‘My Demon’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & K-Drama Spoilers: Who Is The Real Devil?

After watching episode 10 of My Demon, if someone said it would end in another two episodes, I’d be convinced. The villains have been revealed, the main conflict has been resolved, and the power couple is more in love than ever before. What more can you want from a show titled My Demon? Supposedly, a lot more. The show has subverted the typical K-drama trait of being all fun and exciting up until episode 14, before things suddenly go downhill for one episode and get rushed in the finale. The show takes a drastic and unexpected turn of events in episodes 9 and 10, ending in a rather satisfying manner for the lead couple. Of course, there are many conflicts yet to be resolved.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 9?

Episode 9 of My Demon takes off with Do-Hee and Gu-Won’s passionate kiss, with the sprinklers in the garden coincidentally going off. Gu-Won freezes the droplets, just like that first day when the tattoo switched owners to show Do-Hee that his powers have returned, but have they really? Gu-Won now wants to do all things couple-y with Do-Hee until their syrupy love leaves her diabetic. They go on a little Han River date and other Korean couple things (you know, it’s a long list). In the meantime, Su-Ahn thinks there’s something fishy about Do-Hee signing the papers and handing off the business to her brother, so she snoops around taking pictures of the couple all day like a creep. There’s a moment when Do-Hee hears the song that her stalker played when he tried to kill her, and she gets anxious when she hears it. Gu-Won later makes her slow dance to the song, turning a bad memory into a sweet one—even calling it their song (UwU).


There’s a strange ego battle between Suk-Min and his son, Do-Gyeong, but they’re both against Do-Hee for obvious reasons. Suk-Min is pure evil and hates his mother (Madam Ju) for making him feel like a bad guy when he believed otherwise. At the end of the day, Do-Gyeong is going to inheritfather’s fortune, so why exactly do they hate each other? The next day, Do-Hee signs the papers, and she’s finally free of the burden of the company and keeping her promise to Madam Ju. After all, she’s as happy as she could be, and that was Madam Ju’s only wish for her. Gu-Won hasn’t been able to convince her to stop the handover, but he tells her that it’s essential she sees the face of the criminal after her life for closure. He gets the police to draw up the man’s half-face and mirror it so he can get the full picture. He then gives it to the gangsters who have now sworn to be his men until death, to find the man. 

Who Hired The Killer?

Now, we were confused if it was Suk-Min or Do-Gyeong who was contacting the killer this whole time. My Demon did make it look like the latter for the most part, but it’s finally revealed that it was Suk-Min who had been in contact with him all along. The glove-donning and “devil” cigarette-smoking man is Suk-Min, and he visits the stalker to kill him. This is probably because Gu-Won saw his face, and there’s no need to kill Do-Hee anymore; the job’s all done. Suk-Min chokes the man, and as he runs into his studio in a frenzy, Suk-Min locks him in there, burning the place down. Suk-Min rejoices in his accomplishment, remembering how his mother called him no less than a devil in her letter to him. The killer is found charred and with a knife in his heart. Gu-Won believes this could simply be a threat to him or Do-Hee. This is when Gu-Won realizes it’s not the end of the matter. The killer might be dead, but the real culprit has just deceived Do-Hee. Gu-Won finds the bug in his house, realizing how the killer got his information so easily.


At the end of episode 9 of My Demon, Gu-Won notices that the clocks (the ones that represent the deals he’s made over the years) have stopped. This is when it occurs to him that he’s actually lost all his powers for real. He rushes to the old homeless lady, asking her for answers. She takes him to a fancy bar with a poker table. She’s treated like royalty there, and Gu-Won realizes she’s hypnotizing the waiter in some way. She’s wearing a cap on her head that reads “good,” but the second “o” is pretty much faded away. She is god and also the universe and time—everywhere,  all at once! She tells Gu-Won that he’s dying, and if he wants the tattoo back, Do-Hee has to die. If he doesn’t get it back, he dies. It’s a gamble, though, and nobody knows who will survive (they took “life is a gamble” very seriously). Elsewhere, Ga-Young meets up with Seok-Hoon and tells him that Gu-Won is actually a “demon.”

What Happens In Episode 10?

Since Gu-Won’s powers are in another person, it’s only obvious that they are going to eventually fade away completely. God reveals his helplessness to Gu-Won and tells him that she can’t bring the power back. “You make your choices, but the roulette wheel spins on its own.” Gu-Won tells God that he’ll do anything to keep them both alive, leaving God the sore loser. She claims that that’s impossible, but it’s good to see Gu-Won become more human by choosing to struggle and put in the work to make things right. While Gu-Won tries to figure out a way to keep both Do-Hee and himself alive, Ga-Young tells Seok-Hoon that his only job as a demon is to manipulate people into trusting him and then send them to hell. Back in 2006, there was an industrial accident (this may be related to Do-Hee’s family’s death), and that’s when Do-Hee was brought home to Mirae Group.


This is where things get fluffy, and Gu-Won tells Do-Hee that it’s going to be the full moon night, and he’s going to try and get the tattoo back, so they need to head to Sokcho. Do-Hee calls it their honeymoon and gets all excited, planning a fun getaway. But at work the next day, the snake that is Ga-Young (there was no need to make her jealous, but fine!) visits Do-Hee to hit her with the truth bomb. She hands Do-Hee some poison, telling her to “save” Gu-Won by taking her own life (ouch).

What’s Do-Gyeong Up To?

Do-Gyeong has basically cloned his father’s phone. This is why he knew that Suk-Min was in touch with the killer and where to find him too. So, he was simply trying to figure out what his father was trying to do. Do-Gyeong’s father learns the truth about his phone shenanigans and brands his arm (as he has done before) for being disrespectful. Suk-Min claims he wants to “fix” Do-Gyeong, who seems like a criminal in the making, just like his father (oops). Do-Gyeong has always been considered unworthy by the family, which irks Suk-Min, which is why he’s probably trying to “fix” his son.

In episode 10 of My Demon, we get a montage of all of Do-Hee and Gu-Won’s cute memories (isn’t it way too soon?) and they spend a nice day just sitting on the beach in Sokcho. At the end of the night, at the petrol pump, Do-Hee finds a little postcard and writes a note for Gu-Won on it, telling him that she’ll always choose him over herself (but what happened to boss lady Do-Hee? TT). While she’s in the shop, Gu-Won fills up the tank and waits for her outside. In the meantime, Ga-Young and Seok-Hoon also make their way to Sokcho.

At the end of episode 10 of My Demon, Suk-Min is appointed the new CEO of the Mirae group, and at the same time, his son Do-Gyeong drives a car into the shop that Do-Hee is in. The car goes up in a blaze, just as Seok-Hoon and Ga-Young arrive at the scene. Gu-Won runs after Do-Hee despite Ga-Young’s protests. She reminds him that he should just let Do-Hee die so he can become a demon again, to Seok-Hoon’s utter shock. It seems as if fate has made a choice for them, but just when Ga-Young thinks they’re both going to be found dead, Gu-Won emerges from the ashes with Do-Hee in his arms. Maybe because he almost sacrificed himself, the two near deaths cancelled out one death completely, and everything is back to normal (woohoo, I love Dramaland if only my problems were solved so easily).


So, the real “devil” is Suk-Min (he killed his own mother, and for what?) and he has some big plans ahead of him. It appears that his son may have killed himself in the process of trying to kill Do-Hee (he did also take many pills), so what’s next for them? Additionally, will God accept defeat? What new hurdle will be thrown at Gu-Won and Do-Hee? We’ll find out in the next episode of My Demon.

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