‘My Happy Marriage’ Episodes 3 & 4 Recap And Ending Explained: What Would Mr. Tatsuishi Do?

In the second episode of My Happy Marriage, we witnessed Kudo’s sincere efforts to mend his rude behavior towards Miyo. He wanted to give her a chance to prove that her intentions weren’t focused on his wealth but rather on marrying him because of her genuine affection for him. Unfortunately, Miyo seemed unable to perceive these positive signals, believing that her fate was only filled with misfortune. However, a significant revelation emerged when Miyo disclosed the magical abilities possessed by all the members of the Saimori family, except herself. As a result, she had been somewhat ostracized from the family due to her lack of supernatural powers. This episode offers nothing new and continues with Miyo continuously apologizing, much to Kudo’s growing irritation.


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Episode 3 Recap: What Did Kudo Gift To Miyo?

The third episode of the soap opera anime drama My Happy Marriage began with Kudo suggesting to Miyo that they should travel somewhere together. Miyo was hesitant and shocked because she had never traveled before, and her parents had never asked her to do so either. Despite her initial hesitation, she eventually agreed to Kudo’s proposal and felt thrilled and happy about the idea of traveling with him. Kudo not only offered to travel but also gifted Miyo a comb to give her a more presentable look. He had noticed that Miyo was using a broken comb, which saddened him. This prompted him to buy her a new comb and some fresh kimonos, showing his care and affection for his fiancée.


In the meantime, Mr. Tatsuishi paid a visit to the Saimori family and expressed his concern regarding the Usuba bloodline that Miyo possessed. He wanted Miyo to marry someone from the Tatsuishi family, but Shinichi assured him that Miyo didn’t have that kind of power. However, Tatsuishi remained unconvinced, as he was still keen on pursuing the Usuba bloodline for some reason. Having taken Miyo along, Kudo embarked on a city-wide journey, exploring various places like the bustling marketplace and cherishing their quality time together. Despite the enjoyable day they had, Kudo couldn’t shake off his concerns about the Saimori family. His mind was set on investigating the matter further.

Upon returning home, Miyo felt overjoyed after spending such a wonderful day with her future husband. Little did she know that Kudo was preparing to meet with the Saimoris and discuss his willingness to marry Miyo. However, he also had certain conditions that he wanted to address with the Saimori family, making his intentions clear to them.


Episode 4 Recap: What Would Mr. Tatsuishi Do?

In the fourth episode of My Happy Marriage, Miyo found herself dreaming about her late mother, who was speaking to a younger version of Miyo. Her mother expressed regret over not having enough time to spend with her daughter. In the dream, Miyo’s mother approached Sinichi, requesting him to dedicate more time to Miyo, but unfortunately, Sinichi didn’t pay much attention to her plea.

After waking up from the dream, Miyo decided to assist Yurie with the household chores. While reflecting on the thoughtful gift Kudo had given her, she felt the desire to reciprocate the gesture. However, she wondered what to give such a handsome man like Kudo. Seeking Yurie’s advice, she suggested that Miyo should give him something hand-made, which he could use regularly. Taking Yurie’s suggestion to heart, Miyo envisioned crafting a hairband for Kudo that would enhance his already impressive appearance. With this idea in mind, she set out to make the hairband for him, pouring her heart and creativity into the thoughtful gift.


In the meantime, Kudo reached the Saimori residence and had a meeting with Sinichi and his wife. He confidently informed them of his upcoming marriage to Miyo, making her his official wife. However, he also confronted the Saimori couple about the years of immense torture Miyo had endured since her childhood. Kudo demanded that they apologize to Miyo for their past actions.

On the other side of town, Kaya Saimori was also out exploring the city with Koji. Meanwhile, as Miyo went shopping for colorful ribbons to craft the hairband for Kudo, she unexpectedly crossed paths with Kaya. Before Miyo could utter a word, Kaya assumed that Kudo had kicked Miyo out of his house, leaving her to suffer alone. Engaging in excessive badmouthing, Kaya’s jealousy flared up. Fortunately, Yurie came to Miyo’s rescue and corrected Kaya, stating that she was a loyal servant to both Kudo and his fiancée, Miyo. Yurie clarified that Kudo and Miyo were soon to be married, leaving Kaya speechless. On her way back home, Kaya coincidentally encountered Kudo coming out of their house. Witnessing Kudo’s captivating charm and beauty, Kaya was left stunned and filled with wonder and jealousy.


In the midst of her emotional turmoil after meeting Kaya, Miyo was pleasantly surprised to see her old caretaker, Hanna, arrive at Kudo’s residence to visit her. Witnessing Hanna’s familiar face, Miyo felt a sense of relief. Her happiness grew when she discovered that it was Kudo who had called Hanna to meet with her, showing his thoughtfulness and care. However, as Miyo pondered the situation, she realized that Kudo must have known about her difficult childhood and her position within the family. It dawned on her that it was time to confess to Kudo about her inability to see spirits or her lack of any magical powers. Gathering her courage, she confronted Kudo and poured her heart out, revealing everything to him. To her relief, Kudo didn’t pass judgment on Miyo. Instead, he lovingly embraced her and assured her that it didn’t matter. He reaffirmed his commitment to marry Miyo, emphasizing that he wanted to free her from all the pain and burdens she had been carrying.

In the dramatic conclusion of My Happy Marriage episode 4, a new twist unfolded as Tatsuishi, driven by his ambitions, hatched a cunning plan. He saw an opportunity to exploit Kaya’s jealousy and infatuation with Kudo to create a rift between Kudo and Miyo. Tatsuishi believed that if Kaya expressed her desire to marry Kudo, the Saimori family would be obligated to arrange their marriage. This would then pave the way for Tatsuishi to pursue Miyo and gain access to the coveted Usuba bloodline, which he believes could empower his own family.


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