‘My Demon’ K-Drama Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Spoilers: Does Gu-Won Become Do-Hee’s Bodyguard?

Song Kang is on a mission to prove that he can do it all in one month. Although you can say his roles in Sweet Home and My Demon both have a gray quality to them, they’re obviously drastically different in all other aspects. In My Demon, we get to see a more goofy and comical side to him that we haven’t seen before, and surely we must rejoice because of these fashion choices and the fact that he’s actually presentable (Hyun-Su could never). In the first two episodes of My Demon, it was established that even though Gu-Won is an actual demon, Do Do-Hee is as demonic in her human form. By the end of episode 1, when Gu-Won tries to save Do-Hee from a man who is desperate to kill her, a twist of fate leads to a tattoo on his wrist (which holds all his powers) shifting to Do-Hee’s wrist. Interestingly, she doesn’t gain any of his powers; he just needs to hold her wrist to activate them.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Do-Hee Ask Gu-Won To Be Her Bodyguard?

At the end of episode 1 of My Demon, Gu-Won saved Do-Hee from an acid attack in the middle of the street. Do-Hee’s too stunned to realize what’s happening, but when she notices he’s injured, he simply grabs her wrists and heals himself. This is when she wonders what he really is, considering he’s saved her life twice with this fancy magic trick. On the other hand, Gu-Won tells Do-Hee that she has something precious to him, so she should protect herself (easy for you to say!). On the drive home, Do-Hee obviously doesn’t believe the demon talk and goes as far as to call Gu-Won a pokémon, which he takes much offense to. Although Gu-Won is, in fact, trying to keep Do-Hee safe, when she asks him to be her bodyguard, he vehemently refuses. It’s also beneath his demonic ego, but at the same time, according to the manual, that’s what he was meant to be originally. Do-Hee even threatens to get the tattoo lasered, but Gu-Won doesn’t yield.


What’s Happening To Gu-Won?

Unfortunately, he can’t keep up the act for too long because the next morning, Gu-Won’s finger catches fire out of the blue. According to the manual, we know that if Gu-Won doesn’t make deals with humans, he will spontaneously combust to his death. After some hard work in blowing out the fire, Gu-Won finds Do-Hee. He finds a potential candidate and takes her along to meet the person. Gu-Won is in a terrible rush because his fingers keep going off at odd times. The lady he has picked is the mother of a child with cancer. Of course, she would do anything in order to have her daughter saved. Do-Hee despises Gu-Won’s moves and condemns him for hurting a child without understanding the consequences of such a deal. What she doesn’t realize is that the kid will never know that her mother will die because of her. Either way, this leads to a big fight between the two, and he gets fired just like that. A little while later, both of them see the other’s side of things, and Gu-Won returns to be Do-Hee’s bodyguard wordlessly.

What Happened To Madam Ju?

Do-Hee asks Gu-Won to take her to Madam Ju, who isn’t answering her calls. When they arrive at her garden, where she loves to hang out, Do-Hee’s horrified to learn that Madam Ju has passed away. She asks Gu-Won to save her, but even a demon can’t bring someone back to life. It seems like Madam Ju was the only person who was truly there for Do-Hee after her parents died. Now she’s left all alone, and Madam Ju’s children all just care for what she’s left behind for them. Do-Hee is quick to realize that the funeral is actually a party for the rest of the family. They’re all meeting investors, etc., and making their own deals in order to benefit from their mother’s death. Do-Hee feels overwhelmed and heads into the garden that Madam Ju used as her place of solace. Gu-Won comforts Do-Hee and turns her black dress white after she tells him that she wishes Madam Ju could recognize her amidst the fake crowd at the funeral and not feel lonely any longer. At the end of My Demon episode 3, it is revealed by detectives that Madam Ju took medication she was allergic to on the day of her death. This means it wasn’t a simple heart attack but a murder.


The family doesn’t care about what happened to her, and they want to save face, but Do-Hee announces in front of the funeral crowd that Madam Ju must’ve been murdered. They quiet her down because it’s time to read the will, which ironically gives her the position of CEO of the company—an orphan with no one on her side. Obviously, the family is thrilled (or not) at the turn of events. For some bizarre reason, Do-Hee walks up to Gu-Won and proposes marriage to him after receiving this information (eh?).

Does Gu-Won Accept Do-Hee’s Proposal?

Gu-Won plainly (and brutally) turns her down in front of everyone, and not knowing what to do, Do-Hee walks out of the funeral, Gu-Won one step behind. News travels fast, and Do-Hee’s proposal is all over the tabloids in hours. Seok-Hoon, Madam Ju’s nephew, as we know, has feelings for Do-Hee, and he tries to be there for her, whatever she needs. Do-Hee knows that the attempts on her life have also been connected to Ju’s death, so she tells the family that she will accept the role of CEO, and they’ll have to kill her in order to take it from her. It’s an open threat to whoever is messing with her life, essentially.


What’s In Do-Hee’s Letter?

Madam Ju left personalized letters for all the children, Do-Hee included. She apologizes for leaving her so soon and without a proper goodbye. Madam Ju is also thankful for Do-Hee because her own children turned out to be money-hungry leeches, so she’s making Do-Hee the CEO of the company. She wants Do-Hee to be married, though, because the CEO’s life is lonely, and she needs someone to support her unconditionally. Something only Madam Ju was doing until now. Ultimately, she says, the choice is Do-Hee’s, but if she can’t find such a person, she should leave the business for the leeches and pursue her own affairs. On the other hand, the rest of the family is already furious, but it seems they’ve conspired together to kill Madam Ju or that either Suk-Min or Do-Gyeong have done it. In a flashback, we see that Suk-Min killed someone in a hit-and-run case many years ago. There are still quite a few gaps in the story, but hopefully, we’ll get answers soon.

Gu-Won’s Past Life?

Another K-Drama, another past life. We understand that it’s a big deal in the culture, but so many dramas are using this tired old trope, and it’s getting quite boring. The goons who were under the man who died at the hands of Gu-Won are still after him, even though he beat them up before. They are desperate for revenge and won’t back down. Gu-Won, on the other hand, remembers that he was a nobleman in his past life, probably when he was chosen to become a demon, and it’s possible that he remembers because he’s pretty much human again.

Can Gu-Won Learn The Truth About Who Killed Madam Ju?

Yes and no. Well, technically, he has the skill to do it, but for some reason, it isn’t working even when he’s holding Do-Hee’s wrist for supernatural support. Gu-Won still has his powers intact, but there are certain things that are hiding the killer’s identity from him. In the meantime, the office is all gossiping about Gu-Won and Do-Hee’s relationship. The core team even decides to host a welcome party for Gu-Won, who is merely a bodyguard, but alright, anybody would want to stare at that face all day. Gu-Won is now worried that he’s become too human and will start aging if he doesn’t get his powers back soon, so this is the perfect excuse to hold Do-Hee’s wrist to “recharge” himself. He gets what he wants at the dinner and even admits that he likes Do-Hee but proceeds to compare his liking for her to that of pork, saying it wouldn’t lead to him marrying a pig (ouch, boy). Do-Hee has started to develop feelings for Gu-Won, obviously, so she feels bad and walks away from the man who lacks empathy. On the other hand, even at 200, the guy has no brain and heads off in a different direction.

Is Gu-Won In Love With Do-Hee?

The goons come to attack Gu-Won precisely at this moment (wonderful timing), and he gets smashed in the head with a rod. Gu-Won is on his knees, ready to die for real, until Do-Hee shows up with pepper spray. She sprays everybody and reaches Gu-Won, who is delighted to see her. To make things fun and exciting, he decides it’s time to do the tango and grabs Do-Hee’s wrist, making all the goons “dance to his tunes,” literally. They easily defeat the goons with their swirls, kicks, and slaps, and at the end of My Demon Episode 4, Gu-Won reminds himself that he shouldn’t be falling for a human, but it seems he already has. Ah, what’s he going to do now? (It’s going to be something very stupid, for sure!)


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