‘My Happy Ending’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Can Jae-Won Trust Her Family?

My Happy Ending began with a dramatic first episode that showed us a troubled protagonist who almost died from drowning after being pushed into the Han River by an anonymous man. We are made to believe that this man could be Te-O, Jae-Won’s employee and right-hand man; however, episode 2 of My Happy Ending gives us some insight into the matter. Episode 1 showed us turmoil in Jae-Won’s life, not just because of one man but because of three. Her stepfather, who could’ve possibly killed her mother; her husband, who may be cheating with her best friend; and Te-O, the one who might have betrayed her for the company. 

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 2?

Episode 2 begins with Soon-Young, Jae-Won’s husband, and Yoon-Jin in what looks like a fancy house, possibly Yoon-Jin’s. She’s prepared food for him, but he needs to leave immediately, with Jae-Won having met with an accident and all. There’s one strange detail: when with Yoon-Jin, Soon-Young doesn’t wear his glasses and also dresses quite differently, appearing more confident and dapper. It turns out Yoon-Jin’s father is an investor in Jae-Won’s company, and his daughter and he are not getting along very well. Yoon-Jin wants to stand on her own two feet, but her father reminds her that her 20-year-old friendship with Jae-Won is proof that she isn’t working there because of her talent, but because of her friendship. Despite being advised to stay in the hospital for another couple of days, Jae-Won decides to head back to work, being the workaholic that she is. She’s even got a couple of ribs broken. At night, Yoon-Jin and Soon-Young are having a date, and she says how it would’ve been amazing if they had met 7 years sooner because they could’ve been married and had a kid by now. Soon-Young doesn’t react, and this makes Yoon-Jin question him, but there’s something very eerie about this whole situation.

Jae-Won’s father delivers soup to her at work without letting her know, and she gives him a call. She thinks about the pesticide poisoning, throwing out the soup while telling her father she’ll enjoy it well. At the same time, she acts coldly towards Yoon-Jin, who tries to check on her. It’s Te-O that scares her the most, though. When he shows up in front of her, she can’t even move, and he tells her to take her time to figure things out in her mind before talking to him properly again. Jae-Won meets up with Tae-Joo, the insurance guy. She has learned that he’s an ex-homicide detective who quit the job while being investigated. She offers him any amount of money to find out more about her father, but only for her personally. While she’s talking to him, someone’s also secretly taking pictures of them together. At home, she can’t bear the sight of her husband, and before she bursts a vein, she asks him about the past few days. He cooks up some stories but never admits to anything about Yoon-Jin, frustrating Jae-Won. However, before the conversation ends, she brings up a brother, and it seems like she’s talking about an identical twin (what is going on in this show?). Ultimately, Soon-Young comforts Jae-Won, who suddenly believes him.

Jae-Won finds out that the car she saw Te-O using belonged to the entire team. Additionally, he moved to Korea only four years ago, but her stalking started seven years ago. She’s now less suspicious of him because it could’ve been anyone on the team who tried to kill her. When they come face to face, she can finally talk to him, and he claims to feel wounded for being suspected. He tells her to clear her schedule and brings her to a workshop to build a canvas. This is his way of making her feel better and getting the paranoia out of her mind for a bit (hmm, dude knows how to win her over). Jae-Won’s father shows up to see her again, and this time he gets soaked in the rain. She feels guilty for not trusting him, and in a flashback, we learn that Jae-Won had a traumatic experience as a child. She was carried into the ocean by a woman who could’ve been her mother and almost drowned (yikes, she almost came full circle there). However, she was saved, and her father was always around when she got therapy and took medication for her mental health. She tells him to take care of himself and heads back to work. She gets a call from Tae-Joo, who tells her that Te-O did come to Korea briefly seven years ago.

In Episode 2 of My Happy Ending, Jae-Won gets a fright when she gets a call from her housemaid saying her daughter hasn’t returned home. She tries to call her husband many times because he’s meant to pick her up, but she can’t reach him. After looking around all their regular spots, she ends up at the park, where she meets a security guard. He tells her that she saw her husband and her daughter go off somewhere with another woman looking very happy (yikes). Earlier, (presumably) Soon-Young was in a car in front of the house, without his glasses on. He then switched his look, went into the house, placed a document in the study drawer, and left, not acknowledging a passing neighbor’s hello. When Jae-Won asks if Yoon-Jin is at work, she learns that she’s not, making all her fears come back alive. She gets back home to find Ah-Rin, her daughter, in bed, and Soon-Young acting all worried. She asks him, in a straightforward manner, who he was with during the day, but he doesn’t have an answer. He just looks baffled and a little bit scared. Jae-Won just decides to head out rather than stay home.

What’s The Hidden Document?

Jae-Won gets a call from an ex-classmate asking her why she didn’t show up at the reunion again. He tells her that Yoon-Jin was meant to inform her, and hearing her name, Jae-Won’s ears perk up. She decides to go to the reunion and makes a scene by talking about Yoon-Jin’s broken engagement. Yoon-Jin calmly tries to change the subject, calling Jae-Won out for keeping track of her past, but Jae-Won tells her that she has to be that way when Yoon-Jin is so interested in her husband and child (whoops). After drinking herself under the table, she wakes up the next day in her own bed with a sweet message from her husband, who let her sleep in and kept the office documents in the study. This is when Jae-Won discovers the document in the drawer. It’s a certified copy of an apartment deed that belongs to her father, but to Jae-Won’s utter shock (and ours), it’s been handed over to Yoon-Jin by her father (what?!). Jae-Won immediately heads to the apartment listed on the paper and finds Yoon-Jin walking into it (convenient timing). A little while later, she sees her husband and daughter come there too! Feeling flustered and not knowing what to do, she decides to drive away before she sees anything else. As she drives away, Yoon-Jin lifts up her daughter as if she were her own, while Soon-Young looks over fondly (eww). At the end of episode 2 of My Happy Ending, Jae-Won wonders why the happy life she made for herself had to be ruined again after so many years. She almost hits a pedestrian before stopping in the middle of the street and crying her heart out.

In the preview, we hear Yoon-Jin say that the person she’s seeing isn’t Jae-Won’s husband, but this particular episode has made us totally confused about what is happening. Is it simply a surprise that the best friend, husband, and daughter are planning together, and Yoon-Jin is really seeing the twin brother? Why is he sharing information with Jae-Won, though? We’re only in the second episode, so there’s still a lot to discover in My Happy Ending, but keep your hair tied up because it’s going to be a frustrating ride.

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