‘My Demon’ Episode 11 Release Date: Why It Isn’t Coming This Week (29th-30th December) What To Expect Next?

Netflix’s My Demon is the talk of the town this winter season. The fantasy drama stars two huge names, Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung, in the leading roles of a 200-year-old demon and the human he falls in love with. From expensive luxury outfits to lavish localities and the visuals of the leading couple, the show screams “popular schoolkid.” Seeing as the show is the season’s biggest trend, fans are waiting with bated breath for the next episode. Unfortunately, the K-drama has been postponed by a week by SBS as the network plans on airing the year-end drama award show, “2023 SBS Drama Awards,” this weekend. Of course, this has left fans devastated, as it’s already a struggle waiting for weekly episodes. Now we meet our favorite demon and his wife in the new year on the 5th and 6th of January.


My Demon blends comedy with fantasy in an authentic old-school K-drama sense that has everyone in a chokehold. Not only is the show visually charming, but it has all the elements that made some of us fall in love with K-dramas through shows like My Love From The Stars, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, or the iconic Goblin. This genre is definitely a popular one, as we keep getting new shows with different kinds of mythical creatures to be spellbound by. Recent good ones include My Roommate Is A Gumiho and The Tale Of The Nine-Tailed, and I can’t help but notice a pattern. Despite not having the most elaborate plotlines, these shows have fantastic casts and rely on chemistry to do most of the heavy lifting. My Demon is definitely slated to join this list, and all we can hope for is that the final six episodes are a perfect blend of entertainment, action, emotion, and tons of romance that we’ve come to love so much.

Spoilers Ahead


What Can We Expect From Episode 11?

The show has been progressing at a steady pace, with the most action happening in episodes 9 and 10. The demon who became powerless after a random encounter with a frosty heiress finally gets his powers back while saving Do-Hee from imminent death. As much as we love Lee Sang-Yi, there is something rather odd about his character, Ju Seok-Hoon. Seok-Hoon initially seemed like just another second lead, whom we might want to cheer for, but as the show progressed, we were made to believe he could be the bad guy too. After all, he’s the one who holds the records of the Mirae Group’s finances. What made him suspicious was the fact that his interest in Do-Hee grew when he found out she was going to be CEO. It’s possible he simply wants his aunt’s money and doesn’t quite detest Do-Hee either. Unlike the rest of the family, he doesn’t show any disdain towards her, at least not in public (aka for our screens). However, in the preview for episode 11, we see him have a conversation with Noh Suk-Min, telling him he’s “ready to join his side.” Either he’s one for revenge, or he’s always had a backup plan to join Suk-Min if Do-Hee didn’t cooperate (tsk tsk).

It seems Gu-Won’s dreams are getting more vibrant, and we hear him say the name “Wolshim” in his past life. This is probably a sign that he’s come full circle and met the love of his life again, hinting that he’ll probably become human and spend the rest of his time with Do-Hee (isn’t this always how it goes?). He has a word with God again about the dream, and she seems to think so too. I wonder how she feels about them both surviving the disaster, though. The criminal who tried to kill Gu-Won is now dead, but obviously, the true villains are Suk-Min and his son Do-Gyeong. The show will probably explore their relationship a little further before revealing if Do-Gyeong is alive or not after that catastrophe. Suk-Min said in the previous episode that he had to fix his son because it appears he believes he has some sort of mental illness. This could just be his thirst for blood (like father, like son, oops). Yet, it’s unclear why he has animosity towards Do-Hee, who is more of his father’s rival. Maybe it’s because his grandmother gave her more love than she did him? Additionally, Do-Hee already handed over the company to his father, so why the revenge kill now? Now Suk-Min has the ball in his court, despite having everything that it seemed he was looking for. Do-Hee thinks she’s in the clear, but she’s totally wrong as Suk-Min comments on the couple’s survival in the preview (ridiculous old man).


I suppose another theory could be that Do-Hee will suddenly remember that she too used to be some kind of guardian or something and use her sword-wielding ways to help Gu-Won defeat their enemies. Additionally, the whole thing could be a past-life connection, which would make for the typical K-drama plot line. Suk-Min doesn’t seem miffed by the fact that Gu-Won is a demon. He obviously knows, since he was the one communicating with the killer. Maybe he was their enemy in the past, and they sent him to hell, so he wants to send them there too. The possibilities are endless.

At least Gu-Won has his tattoo back and in turn his powers. From the preview, it looks like it doesn’t flicker anymore, but we’re going to be treated to some sappy moments between the love birds after they had a hard time, almost dying in a fire and all. While we anticipate what’s to come, we must wait patiently. At least we get to see who the big winners of the year are in the meantime! Maybe it’ll help us figure out how to fill up the Demon-sized holes in our chest once My Demon is completed. In the meantime, you could test the theory that if you count to 91, Gu-Won will appear on New Year’s Day (huehue).


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