‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

An interesting concept that often gets explored in superhero-oriented media is the scope of functionality and accountability of superpowered beings in the context of the present world. Especially in the case of Superman, this is even more crucial given how his alien origin adds an outsider discourse to the discussion, and the fifth episode of My Adventures with Superman perfectly highlights it. Adding to it is a moving account of Lois’ efforts to reconcile with her estranged father, which provides viewers with insight into her character. 


Previously, Clark had acquired the Kryptonian beacon, which could help him with his cousin, Kara, and even though Clark tries to share the news with Lois multiple times, he doesn’t get the chance. Clark and John Henry Irons were able to avert Amertek’s Metallo crisis and save Metropolis in the process. In order to lay low for a while, away from the prying gaze of Amanda Waller-led Task Force X, Sam Lane accepted his daughter’s suggestion to stay with Clark and Jimmy. On the other hand, after acquiring Amazo Tech and Amertek as well, Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller’s alliance once again grows stronger, which builds up a troublesome future for Superman and his friends. The fifth episode of the ongoing season, “Two Lanes Diverged,” follows up on the brilliant narrative groundwork laid by the first three episodes and teases bigger future events at the same time.

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Why was Jimmy invited to the STAR Labs Symposium?

The episode begins with General Lane being extra cautious about his surroundings, turning Clark and Jimmy’s apartment into a makeshift hideout, as he believes that he is being tailed by Waller’s men. Sam is even more alarmed by a sudden knock on the door, but it’s just a delivery person who provides Jimmy with his invitation for the upcoming 23rd annual STAR Labs symposium. The leading science and defense research organization has alien life as their topic of discussion in this year’s symposium, and they want Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen to deliver the keynote speech. Clark and Jimmy are elated, and Sam receives an anonymous text on his cell, which validates his suspicion about Waller having tracked him down. 

Later, Clark tries to reach out to Lois to inform her about the beacon situation, but she seems to be busy. Jimmy takes Clark along with him to the renowned STAR labs to attend the Symposium. The duo marvels over the technological brilliance showcased everywhere. Jimmy’s reputation as Superman’s buddy and Flamebird community creator has spread all around the globe, but he states that he prioritizes his friendship with Clark much more than anything. Clark and Jimmy’s bond is strengthened as Clark reminisces about how Jimmy was the first person (except his parents) who made him feel that being an alien, an outsider, wasn’t a terrible secret, and accepted Clark as the person he is. 


Did Lois finally reconcile with her father?

On the other hand, Lois arrives at Clark and Jimmy’s apartment in hopes of catching up with her father, only to find Sam missing. She sees Sam rushing around the street corners and decides to track him down. Lois reminisces about her younger days, when Sam used to take her camping and train her in survival drills, teaching her to use instincts and the star map to guide her way to her destination. This father-daughter bonding time during survival drills, which used to be a regular affair during her childhood, later became the only time she could have spent with her father, as Sam’s duty as army general often kept him away from his family. From flashback sequences to the past, we also know about Lois’ Korean heritage, as her mother, Eun-Byeol, is referenced during her conversation with Sam. For reasons unknown, Lois’ mother remained absent during her formative years, leaving Sam as the only parental presence with whom Lois could have shared her burdens. Unfortunately, responsibilities kept Sam away from his daughter as time went by, creating a permanent rift between the duo. 

Back to the present, Lois finds Sam accessing a secretive area to access high-tech Task Force X weaponry, which he had stashed away from Waller for good reason. Sam is surprised to see Lois following him, and soon enough, Damage, a Task Force X enforcer, catches up to the duo. Lois takes Sam to the safety of an underground tunnel, evading capture as a result, and the father-daughter duo catch up on the old days while making their way towards a safe exit. On their way, they come face-to-face with Atomic Skull, another Task Force X enforcer as well, but eventually manage to evade him too. Sam takes Lois to a familiar pawn shop hideout and introduces his associate, Winslow Schott, a demolition and robotics expert who warned Sam in the first place. With the help of Winslow, Sam has arranged means to safely move away from Metropolis, as he is afraid that staying close to Lois could lead to Waller targeting her as well. Lois pleads with her father to stay, mentioning how his abandonment has hurt her in the past, creating a sense of self-doubt in her as nothing she ever did was enough to make her father stay along with her. Sam realizes his mistake and decides to take a chance at being a better father this time by staying with her daughter. Lois is elated, but her joy is short-lived, as it is revealed that Winslow sold Sam out to Task Force X as Deathstroke emerges from the shadows. In fact, Sam was out of reach of Task Force X while staying in the apartment, and Winslow’s false warning is what brought him out in the open for the Task Force to target him. 


Did Superman finally decide to reach out to Kara?

On the other hand, Jimmy’s keynote address is nearly spoiled as he finds the topic to be ‘The Superman Problem,’ and that he is sharing the stage with Lex Luthor , who doesn’t miss an opportunity to lambast the alien savior as a potential dangerous foe in making. Jimmy argues that despite having so much power, Superman chooses to be good and help mankind, and Lex takes his opportunity to twist Jimmy’s words to plant a sense of insecurity regarding Superman. The argument is the same that Batman had about trusting godlike aliens in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but mixed with the more hate-fueled, objectivist philosophy of Lex, who even blames Superman for destroying the Parasite Exosuit (which jeopardized human lives), as it was, in Lex’s opinion, a technological marvel. Lex continues his rant, stating that Superman is the reason Metropolis is going through so much supernatural adversity, and his words trigger the insecurities of esteemed scientists and military personnel of the nation who have gathered at the venue. Clark watches helplessly from the audience, and Jimmy has no words to counter Lex’s statements, as he concludes by saying that earth should be only for earthlings. The political undertone of the statement cannot be mistaken, especially knowing how Superman is honored as an immigrant icon. 

Lois and Sam somehow continue evading the attacks of the three Task Force X enforcers: Damage, Atomic Skull, and Deathstroke, and their chase takes them to the STAR labs. Sam takes up STAR Labs tech to defend himself, and Clark at once dons his costume to save Sam and Lois. Superman is able to push back Task Force X, and Waller calls off the attack after learning about his interference. However, the conflict has resulted in STAR Labs getting damaged, which presents Lex with another opportunity to blame Superman for destroying all the cutting-edge defense tech, and he successfully manipulates public fear and insecurity against Superman. Before leaving, Lex thanks Jimmy for his past advice, which helped him build his life anew, and Clark, who is being blamed outright despite his best attempts to save humanity, mistakes the statement for something else entirely. 


Lois and Sam reconcile as Lois takes her father to her apartment to stay, but Sam realizes that Lois’ life will be in grave danger all the time if he chooses to stay with her. Clark, who had come to Lois to share some of his burdens after a long day, overhears a conversation with her father, which he mistakenly interprets as his apparent differences and abnormalities being noticeable by Lois as well. In a pensive mood, Clark finally activates the beacon to call his long-lost cousin, Kara, and as he sends a message to her, the beacon disappears on its own. Sam leaves Lois’ apartment, which Lois realizes too late, and she is on her own once again. Meanwhile, Lex and Waller gain support from scientific, political, and space-venturing communities in their effort to restrain Superman, and as the episode ends with a hovering Kryptonian figure in front of earth, we can’t help but feel that Clark’s journey is only going to get tougher from here on out. 

The ending of the fifth episode teases the arrival of Supergirl, aka Kara Zor El, in My Adventures with Superman, which will be an important step in the context of the overarching narrative. With Lex rallying the powerful section of the nation to a Superman hate bandwagon, the arrival of another Kryptonian might result in problems in the near future. Not to mention that Lois herself wasn’t too fond of the idea in the first place, which might create an issue between her and Clark. The episode captured Clark’s loneliness perfectly, as Mxyzptlk had rightly prophesied that he would remain alone, an outcast, no matter how strong a bond he shares with his friends and family, and it was this loneliness that prompted him to send a message to Kara. The upcoming episode, which will revolve around the long-awaited introduction of Supergirl, will continue to highlight Clark’s mental state as it remains to be seen how the family dynamic between him and Kara goes. 


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