispose of the dead body of Nobuto as soon as possible. He sliced up his flesh and drained the blood out of it, put the flesh inside a giant flower pot, and covered it with soil. He kept those tubs inside his house because outside, those men were watching over them. To trick them, Tetsuo carried a large suitcase to his car trunk. As those henchmen opened the suitcase, they found only clothes and sweaters. Tetsuo later realized that his suitcase had been opened, so he became extra cautious.

Did Tetsuo And Kasen Get Caught?

Tetsuo and Kasen buried the remaining body parts in a similar manner inside a pot, while the henchmen of the mobster were desperately looking for Nobuto. One of them thought to bug Tosu’s house, but that plan had failed as well. One day, when Kasen was cleaning the dining room, she found a hidden recorder behind the TV. After finding out about the recorder, Kasen and Tetsuo came up with the idea of faking a conversation to make it sound like they also had no clue about Nobuto’s whereabouts. The henchman listened to their conversation, but he wasn’t ready to believe that the Tosus were innocent. Rather, he considered them liars and clever people who wanted them to hear their conversation.


Tetsuo and Kasen maintain discretion in order to protect their daughter from any harm. Tetsuo was an ordinary man with a loving and simple wife, but circumstances brought them to a situation where their daughter’s life became the utmost priority for them. To save their daughter’s life, both of them could go to great lengths, even killing anyone. Although Tetsuo was utterly disappointed and dealing with the guilty feeling of killing Nobuto, his wife stood by his side and supported the action he chose to take as a father.

My Home Hero is a thriller that sets high expectations for the series. This thriller is an exciting combination of emotions, thrills, and suspense, making it an intriguing watch. In the next episodes, we may expect Tetsuo and Kasen to be more cautious, as there’s a high chance Yoshitashu’s men could capture the couple or get to know about the truth behind Nobuto’s death. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will be much more interesting than the initial ones.

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