‘My Adventures With Superman’ S02 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained

The second season of My Adventures With Superman has been tiptoeing around Clark’s trouble with the sense of belonging since the very first episode, and eventually it became quite obvious that the central crisis of the season will revolve around this conflict. In the eighth episode of the season, as Brainiac tries to take control of Clark’s mind, the Man of Steel’s conflicted, hurt memories—and alterations thereof—prove to be the greatest impediment of all.


Previously, it was revealed that Brainiac had mind-controlled Kara into conquering and decimating galactic civilizations and planned to do the same to Earth by turning Clark into his enforcer. Back on earth, Lois and Jimmy got help from Livewire and Heatwave to get access to a STAR labs’ jump ship, while Mallah and Brain helped the duo operate the ship to reach deep space as they aimed to rescue Clark at any cost. The team came across Kara, who was drifting in space while regretting her past actions, and in the latest episode, “The Death of Clark Kent,” both parties form an alliance to thwart Brainiac’s plan of subjugating Clark. 

Spoilers Ahead


The Hold of Black Mercy

Brainiac Primus wastes no time making efforts to turn Clark into his perfect enforcer as he latches a Kryptonian illusion-inducing, mind-controlling tech, Black Mercy, onto Clark’s mind. In comics, Black Mercy is famously known as an alien plant used by the supervillain Mongul, which puts its victims in a comatose state and feeds off of their psychic energies as it keeps them lulled by showing them their fantasies and deepest desires. Legendary writer Alan Moore’s masterpiece Superman comic, “For the Man Who Has Everything,” highlighted the impact of Black Mercy in the most poignant way, which was later adapted into an episode of the Justice League Unlimited animated series. In this version of Superman lore, it has been turned into a piece of Kryptonian tech. Also, in this version, Brainiac freely interacts with and manipulates Clark’s memories for his own advantage. 

Inside the liminal space of reality and Clark’s subconscious, Brainiac reveals that he aims to take over Clark’s body, which is superior even by Kryptonian standards, and rebuild the Kryptonian empire. The nefarious sentient AI makes Clark retread some of the most significant memories of his life, beginning with the battle between him and Livewire, as Brainiac aims to find Clark’s weakness and exploit it to take over his mind. 


Lois Agrees to an Uneasy Alliance With Kara

On the other hand, Kara and Jimmy get excited to see each other again, much to Lois’ dismay, who is deeply distrustful due to her past actions. Kara recognizes her from Clark’s memories. However, coming to the present situation, Kara reveals that she has realized that Clark is in grave danger as long as he is with Brainiac, and they need to rescue him as soon as possible. Along with Jimmy and Lois, Kara infiltrates  Kandor-turned-spaceship, where Brainiac is experimenting upon Clark, and tries to find a way to locate him. Mallah and Brain stay on the ship to prepare for a swift escape whenever the team safely returns.

Kara is also preparing herself to face her ‘father,’ Brainiac, her sole guardian since her birth, as she still finds it hard to believe that Brainiac could willingly cause such mayhem and destruction to form the New Krypton empire. However, Kara isn’t sure what life holds for her after all this, as she was trained to be a warrior since her birth, and without the mission, she will lose her purpose. Jimmy offers Kara the opportunity to join them on the return trip to earth and to find a life of her own; whether she agrees to or not remains to be seen. After reaching Brainiac’s ship, Kara goes her separate way to confront Brainiac and advises Lois and Jimmy to look for Clark. Kara almost confesses her feelings for Jimmy, but checks herself at the last moment. 


What Did Brainiac Learn About Clark’s Weakness?

By probing deep inside Clark’s memories, Brainiac realizes that the closest people to him, Jimmy and Lois, are his source of strength but, at the same time, his weakness as well. Brainiac finds out how Clark hankers for acceptance in a world that always considers him to be an outsider and is deeply prejudiced against him. Even the people whom he loves most – Jimmy and Lois, he fears they too might consider him to be the odd man out. Clark desperately tries to protect the memories from Brainiac but fails, and Brainiac tries to break him mentally by amplifying his insecurity by manipulating his memories. Clark tries to hold on to the loving memories he shared with Lois to overcome Brainiac’s manipulations, but the evil AI strategically twists and mixes lies and half-truths in a way that Clark gets puzzled. After all, Clark’s mental fortitude is remarkable, but he is no Bruce Wayne. 

Can Lois stop Clark from completely turning to the dark side?

Kara finds Brainiac and confronts him about his deceitful conduct, and she is shocked to learn that he has been manipulating her and brainwashing her throughout her life. However, he won’t need her any longer, as after taking over Clark’s body and mind, Brainiac will become an unstoppable force on his own. As Clark fights to become free in the liminal space, Kara decides to fight with Brainiac to rescue her cousin. Unfortunately, as Brainiac shows Clark his last memory with Lois, where the duo seemingly broke up, Clark’s sorrow overwhelms his mind, making it easier for Brainiac to take over. In the liminal space, Clark starts living his fantasy of growing up with his Kryptonian family, with his parents, uncle, and Kara, whereas Brainiac takes complete control over his body and mind. Merged with the AI, Clark becomes Superbrainiac. 

Jimmy and Lois find Kara getting beaten up by the enhanced, Brainiac possessed version of Clark. Kara tries to protect the duo from Superbrainiac, but she is easily overpowered, leaving Jimmy no choice except to bring out the Kryptonite (which Lois had kept for Kara just in case) to subjugate Brainiac. However, Kara also starts getting affected by it, and Brainiac simply throws the trio out of his ship. Taking the kryptonite, Brainiac disappears with Clark, along with his spaceship. 

Mallah and Brain rescue Kara, Lois, and Jimmy, and as they return to the jump ship, Lois reveals that she had gotten a hold of the Black Mercy while getting thrown out of Brainiac’s ship. She decides to make a bold decision in order to save Clark and puts the Black Mercy on her head, and as the episode ends, she is seen in a comatose state. With two more episodes remaining in this season, it will be an exciting last lap, as mind-controlled Clark can prove to be his own worst enemy. With Lex and Waller trying to smear filth on Superman’s name, what more will they need if an evil version of the Man of Steel starts threatening the earth right off? Where Lois will end up after getting controlled by Black Mercy, or whether she is going to share the liminal space with Clark to make amends, remains to be seen. In the remaining two episodes, Kara, Jimmy, and Lois will have to step up big time to rescue Superman from the clutches of Brainiac, and with the situation over at Metropolis, it will make for an engaging conclusion to the second season.


Siddhartha Das
Siddhartha Das
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