Kaede In ‘My Daemon,’ Explained: Why Does Kaede Side With Kento?

My Daemon tells the story of a young boy named Kento and his daemon friend Anna, who embark on a perilous journey in order to save Kento’s mother after she’s accidentally killed trying to save them. The story is fairly simple and doesn’t present anything new to its audience, but it’s the heart at the center of it all that has us all gripped. Kento and Anna’s journey is littered with all sorts of encounters. They meet a lot of people and daemons, some good, some bad, and some in the gray area. Kaede is the rising female character in the show. Of course, right from the start, she appears to be compassionate and a person who will do anything to help Kento and Anna on their long journey. Up until the point where Kento and Anna meet Kaede, they meet people who are either evil or appear as such at first, but then turn out to be wonderful. With Kaede’s entry, it’s quite evident that she’s a good person. Maybe it’s the yellow color that she wears or her soft features and brown hair that make her look less intimidating and more approachable.

Kaede is, of course, hardcore, but she has some very feminine traits that make her likeable as well as a memorable character. She’s the granddaughter of the chairman of the Peace Organization, a company that is ironically determined to eradicate daemons from the planet. Yet she sides with Kento because she is on the side of the truth, despite the fact that her mother may have died because of a daemon. Kaede is extremely logical and wants to give the daemons a chance. Her own daemon, Igisu, is very friendly with her. Although they don’t share the same bond as Kento and Anna, there’s an understanding between Kaede and Igisu that is different from that of other daemon users. Kaede, too, doesn’t see reason in killing the daemons when they’re useful and friendly creatures. Seeing Kento and Anna reinforces the idea in Kaede’s mind that daemons and humans can live side by side with no problems. At first, she decides to help Kento as an exercise in curiosity; she’s intrigued by how much he likes the daemons that most people find repulsive. But, soon enough, jovial Kento becomes friendly with Kaede, who then feels responsible for the kid.

Kaede’s relationship with her grandfather isn’t explored very deeply in season 1 of My Daemon. It seems she’s somewhat close to him, but she wants to explore the world on her own, so she chooses her own path. It’s not quite clear how she got the idea that daemons can be good, because her grandfather despises them. She’s an independent woman with a mind of her own (oh la la), so she’s able to get to the truth too. Maybe it’s because Kaede was too young to be close to her mother that she can think this way, whereas her grandfather lost his daughter to one of those creatures. Interestingly, Kaede is also able to live on the edge and sacrifice herself for Kento and Anna, even though they’ve only just met. When Kaede notices that Kento is befriending the evil daemon that has plans to destroy humanity, she immediately tries to save him, putting her own life at risk. At the same time, Kento sacrifices himself in order to free Kaede because he too sees a family in her. It’s then that he really steps out of the past and into the present.

Maybe it’s in Kaede’s nature to see good in the daemons because her mother too was interested in studying them rather than destroying them. Presumably, Kaede wants to understand the daemons better because she believes her mother may still be alive and she will be able to bring her back with the help of the daemons themselves. Her grandfather, on the other hand, is under the impression that testing Anna, the only other storage daemon, answers to what really happened to his daughter, or some kind of solace because he believes his daughter is gone for good. We can say that Kaede represents “hope” in My Daemon. There is a lot about her that invokes this feeling not only in us as the audience but in her fellow characters as well. This is why Kento is immediately drawn to her and thinks of her as an older sister who will protect him like family.

When Anna takes in all of the people she wants to protect, along with Pandaemonium and the nukes, Kaede discovers that Saori Island is within her storage space. This is when she realizes that the storage daemons all share one common space, meaning they can in fact bring her mother back. We believe season 2 can explore this side of the story, even if it’s not the main plot. This is obviously a hint at something greater. Although Anna doesn’t return with Kento immediately, there’s hope at the end of the show that she does show up when he needs her the most. It’s possible that Kento and Kaede will persuade Anna to help them bring back Saori Island.

At the same time, with Kento’s help, Kaede will change the future of the Peace Organization, which once was meant to kill all daemons but will now study them in better environments and have humans and daemons live together in the new world. At the end of season 1 of My Daemon, Kaede helps her father understand that the daemons are not all bad; of course, Anna’s work pushes him further to the good side. So, Kaede is the beacon of hope for My Daemon, and she appears every time someone is in grave danger. She’s a kindhearted character who usually, like Kento, sees the good in people and daemons alike. You could say that Kento will turn out like her as an adult. As we know, at the end of the series, they all become one big happy family, and Kaede and Kento’s bond will be much stronger going into season 2 of My Daemon.

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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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